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Kazakhstan should not have the same sex marriage

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Started: 5/21/2013 Category: Society
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Hi, my dear opponent))) I am freshman here. Now, our world have so many the same sex marriages and as a boy, I do not like such kind of marriage and I never have seen such people in Kazakhstan.

So let's start)))0


OK, I'm here, so I hope we're starting next round? (I'm a freshman too, this is my very first debate!! :D)
Debate Round No. 1


So, in Kazakhstan people do not like the same sex marriage because all of them are traditional people and offer normal marriage. but sometime I have heard about such kind of marriage in Kazakhstan and I was dissatisfied. People must multiply and must continue humanity and they cannot be as a homosexual or lesbian ( I am sorry if I reserve your feelings)


First, I'd like to state my attitude about the subject and then I'll express my argumentation in 2 titles:

1-) The concrete harm of the homosexual people in Kazakhstan
2-) Why nothing will change about childbearing

Attitude: The exact amount of homosexuals in Kazakhstan is not known, but according to the beliefs of the experts, 10% of Kazakh citizens belong to some sexual minorities, which are called LGBT(1). These people are allowed to have affairs, but their relationship won't be recognized by the government, which means the people you've heard about can't have got married in Kazakhstan, maybe in the Netherlands or somewhere else (2). What I advocate for today is that the status quo is not reasonable for homosexuals because they don't have the right to have a family.

1-) Just like us and other heterosexual people, family and the recognition of it is important. You wouldn't think of a normal couple living together without marriage, right? They wouldn't be a family! It's the same for homosexual people, as they want to have a recognized "family establishment". Because they're not allowed, they feel themselves under pressure and not "together" enough, which causes a lot of botheration in their lives. They're also influenced badly from the perception of the community, which we can see clearly from the sentence "I'm dissatisfied.". The legalization of the homosexual marriage can help the perception get better for the homosexual people, which I plan to explain more detailed in the 3rd round (I'll also explain why it should improve that way)

2-) You told me that people should get in heterosexual affairs and have children so that the humanity can continue. I disagree with this argument, because the homosexual people don't have children today either, even when they're not allowed to marry. It's because they won't have heterosexual affairs anyway, it doesn't depend on if they are allowed to get marry or not: They won't become heterosexuals if you prevent them to live in sexual minorities, maybe some of them'd love to (who knows?) but they can't because what makes them homosexual is the release of the sexual hormones.

Debate Round No. 2


ponchik forfeited this round.


Oops, sorry for you :(
Whatever, i won't write anything either so that the voting can be fair. And I think I mentioned most of the points I should have mentioned.
Debate Round No. 3
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