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Kids should not be able to use a laptop at school until high school

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Started: 2/5/2013 Category: Education
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I believe that kids should not be allowed to use laptops in school until high school.
High School - Between 9th to 12th grade
Laptop - portable computer
Kids - All children between the grades of 1 and 8

1. No trolling
2. No profanity
Let's keep this mature

Round 1: Acceptance
Round 2: Arguments
Round 3: Rebuttals
Round 4: Final Rebuttals and Closing



I agreed, Ok, your the pro, and I'm the con, so you should go first
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting this debate

I believe that children should not be able to use laptops for many reasons. The main ones are...

1. It is quite hard to carry all your books and your laptop
2. It allows kids to play video games and can distract them from school work
3. They could get into big trouble with:
illegal downloads
forbidden sights

and it is an overall very bad influence to kids because they will be able to access many sights that are not meant for kids to see.


fgadsmpu forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Since Con did not reply in time then I will give him another chance. I will not add new arguments so...

REFER TO ROUND 2!!!!!!!!

pls post your argument on time!!!!!!!!!!!!


All these things can be prevented. One. Video games, illegal web and downloads, and forbidden sights can be blocked. There are very fortified blocks that will allow for a very strong and hard to hack through block. Either that, or you could just You could do either that or have an application that can see the user's screen. Someone could monitor the screen and catch anyone doing something not supposed to be done. As for the problem with carrying the books, you could carry a binder around, one that could fit your computer and your books.

Having a computer allows a person to keep files easily. If you have all those papers that a teacher assigned all lost up in your backpack, you are bound to loose something. Keeping it all on a computer is a lot easier.
Debate Round No. 3


Con believes that

1. Forbidden sights and Games can be blocked and monitored
2. He believes that papers are easily lost if not stored in a computer

1. Yes games and sites can be blocked but there is always a way around everything. Almost nothing is unhackable. Also people watching you will not literally watch you every second of the day. There is always time for students to play games. During the time when children are at home, they can also play behind their parent's backs. Parental controls are not strong enough because the influence on children that games cause is uneraseable. The children will always want to play games.

2. Not if you are a very organized person. I can keep all my papers neat and clean. Having a computer will not make a WHOLE lot of difference. I find not bringing my computer a lot easier because it makes my backpack lighter and easier to carry.

I believe children should not have computers because:
1. They make backpacks heavier and harder to carry
2. They influence kids to play games and will scar them for life

It is a bad influence for kids



con has bad grammer :D



Though you may be right that everything is hackable, people can check if the block is still their. They can check the student's computer, making sure the block is still their. If this doesn't work they'll probably threaten to take computers away. To make sure everybody believes it, they take away someone's computer that has been playing or anything else on it. OR!!!! They could record the student's screen. Then they could fast forward though it to see what they were on the whole day. Also, this argument is about the use of computers in middle school, not at home.

To your other statement I say that it is much easier for many people to keep many of their files on the computer. It also makes it a lot easier to store away files, and also, it is also easier for teachers to share assingments with students. Editing on the computer is also easier.

You are also using a specific person a little too much as an example. You know who. :D
Debate Round No. 4
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