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Kids Should Be Taught About Sex So they Can Understand And Consent Ten & Up

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Started: 8/13/2018 Category: Education
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10 & Up Kids Should Be Taught About Sex So They Understand & Consent, So They Can Understand Adults And Know What Sex Is So They Can Be Sexually Active And Gain/Give Confidence So They Can Be Happy About Themselves And Feel Good About Themselves. If Kids Cannot Have The Ability To Consent Then Neither Should Adults Have The Ability To Consent, There Are Lots Of Kids That Would Like To Have Sex With Adults They Like & Have Crushes On, Also, I Would Like To Say That Saying Kids Can't Agree To Sex Is Like Saying Kids Can't Agree To Play Football, Adults Shouldn't Have The Ability To Consent If Kids Can't Consent, Kids Would Be Willing To Learn, You Start Knowing About Sex When You're Like Ten, Teach Your Kids About Sex So They Can Understand & Consent To Adults!


So basically what you are trying to say is, Lower the age of consent to 10?

There are a lot of people out there that know how wrong that is, And there are also a lot of people who would take advantage of it.

There is a reason we lock people up who have sex with a person under the age of consent. It is because people at that age are reckless and uneducated about the situation. Even if you educate them, Adults will find a way to pressure them into doing anything.

The adults will pressure them into things like avoiding contraception such as condoms. If the child was to get pregnant then what? The child would not be able to support the new born at such a young age between full time studies at school, Homework, Sporting events, Ect. This is why women take maternity leave in order to look after their new born child.

The only thing related to sex you MIGHT be able to teach a young child would be puberty.

Good luck in the next few rounds.
Debate Round No. 1


The reason for this argument is that kids should be taught everything they need to know and there are kids that do have the mind of adult and can have the mind of an adult and know the things that we know. Kids should be taught about sex, The age of consent is being lowered to ten, I have read all about it so prepare your little girls & boys for what is to come while you can. Please teach them.


"The age of consent is being lowered to ten"

In what country is this happening? Do you have a source available? If not I understand but it seems highly unlikely.

In my country, Australia, Children do not learn about sex until about the age of 12-13, And our age of consent is 16. That gives them enough time to learn and understand sex until they teach the official age of consent. If the age of consent was to be lowered to 10, At what age should they start learning about sex in order to fully understand it before they have the ability to consent?

If the age of consent was to be changed to 10 years old, That would make them more likely to be exposed to sexually transmitted infections (STIs, Previously known as an STD)

These laws were put in to protect children, This is supported by millions of people around the would. We can"t simply experiment with the health and safety of our children.
Debate Round No. 2


See? Teach your kids about sex, Talk to them about it, This could be parent's only chance to teach their kids about sex, Teach them about it. They'll be smart and know how to use it in life threatening situations, What if someone rapes the kid and the kid knows nothing about sex? They will get hurt alot worse because of not knowing what to do to get the person to go away by giving them what they want, That's stupid if parent's won't teach the kids. Here's the source. Larson also said"sexual harassment only occurs because there are attractive females in the workplace when""it would be better if those girls got married no later than their early teens, So that they could spend their young womanhood in the marital home under the protection of their husbands. "https://www. Usatoday. Com/story/news/politics/2018/06/01/pedophile-white-supremacist-congressional-candidate/663215002/


"What if someone rapes the kid and the kid knows nothing about sex? They will get hurt alot worse"

Rape is obviously a bad thing, We all know that. But allowing a child to consent won't help the problem. If anything it will make the problem worse. A person's brain doesn't fully develop until the age of about 25. (University of Rochester)

This shows that even an educated child can not make an educated decision in order to consent to sex. Even adults are making bad sexual decisions. There is no problem with teaching someone about sex and consent, But that person should not be able to consent at such a young age.

Final point to make. Lowering the age of consent would expose the child to things such as Vaginal tearing, STIs, And other problems involved in sexual intercorse.

Again, To protect our children from both physical, And mental harm. We should not allow children (Especially 10 years old) to be allowed to give consent to anyone.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
Children should not be taught aboit sex when they are 10. Most 10 year olds are not interested in sex so teaching them about sex would be sexualizing children. Children should not be taight about sex and be sexually active because that is unatural, Children are not yet in puberty so they aren't and shouldn't be interested in sex. Sex is for adults. Children should be taught about sex from their parents at an older age because there are lots different opinions about sex so sexual education should not be taught in schools. This way, The schools aren't forcing their own opinion about sex on children. Ad also I do not think kids need to be taught about consent. Comsent is common sense, The bast majority of people know that no means no.
Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
Wow you sure like capitalization (of letters, That is).
So. . . You're saying being sexually active is a good thing? Gosh people just feel this need to try and justify anything they do that's shallow. People can do better things than that, You know. At least I hope you know. You seem very simple-minded on this topic.
Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
This only works from the pedophiles point of view. You don't ever see children with picket signs that say, NAMBLA is right, I need to be raped! Teaching children about sex, Doesn't require actually having sex with them.
Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
They should be taught abstinence and outercourse only with contraception being only a last resort.
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