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Kate Middleton is not a good role model

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Started: 4/14/2014 Category: People
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Many people think Kate Middleton is a good role model... Sure she's pretty but all she wears are expensive clothes, got married to a prince and lost weight only after two months of giving birth. She used to be a size 10 but now in America she's a size zero. In my opinion she hasn't proven herself enough to be considered a role model. She nice but so are million of other women in the world..the only reason she's different is because she got married into the royal family. If it wasn't for that no one would even know who she is.


I accept this debate. We will be debating over whether or not Kate Middleton is a good role model to others.

Kate Middleton, for those who's heads have been under a rock for the past decade, is the wife of Prince William. A full wikipedia bio can be found here - (

My arguments will be two-fold: I'll start with explaining reasons why I think Kate Middleton serves to be a good role-model, and then after addressing the claims my opponent made I will explain why even if her objections are true, it doesn't matter and that she can still be a good role model.

Why Kate Middleton is a Good Role Model:

Kate Middleton is a great role model for young-to-teenage women because it tells the story of how you can achieve great things, fulfilling this classic "peasant to princess" fairytale in reality, by just being yourself. Kate Middleton came from a common family, and only met the Prince while they were both attending the same college. There was nothing special about this; no glass slippers, no crystal balls or mystic prophecies telling us to kiss frogs. It was just a simple college romance that turned out to end up in marriage. It gives younger women hope that if they just be true to who they are as a person, then they could find their own prince to be happy with, which makes Kate a very good role model.

Responding to my Opponent's Arguments:

My opponent is looking at this from an incredibly base, skin-level perspective. She's looking at the clothes and the fashion and not looking at the internal issues, i.e. the peasant to princess transformation of what made Kate Middleton noteworthy. To even respond to a specific quote from the Pro's arguments, "the only reason she's different is because she got married into the royal family. If it wasn't for that no one would even know who she is."

This is exactly why she's an outstanding role model. She was, essentially, a nobody before. She lived the average life in an average family and went to sort-of average schools. The fact that a nobody (Kate) could attract the attention of somebody is actually is someone (Prince William) is the fulfillment of the de facto Cinderella fairytale: being no one special, and by just being yourself you became someone special.

But even if you buy her arguments...

Even if what she says about Kate Middleton is true, that doesn't mean she isn't a good role model because people's tastes in who is a good role model and who isn't a good role model are 100% subjective. This is because role models are based on who we as people look up to and who we aspire to be like, which is based off of personal desires and aspirations, which differ from person to person. I might think that Hulk Hogan is an amazing role model because I personally aspire to be a steroid-junky in tight spandex pants with an ugly, handlebar mustache. Whether or not you agree with me that Hulk Hogan is a great role model doesn't change that my subjective opinions considers him to be a great role model.

This means that if viewing someone as a good role model is subjective, then the resolution becomes irresolvable. If this is true then you vote for con because by the resolution being irresolvable I'm proving the statement "Kate Middleton is not a good role model" false because I'm showing how she could be considered a good role model, which negates the statement that the resolution claims. In order to answer back to this pro would have to establish some kind of objective standard for what is and what isn't a good role model, which is impossible.

As such, pro literally cannot win this debate, and you vote con.
Debate Round No. 1


My opponent has made has made very valid points but a specific line caught my attention."She was essentially a nobody before" .....I don't know about you but to me this line shows me that you have to marry a prince to be somebody that unless you marry some from a rich family, you're a nobody.

Princess Kate is beautiful, elegant and poised.... but so are millions of other women in the world and I don't think that make her someone young girls should idolize. Marrying a royal does not make a good role model, It is true that women could learn a thing or two from Kate but I don't think we should at a woman whose main job is perceived to produce heirs.

She rarely worked despite her degree and her main job now is being photographed and attending functions. Remember when Kate had her baby? Just two months after she went down from a healthy size 10 to a size 4 or 0 in America. This drastic change physically indicates that in order to be beautiful you have to be skinny.

We all know know many people consider her a role model but what has she done to deserve this title. So a woman who doesn't work, instead she depend on her family or even men for a job are to be considered good influences?

My idea of what a role model is is a 14 year old girl called Malala Yousafzai, she was a girl who got shot in the face because she stood up for what she believed in, that young girls should be entitled to an education in her country. That's what a role model is.

We all know Kate is no Rihanna falling out of night clubs, but just because she's not badly behaved doesn't mean she's inspirational. She has a privileged role to play and she does it well. But i would prefer to idolize someone who has a voice of her own, not a woman who married into the monarchy and looks good in couture.

I beg the con to oppose.


My opponent continues with the same line of logic that she had in the previous round. Extend out my responses that where my opponent says that she hasn't done anything and wasn't anything special before, but that's exactly what makes her special: she was a nobody before and because she just stayed true to herself she was able to attract the attention of royalty. This fulfills the classic "peasant to princess' dream, thus making her a good role model for people to look up to. Extend out the other response I made that says that even if my opponent is right, that the only way to prove if someone were a "good" role model is to impose some sort of objective standard as to what makes someone a good role model and what doesn't make someone a good role model. Since such standard doesn't exist, a belief in a role model is an inherently subjective affair. Even if my opponent doesn't consider her a good role model for her life, that doens't mean that Kate can't be a good role model for someone else. This means that even if my opponent is right in her beliefs, Kate would still probably be a good role model, and you vote con.

I could end my round here since that basically covers everything and she never really responded to any of it, but I want to address my opponent's arguments a little further to address some of the internal logic her arguments use. I want to start where she's criticizing Kate from going from a size 10 to a smaller size in two months after her pregnancy, and using that to say that she's not a good role model. I have two responses to this:

First, weight loss is an actual serious concern among different people, and they can look to Kate's success as a reason to keep trying to lose weight. An article in 2010 reported(1) that 70% of Americans are concerned about their weight and 77% of Americans are actually trying to reduce their weight. Those people who are actively trying to lose weight can look to Kate's success and use that as motivation to keep going (i.e. "if she can do it then why can't I?") My opponent may bring up the point of "Well she dropped it way too fast and that's not healthy!" This only leads me to my second point:

Second, whether or not her weight loss was "healthy" or not is irrelevant to her being a good role model to those who are looking to lose weight. Again, since people choosing their role model is inherently subjective, your reasons for why she isn't a good role model may/will not be shared by everyone. The mere fact this debate exists right now is testement that your reasoning isn't shared by everyone. So even if you're right, that doesn't mean that Kate's a poor role model.

The second point I want to address is what Pro's ideal role model looks like, which is the story of Malala Yousafzai. I'm glad to hear that, on a personal level, but that doens't make her an objectively good role model. I could say that it sends a bad message to people saying that they aren't really doing anything unless they're getting shot in the face for standing up for their beliefs, thus her example would only serve to increase violence and gunshot victims (particularly to the face), and thus not view her as a role model. I wouldn't be entirely wrong either, because why we value someone as a role model is inherently subjective, from person to person. Clearly the people who shot her in the face didn't think she was a good role model.

To summarize my arguments thus far:

1. Kate fulfills the "peasant to princess" fantasy which serves as a role model for others to look up to to prove that even if you come from a normal family, you can still be someone special.
2. Kate serves as a role model to those who are trying to lose weight.
3. Even if my opponent doesn't find reason to consider her a role model, that doesn't mean that others can't, since valuing someone as a role model is inherently subjective, meaning that to those who value her highly she can still be a role model.
Debate Round No. 2


Dorine forfeited this round.


It's sad to see my opponent forfeited the final round. Extend out all of my arguments that I've made thus far.
Debate Round No. 3
1 comment has been posted on this debate.
Posted by jessicavfd 6 years ago
1) Kate wasn't a "peasant" -- far, far from it
2) "Good" wasn't properly defined. How do you define a good role model? Does the winner think that Kate's transformation from a 'nobody' to a (I assume) famous, beloved 'somebody' is good? Her doing *nothing* of significant importance, nothing outside her comfort zone, or her lavish lifestyle -- is 'good' for other girls to look up to?
3) Her accomplishment of "being herself" implies that "being" oneself and not challenging oneself, transforming oneself, learning and changing oneself for the better (whatever that maybe) is good?

For future debate: Specify the question -- is Kate Middleton a good role model for... (one could put) young and wealthy heiresses? or something.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro's case was basically "she hasn't done anything great", but Con showed why, with his points about her going from a nobody to a somebody by "staying true to herself", that she DOES have characteristics that make her worthy of being a role model. And Pro forfeited.

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