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Junk food should be banned in schools

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Started: 7/20/2013 Category: Technology
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A 2001 Surgeon General report found that 14 percent of American children are obese. This is compared
with 4 percent in 1963. The report also noted that 300,000 people die each year from obesity-related
illnesses or conditions made worse by obesity. Junk foods, high in fat and sugar, contribute to weight gain
and obesity, which in turn puts children at risk for diabetes, heart disease and other health problems.
" One of the Surgeon General"s recommendations is that schools provide healthier food options and restrict
access to junk food in vending machines. USDA rules state that school lunches should contain no more than
30% fat, but the national average is 34%. It is estimated that high school lunches provide only 20% of the
proper vitamin levels.
" Eating lots of sugary food makes students less able to pay attention in class or perform well on tests.
" Parents should monitor a child"s diet, but while a student is away from their parents, the school must
function as a parent and do what is best for the students. While the parents cannot be there to oversee a
student"s meals, a school should make sure those meals do not include junk food
" Schools should set a good example of nutritious eating for students. This would fit in well with nutrition
curriculum in health classes.


We agree on the first two points and the last point that my opponent has raised, though the third and fourth one are subject to questioning. I would argue that schools should not become "institutional nannies," always catching students a.k.a parent's kids when they're doing something wrong. Schools are there to provide knowledge and wisdom, and in wisdom there are always choices involved, that's why a school should not inhibit, let alone ban junk foods on their cafeterias because we believe that's not what schools are made for. Even if you ban junk foods in cafeterias, those junk foods are still a mainstay in the local communities; this can be seen if that same school is just a drive or even a walk away from the nearest Taco Bell, McDonald's, or Kentucky Fried Chicken.

I would argue further that banning junk foods from schools, would mean:
> The decline of the processed food industry. There are people depending their whole lives on manufacturing these foods, and it would only hurt.
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Reasons for voting decision: I say, why should junk food be banned in schools? I mean, some people have healthy and unhealthy things to eat. There's no need ban junk food, because none of the students I know eat too much junk food. They do at home, but not at school. Anyway, both agreement points are for Con, conduct, spelling/grammar and convincing arguments to Con.