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Judging a book on its cover is injurious

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Started: 8/21/2018 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Judging a book on its cover is not injerious. Its like human beings. Before taking help or before doing work with a friend or a person we shoul think on its character then then decide. So i say that judging a book on its cover is not injurious


So if you are saying judging a book by its cover is fine I either don't understand your argument or you are giving a pro argument by comparing it to humans.
Because I think taking someone's character into account is the opposite of judging someone by its "cover"
With humans the "cover" would be something like looks/appearance or ethnicity etc. But looking at someone's character is actually "opening the book" and looking inside them. Don't you think?
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Posted by felixmendelssohn 3 years ago
hm. Its like a mushroom. Should you guess its toxicity based on color and bear a risk of being wrong or would you actually eat it to know.
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