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Jocks Rule, All other groups of people are just wimps

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Started: 7/31/2018 Category: Society
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Jocks Rule, They are physically more superior, They get all the cheerleaders and girls, They are the coolest in school and they are just the best

Now lets look at the other groups and see why they are inferior to the jocks.

Goths - Bunch of freaks who wear makeup and obsess about death and misery, And are a bunch of freaks with blue hair and piercings everywhere and their stomping boots, And they are always angry because the rest of the world doesn't get them or why the fvck you need blue or purple hair and a giant hole in your ear and tongue piercing WTF

Nerds - These dweebs some day will be successful as IT people but in the mean time they are more comfortable making out with their hard drive than a girl. They are timid, Shy and just all around dorky. Nobody cares about the elements table or hypotenuse theory. Go back to the chess club or the math club

Greasers - The greasers know everything about your car and how to fix it group of leather jacket and mullet wearing individuals are great on working on vehicles and repairs and can tell you about 1000 different carburetors and exhausts but have two left feet when it comes to any type of sports or physical activity and generally only can talk shop and have no other knowledge.

Preps - These fashion style drama queens all focus on designer wear and their appearance but are completely useless when it coms to any type of intelligent conversation unless it involves news about Calvin Klein and Louis Vuitton.

The Jocks are the best group of highly talented, Physically fit and best group of people in the school scene, All others are just degenerate losers

Prove me wrong


Your profile shows that you are 27 years old. If this is true, And you are not a professional athlete at this time, You are no longer a jock. I'm trying to think what people call former jocks, Oh, That's right, A has been.
Debate Round No. 1


I appreciate you taking the time to debate this, So lets continue with round #2 of me proving I'm better than you.

First of all I sense a form of jealousness at the fact that you were just a nerdy kid in high school who couldn't get a date because you couldn't even do 10 pushups. While I would have been running circles around you. Now you are all grown up as a staunch Christian and you believe in fairness in people, Unfortunately that's not how the world revolves.

I can run a mile in under 7 minutes at 27, Can you? I can play any sport at a high competitive level. Can you? Obviously not because you were always useless at sports with two left feet, But now at your age you are just a washed up wannabe athlete with the big gut.

I would destroy you at any sport competition as I have played sports my whole life, While you were in the library playing Oregon Trail on your lunch hour in high school.

Jocks rule because they are physically fit, Talented and eventually they have kids who will become jocks like them. While the rest of society just looks at jocks with bewilderment, Amazement and jealousy, And this can all be proven by the fact that jocks who become pro athletes make millions because all other groups in society will pay thousands of dollars to see them play and buy their merchandise. Because people love jocks deep down but also hate them because they could not be like them because of lack of dedication, Hard work and talent. Therefore jocks are the best people and most talented.

Now prove to me how you think jocks aren't the best? I'm all ears

mic drop


What does a former jock call a nerd? Boss.

Most nerds leave high school behind them. 12 years later they are not bragging how in high school they had good grades. If the best time in their life was in high school, Now that's sad.

You can put away your high school letterman jacket away this winter and start living life as if the best days are ahead of you.

Physical prowess fades with age, Knowledge increases. A former jock can know with age that each passing day they will be slightly worse at the sport they practice, While a nerd can rest assured that each day they are smarter than the day before.
Debate Round No. 2


Who said I loved high school? I hated high school, I just happen to play sports, But I hated all the cliques in high school. I'm just stating the fact that of all the groups in high school, Jocks were the best.

You are just bitter because you got bullied by jocks because of your wimpy stature and being a nerd, So you were an easy target and that is why you resent jocks. And sure you can say you hate jocks and they are douchebags but in the end you will always be that nerd IT guy with the pocket protector even in the working world, While I will be in top physical shape as I focused on sports in school and so I guess I qualify as a jock.

Physical prowess does not fade with age, Arnold Sewazenegger would still kick your azz at 78, And your mental state can fade with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and other neurological diseases.

Lets face it a nerd is always a nerd for life, You will always be that shy, Timid, Behind the scenes nipple that is socially awkward but can fix any computer and software issue. Those type of people are still required in the back room dungeon server area. Don't worry I respect the fact you ply D&D on Friday nights and LARP on the weekends and still love wearing your Iron Man pj's to bed. That's the future of the nerd from high school.


"I'm just stating the fact that of all the groups in high school, Jocks were the best. " WERE being the operative word. "of all the groups in high school, Jocks were the best" WERE again. Thank you for acknowledging that all this best was in the past.

I guess maybe the jocks are the best at something. Shower room hazing:

https://abcnews. Go. Com/US/alleged-hazing-attack-high-school-football-team-caught/story? Id=54922062. Https://www. Google. Com/amp/s/idahostatejournal. Com/news/local/hazing-allegations-federal-investigation-underway-into-incidents-involving-high-school/article_3c853e01-a0c7-569f-9ffe-83b927a44141. Amp. Html. Https://www. Google. Com/amp/amp. Abc15. Com/2589003487/hamilton-high-school-hazing-case-lawsuit-filed-against-school-staff-members. Html. Https://www. Google. Com/amp/www. Capitalgazette. Com/news/schools/ac-cn-kent-island-hazing-20180530-story, Amp. Html. Https://www. Google. Com/amp/s/fox13now. Com/2018/01/24/police-investigating-alleged-hazing-incident-at-delta-high-school/amp/. Https://www. Good4utah. Com/news/local-news/high-school-student-faces-felony-accusations-after-hazing-turns-sexual-police-say/258544671.

So go back to your shower room and show us what jocks rule.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
Let our fellow members decide who is the winner on this debate!
Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
I appreciate everyone's comments, You guys bring up some great points.

Youcantprovegod - love your thoughts on this matter. I do firmly believe with you that there should be a balance between brawn and intelligence. And I will admit some jocks can be a bit dumb, Probably from playing too much football and getting drilled in the head a lot.

But for the most part jocks are just physically more superior to other groups and physical strength = healthy brain, And a healthy brain = less mental illness and personal issues, Therefore jocks are the superior people compared to other groups, With the most confidence.

32doni32nido32 - I do like your point about people being quick to judge based on impression. That is why first impressions are huge in society, Because wherever you go in life people will judge you on first appearance, Job interview, Store sale, Etc etc. First impressions are huge
Posted by 32doni32nido32 3 years ago
Goths - This is probably the type of friend I have the least of; most of them I know can be pretty negative. But, I do know some that use negativity as a form of light-hearted humor (which kind of sounds like a contradiction, Now that I type it out). They can be very nice and fun to be around.
I had actually died my hair red for a few months simply because I thought it would be fun. And it definitely was! Nothing other than my hair changed. But one thing I learned is that people I didn't know were extremely quick to judge, Just like you seem to be.

Nerds - Well, At least 99% of them have a brighter future than most jocks I know. Would you rather grow up to be a surgeon, Doctor, Astronaut, Or engineer, Or would you rather be a janitor and/or construction worker?

Greasers - There's almost none of these at my school. Can't say much about them.

Preps - I'd probably either fit into this group or the nerd group. Oh no. The horror. I like to wear nice clothes that look better on me than sweatpants and stained shirts.
Sue me.
So, You're saying that preps cannot carry out an intelligent conversation but imply that jocks CAN? Based on the stereotypes you're presenting us with, That would NOT be the case.

Umm. . . You never mentioned the Child Prodigies. . . You know. . . The ones with tons more talent than any jock could ever have.

I think I have the position of "that one person with an accent". Fortunately enough for me, It's not in any derogatory way. But if there were any "that one person that's loud all the time" positions, I would fit that one even better.
Posted by 32doni32nido32 3 years ago
As a person with a finger in almost every pie, I can easily say that "jocks" are not superior.
Let's break this down.

1) Yes, They are physically superior (usually). That's kind of how it has to be in their case.
2) They get all the cheerleaders and girls? Not quite. You see, Not all jocks have the best facial structure; that can be a huge thing when it comes to the dating pool.
3) They are the coolest in school. Nope. I know some pretty socially awkward jocks. And others can be too busy metaphorically bathing in their hormones to even be considered "cool".
4) They are just the best. Well, One thing that I have noticed is that the personality of jocks may be the most diverse out there when it comes to the rest of the cliques. I have quite a few extremely nice friends who can be considered "jocks", Some of which also value education much more than impressing others (of course, There are also nice jocks where there primary goal is to be "cool"). I also have some friends that I happen to get along with that are jocks but they can be particularly nasty to others; overall, It's hard to say that they are the best.
Posted by Youcantprovegod 3 years ago
I feel intelligence is important, It's not like you can be part of only one social group. I'm both highly intelligent, I was popular in school, But I was still physically fit. I feel it is good to be smart and physically active, I do parkour and sword fight but I'm also studying to be a Neurosurgeon. It's about balance, I am smart. . . Being social is just easy to me. There is no point in only being one.
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