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Jobs are not hard to find in the US

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Started: 8/1/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Any us citizen that claims a job is hard to find is either being too lazy or too picky or unrealistic l. Its simple really, The harder you work on having a skill the more valuable you are.

Sex race or even age doesnt matter to anyone with determination and ambition.


I agree with you in many ways. Generally, Getting a job isn't hard. It may be a pretty rubbish job however actually landing that job isn't hard to do. You can do it without good grades since all some jobs require is manual labor and a good work ethic.

But to say jobs are always easy to find in the US is a massive generalisation. Certainly it isn't historically true. Nobody could seriously claim that during the great depression jobs were easy to find especially if you were an African American or a woman. I still think that currently, Although the economy is now improving, Discrimination still prevents a lot of people from getting a job.

E. G. Muslims may unsurprisingly find it really hard to find work in a country where views towards them can hardly be seen as friendly. The reality is that racist and bigoted employers still exist. That's just a fact. All the time there are companies getting sued for discrimination. This means that some people DO find it hard.
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BRAVO for taking on a position you don'? T fully agree with. It is greatly apreciated, Believe that.


I can't argue against biggotry as that point is valid especially when a President political assumes a hypethetical view (cough) so i find flaw in 2 things to regain grounding on my premise: ecommerce and the heart of the american people ( dont laugh )

1. The u. S. Proves in its history that it is a land of over coming challenges. Especially challenges inflicted by hatred. This is because we have a semi open market.

If everyone decided to hate awesome debators and no one would hire me for anything at all, I could beg my way to a laptop, A studio, Internet and sell "iHateGr8deb8tors" shirts and capitalize on my struggle. But i admit you are correct the stuggle is there.

2. Is tricky, Non for profits are very useful in this country. They get tax write offs and at times they care. They are probably the smaller group of citizens that do, In a general sense.


Exactly, The struggle is there. So surely it's not correct to say it's always easy to find jobs in the US.
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Posted by asta 3 years ago
I agree with him too.
Posted by Smooosh 3 years ago
Even though you're correct, You're gonna annoy a lot of people with this. You got spunk!
Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
YES finally a person who agrees with me, Jobs are everywhere and it's not that hard to find one with determination. Unfortunately for the current generation of milennials excuses are their favorite method of not finding a job, In a society where we have more people leaving jobs (baby boomers) and more jobs positions available than ever.

Yet the typical young person will tell you there are no jobs, While playing Fortnite for 18 hours a day and having mom make their sandwiches with the crust cut off and wearing their Green lantern pj's
Posted by Phenenas 3 years ago
B o o t s t r a p s
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