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Kevin durant is better than lebron

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Started: 3/26/2014 Category: Sports
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Durant is better than lebron because he is so much more younger and he can do everything that lebron could but he can score better. Now lebron does have two rings but he has been in the league longer and he joined a championship team.


1) Lebron James is better because he provided an immediate boost to his team's performance

When Kevin Durant first joined the NBA, it was with the the Seattle Supersonics in 2011.
That year the SuperSonics finished 15th in the Western Division, with a 20-62 record. The year before that they went 31-51, meaning that the Supersonics SUCKED after Durant joined them. The year after that, The Supersonics, now the Okla City Thunder, went 23-59, just as bad as when Durant first joined

The year before the Cavaliers drafted Lebron James, they went 17-65.
When Lebron joined the Cleveland Cavilers the next year, their record shot up to 35-47, meaning they won twice as many games
The Season after that, the Cavilers went 42-40

So in Durants first two seasons in the NBA, his team performed worse then when they drafted him, and went a combined 43-121 in the next two seasons

Lebron on the other hand helped put up a team record of 77-87 in the two seasons after they drafted him.

2) Lebron took his team to the Finals faster than Durant ever did

In just his fourth year in the NBA, Lebron took his team all the way to the NBA finals before losing to the Spurs. Kevin Durant didnt help the Thunder get to the Finals until his 5th year, in which they lost to...... Lebron and the Heat in 5 games.

3) Lebron has now been to 3 straight NBA Finals, and won the last 2.

As you all know, the Heat, currently led by Lebron, have dominated the NBA the last few years now, having won back to back NBA Finals against the Thunder and the Spurs, and had they beat the Dallas Mavericks then they would have won the Finals three years in a row.

Durant on the other hand has only been to the Finals one time (in which his team got boned by the Heat) and in the most recent playoffs lost in the conference SEMI-finals to the Grizzlies, meaning that last year Durant and the Thunder couldnt even make it past the second round in the playoffs, while Lebron led the Heat to an NBA Finals Victory.

Lebron also won the MVP award in both NBA Finals' that he and his team won.

4) High School

Lebron James In High School was hands down the best basketball player in the nation. He led his high school team to the national championship in 2000, helped his team win the state championship in 2000, 2001, and 2003, And recieved almost unanimous player of the year awards in 2002 and 2003.

Kevin Durant's high school basketball career on the other hand is so unremarkable that he nor his team did anything of particular interest. In College with the university of Texas he and his team only made it into the playoffs one time (and lost in the second round) before Durant declared for the NBA Draft
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