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K-Pop is the Future of Music Industry

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Started: 10/14/2012 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Have you seen the music video of Oppa Gangnam Style by PSY? Do you know that it is k-pop style. Youtube shows the huge popularity of this song. Almost 500 million of views! There is no doubt K-Pop is going to be next world-wide popular style of music after Western pop culture.


As the title sets rather vague parameters on the resolution I shall define them in accordance with those set by the instigator. That is, that " K-Pop is going to be next world-wide popular style of music after Western pop culture".

Thus, for Master Wayne13 to win, he must demonstrate, beyond reasonable doubt that K-Pop (Korean Popular Music) will become a persistant world-wide phenomenon, beyond the influence of Gangnam Style. This naturally sets a rather high burden of proof for dear old Bats13.

It is worth noting that the time limit for each round is only three hours, therefore it is highly probable, one if not both of us, will forfeit atleast a round.

On to arguments Bruce13!

1) The future of music is rather unpredictable
The music industry is constantly changing, with few analysts having much success in predicting with any certainty what genres will become popular. Hence, it cannot be declared that "there is no doubt K-Pop is going to be next world-wide popular style of music after Western pop culture"

2) Gangnum style is very probably a one hit wonder (on the world-wide scale)
Sadly few people actually enjoy the song for its musical qualities. It doesn't have any particularly defining features or any quality worthy of its fame. It is the hilarious music video and the dance contained within which has granted it memetic status. The actual music itself is forgettable and average at best. K-Pop as a whole does not have this attribute, thus is unlikely to succeed beyond Gangnum Style.
When chocolate rain was the meme de jour, it would have been foolish to suggest that deep singing was going to take over as the next musical genre. In the same way, Gangnum Style is appreciated for appearing amusing and providing a very distinct and amusing dance which is simple enough for the casual viewer to enjoy. It does not suggest that K-Pop will a huge surge and become a worldwide phenomenon.

I wait the Dark Knight13's response.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for taking part in my debate, dear Contender!

I'm agree with you that future for each one of us is unpredictable, but world-wide trend is something we can actually predict.

First of all, Youtube is the big social network with millions of people around the world watching videos. If there are almost 500 million views in only 3 months, it shows a huge popularity of this music video and the artist by itself. The video was even shared by several Western celebrities: T-Pain, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Tom Cruise. Nelly Furtado and Maroon 5 made covers on "Gangnam Style". If they did it, they liked it without doubts. Moreover, the music video appeared on CNN International, so it gained more popularity around the world.

Secondly the style of the song is suitable to the world trend. Like you said: "hilarious music video", but what do people actually need nowadays? Maybe exactly those kinds of music videos? To have fun and don't think about problems. I think people totally fed up with serious faces and heavy lyrics with deep meaning. Hilarious dance? Why not? Even if it's easy and funny, but it's reachable dance for most people in the world who can't dance so good. Turn on Gangnam Style and just do it. Nothing hard, just repeatable moves, which are good for our lazy bodies sometime.

Finally, even if the whole music video seems to be stupid and meaningless. Actually it has unseen and amazing meaning in it. First of all, I want to give you some background information. Gangnam is luxurious neighborhood which covers only 15 square miles in the heart of Seoul, but it's wealth capacity is $84 billion=7% of the whole country's GDP. It's the "valley of millionaires". The whole South Korea's problem is that everyone there in the pursuit of wealth and money. People forget about valuable things of their own lives. Instead of paying only $2 for lunch and $7 for Starbucks to look rich, people should firstly think do they really need to spend so much money on just cup of coffee. Like in PSY's lyrics, he says "a guy who one-shots his coffee before it even cools down", people are so obsessed with showing off nowadays.

In conclusion, I would like to say. This song is not just about "horse dance" and "hey sexy lady", it is about how "to show" the problems of society.

For reference, here is the article which says about my third argument:

Thank you again for joining this debate!
Wait for the second round.


My opponent has agreed to the parameters of the debate. Even without rebuttals, it is obvious he has not fulfilled his burden of proof. He provided more evidence of the popularity of the song "Gangnam Style" but failed to demonstrate why this would be a "world-wide trend" rather than a one off, as is far, far, far more likely.

He starts by providing evidence for the Gangnam styles popularity. This has already been conceded - the video itself is very popular. However, this is not relevent to the debate unless the owner of Wayne Entreprises13 can demonstrate that this will cause a trend. His first point is a non-argument until he provides substance to the assertion that this will cause a trend.

The second point is again related solely to Gangnam style, so without any demonstration of how Gangnam style's enjoyability will make K-Pop a dominant genre world-wide, it does not fulfill Brucy Boy13's BoP.

His final argument is also irrelevent to the debate. Firstly if very few people understand the lyrics, they can hardly be attributed to its popularity. Secondly, this does not relate to the genre of K-Pop as a whole.

He dropped both of my arguments as he did not suggest how single data points could be used to reliably predict a trend, nor did he prove that the qualities Gangnam Style became famous for are qualities uniquely (or dominantly) inherent to K-Pop.

I would like to add a third argument that the language barrier makes K-Pop, as a genre, too inaccesible for it to become a major world-wide phenomenon. To a great deal of people lyrics are very important. Whether they are deep and meaningful or whether merely discuss the finer points of bitches, they draw in their particular audience. Whilst in Gangnam style it was not an issue merely because the dance was main selling point, a genre cannot survive on funny dances alone (and funny dances can be found in more accesible places). A language barrier will prevent the vast majority of K-Pop songs becoming mainstream. Whilst there are people who do enjoy listening to songs they can not understand, they do not comprise a significant enough number

To sumarize the crux of my argument; not only are whole genre trends nearly impossible to predict, even more so with only one data point, Gangnam style has not become famous for any element of the song which is inherent to K-Pop. So why would K-Pop become a mainstream world-wide genre as a result?
Debate Round No. 2


Batman13 forfeited this round.


Thaddeus forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by StefanAlbrecht 2 years ago
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Posted by StefanAlbrecht 2 years ago
How did K-pop take over YouTube? Provocativeness of Steve Aoki and Monsta X? Caitlin Kelley's article makes sense, Doesn't it? K-pop artists and songwriters got over 120 million listeners in Canada, France and Peru last year.
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Posted by Batman13 8 years ago
It was night time in my country, so I couldn't answer you. Anyways, thank you a lot!
Posted by Thaddeus 8 years ago
Batman13 has forfeited, yet it won't let me finish up. I kind of need to sleep now (its one in the morning and I'm sober), but in closing - my opponent has dropped all arguments and failed to provide any compelling arguments of his own. In light of this I urge all the readers to vote against the resolution.
Posted by famer 8 years ago
Posted by Nur-Ab-Sal 8 years ago
It'd also be best if you specified what timeframe you mean when you talk about the "future" of the music industry.
Posted by imnotsayingimjustsaying 8 years ago
just because something is popular doesn't mean it's the future of music. Friday isn't the future of music. And today's popular music is more the person's image than actual talent
Posted by Batman13 8 years ago
Why not?
This is business. If there is 788 million, there are a lot people who like it. Even haters are big part of popularity of those artists. They watch it, they hate it and spread it around the net.
Posted by muzebreak 8 years ago
Just beiber- baby Ft ludicrous: 788 million views.

Does that mean women who look like men singing shitty love songs that say one word over and over again are the future of the music buisness?
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Reasons for voting decision: Con successfully negated Pro's arguments. Also, I loved Con's Round 1.

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