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Kids should be forced to work in the mines

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Started: 3/1/2018 Category: Politics
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Well, here we are at debate #19 this year.

Kids should work in the mines because they are overweight and TV/video game addicted. All kids between the ages of 6 and 18 should be required to work for 100 hours per year in the mines, and the only alternative is sending them to the gulags for the rest of their childhood.

However, black kids should be forced to work 130 hours per year in the mines, and to prevent rich kids from being spoiled, they also to have work 130 hours per year in the mines.

You will have 3 rounds to debate me, and you have an upper limit of 5000 characters per argument.

Let's go!


Yup, I accept, absolutely. Your claim is insane, sir. We are not going to revive child labor, it was one of the worst institutions in the history of mankind, equal to the institutions of slavery and warfare. You cannot make the claim that all kids are TV/video game addicted, nor can you claim that they deserve to be sent to hard labor as punishment for their addiction. A more logical solution to the problem of TV and video game addiction would be to train kids away from that stuff. We are never going to require all children between the ages of 6 and 18 to work 100 hours per year. Going to school and learning about the world is far more important. Might I also remind you, sir, that even hard labor for adults is rarely seen or practiced anymore, even for the most ruthless of murderers. It's seen as a sin to force somebody to work without paying them. If we don't make people in prison do it, we're certainly not going to make kids do it simply because they watch too much TV or video games. A time out would make a lot more sense.

Might I also add, sir, that by saying the "only alternative" is to send kids off to the gulags, you're committing the false dilemma fallacy. Also, I think both of your solutions describe the conditions of gulags somewhat. I think you ought to go see a doctor, sir, and lie down on his couch for a while and tell him some things. Then you'll feel better.

Black kids are not going to work for 130 hours per year in the mines , and neither are rich kids. Black kids do not deserve hard labor because they had to deal with it for two centuries of blood, and we are not going to punish rich kids because their parents are the ones who are succeeding in the economy and prolonging capitalism, not them. We are never going to revive the harsh conditions of child labor. You're crazy, off your rocker. Here, sir, is what I think your perfect utopian society will look like:

Also, does your own kid go to work in the mines?

Thank you. Let's have at it.
Debate Round No. 1


Yes. Homework and school will always be the top priorities for kids in elementary, middle, and high school. However, when they are not at school and not doing homework, they are bored, so what should they do? The answers is pretty obvious; go to something productive to humanity and exercise! Thus, let's make all kids between the ages of 6 and 18 work 100 hours per year in the mines.

To clarify, a year is determined by your birthday. My birthday is February 24, 1995, so my first year in the mines lasts from 2/24/2001 to 2/24/2002, my second year in the mines lasts from 2/24/2002 to 2/24/2003, and so forth, until my last year in the mines is from 2/24/2012 to 2/24/2013, and then I'm done with the mine job.

Okay. Anyways, the alternative to working the mines should be sending to the gulags, because life will surely tough kids up there. Most gulags are concentrated in West Russia, so they can be near Chernobyl, Ukraine.

As a West Russian myself, I believe that life in West Russia isn't really that bad as dumb Americans believe. The gulags are stereotypically abusive and harsh, but it's actually good for making kids tough, fit, and diligent.

Also, I do not have kids. I am only 23 human years old. However, I will send my kids to work in the Russian mines IF I get married and have kids.


Hmm. Now you claim that education is essential to our youngsters. However, you cannot say that when they are out of school, all of them are bored. Some prefer mental stimulation rather than physical stimulation, so they watch TV or play video games. And that, in my opinion, is fine. They do not need more hard work and hard labor after they get out of school- they need more periods of relaxation. School on its own is stressful, and they deserve rewards for becoming productive members of society and gaining expertise in certain fields and learning about new things. If they wish to spend a quiet night reading a long book, they should be able to. I am not against exercise, I believe it is healthy in moderation. I believe that exercise should be an option, not a mandatory activity. Schools already have plenty of gym classes and sports for kids who want to develop strong bodies. Your proposition is simply not practical. This is slightly more reasonable that your other debates- but it still reflects your hasty generalizations about certain groups of people and your fascist state of mind. And the claim you make is still bizarre.

Child labor is usually only enforced in the worst, most pitiful, least successful countries. A country such as the U.S.A. whose motto is to uphold freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, would not force mandatory rock-breaking upon all youngsters. An evil country like North Korea might. But they are evil. We're not forcing all kids from the ages of 6 to 18 to work in some large scale mining production. I'm not even sure what these mines would look like- you are aware that very little mining is practiced anymore, correct? Only skilled adults are sent to work in mines, and only uranium and coal are usually brought up. As of today, we are not in the first stages of the industrial revolution anymore. Today, we're looking towards cleaner energy initiatives, like solar. For somebody like yourself who wants to save the polar ice caps, you shouldn't also endorse the large scale production of fossil fuels. Stop being contradictory.

You don't need to clarify the mining schedule- I get it- but 100 days is almost one third of a whole year. Where the Hell is summer vacation? And where's the regulated school schedule? Right now, see, we have a regulated, organized school schedule. But if we make kids mine depending on their birthdays- the school schedules will be all over the place. A kid might have to work on Christmas. I mean, there should at least be a regulated mining schedule. I don't think there's a spot for one. That's twelve years of a kid's life. What a waste.

We are not going to make the gulags an alternative to the mines. You know what gulags are, don't you? They're essentially a synonym with a concentration camp. Also, if all the gulags are in West Russia, where do the kids from all the other countries go? Are you talking about this mining thing in just Russia, or the whole world. I don't get it. I never knew there were any gulags in West Russia- maybe as museums, relics from before the collapse of the Soviet Union. I live in America, but I never thought Russian life was that hard. I know it's just a democracy and the weather is a little harsher. But if you have gulags up there- I think the U.N. oughta inspect those places. You're not a communist, fascist state anymore-right? I looked up West Russian gulag online and it just talks about ones from the Soviet Union. And you say you were born in 1995, well after the Soviet Union collapsed. Why you look back with nostalgia at those horrendous times is more than I can fathom. Also, gulags are torture facilities, not gymnasiums.

I see- you would send your kids to the gulags if you have kids. So you're not a hypocrite. That's nice- but it still doesn't explain why you desire mandatory torture to be shoved upon every youngster on Earth. You give Russia a bad name. Mines have notoriously hard working conditions- those children will get numerous respiratory infections and they'll probably die before they reach 20. I guess all Russians will go extinct.

Here's a question for you: Do these kids get paid, even? They darn well better, because otherwise, it's called slavery.

What is going on in your MIND?
Debate Round No. 2


Excuse me, frankfurter50, I said 100 HOURS, which is just a bit over 4 days, in one year. I did not say kids have to work 100 DAYS out of the year.

To answer your questions near the end of your second argument: No, the kids do not get paid. And, what is going on in my mind? I'm just being a social reformer. In case your are misinformed, I do not belong to the KKK or anything.

Also, we are going to build gulags in every country for the people who are naughty or lazy. That's where kids who refuse to go work in the mines go. Kids who don't go work in the mines are sent to the gulags for the rest of their childhoods. Isn't that a good idea?

Now I have 2 questions for you:

1. Are you a male or a female?

2. If you have kids, would you send them to work in the mines?


Oh, I misread it. Anyway, 4 days is still too long. You're insane. You're a social reformer who reforms in the wrong direction. We're not sending any kids to concentration camps for their whole childhood if they refuse to work in dusty mines for four days every year. That's a violation of freedom. You are a crazy person. If I had kids, I would not send them to work in the mines.
Debate Round No. 3
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