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Kids Should Take Extra Precaution When Playing Competitive Sports.

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Started: 2/28/2018 Category: Sports
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Many Know the joy of playing sports. More known as competitive sports. While playing against other people, or team. That's why we have NBA, and the Super Bowl.(Obviously). Many people, especially Kids, Enjoy watching these types of games. But most people don't join any competitive sports themselves. Even adults. Because of the many risks of playing this game. While it is known to be healthy and making people more hyperactive. There are a lot of major injuries that will put you down for a while. Lots of Physical and Mental injuries. And instead of dangerous sports. Make it less painful, like two hand touch football.
One reason why It isnt good For Kids to participate in competitive sports is because it can cause many different types of mental injuries. One sport, Football, is a very dangerous sport. One objective of the game is to tackle other players. While you have protection and armor. The Tackler also has armor, adding pain to the tackle. Which while getting tackled, you can get a head injury from concussions to amnesia. The text, Are Competitive Sports Bad for Kids? By Tanya Konerman, states, "Athletes are suffering from injuries due to overuse and acute trauma which used to occur only in adults." This explains how children are experiencing Injuries more prone to adults. Also from the same text, "Many young athletes are also feeling stress and exhaustion." Which is amplifying the injuries and energy from his everyday life to be less healthy. This also shows how the types of injuries can enhance the negative effects of competitive sports. Another issue with having kids play competitive sports is too much competitivity, and therefor making kids more blurred out to reality.
Another reason why reason why It isn"t good For Kids to participate in competitive sports is because it can cause many different types of Physical injuries. For example the sport Baseball, Many find it as a great competitive sport while not focusing on many objectives as to hurt one another. But while it's not an objective it can occur while doing the clutches of the opposing team. For example baseball, as well as including kickball. You hit/kick the ball as far as you can. You then run to the basses. But when you realize the opposing team has the ball coming at you to get you out. A more known strategy is to slide to a base to quickly get To one place to another. While that is an effective method, it also can cause damage and rupture to the area you slide on creating pain, and depending on the force. You could possibly break a bone. And i"m sure you wouldn"t like this outcome.
Many think that it is good for kids to participate in competitive sports because it introduces a healthy amount of competition. As well as getting kids more fit and healthy. Because of this it makes kids more likely to participate in healthy amount of activeness. This makes kids more fit for the future. As well as the fact that kids these days, there getting, more unhealthy, and more prone to new dangerous diseases that could kill them. And the health of the child, could help the child fight of the disease. The text, Get Off that Couch and Play! By Eileen Booker, states, "Competitive sports are a great way to get kids active. In a nation with an obesity epidemic and a rate of diabetes that continues to grow, physical activity is becoming more and more important." This explains how the illnesses rarity shrink. Which means people especially kids should be more fit. While this is true. Endangering yourself, then continue to get an injury can make it more easier to get the disease in the first place.
In conclusion, this is why I think kids should take extra precaution while playing and engaging in competitive sports. To keep themself safe. As well as to protect them from any Physical, and mental, Injuries and disabilities. As well as protecting them from any type of major injury in general.
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