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Kids should wear uniforms in elementary schools.

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Started: 4/27/2014 Category: Education
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The topic we are debating today is "Kids should wear uniforms in elementary schools."

I, Jacobie1121, will be taking the pro side of the debate.

Definition: Uniforms are clothes that every student should be wearing when at school.

Elementary school includes grades 1-6.

ROUND ONE: Acceptance.

ROUND TWO: Each debater will bring up a max of FIVE points.

ROUND THREE: Only rebuttals and summaries, no added points.


Thank you, Jacobie1121


Let's do this
Debate Round No. 1


This is gonna be one heck of a debate:

Argument 1: Economic Neutralization

Take almost any elementary school across North America (that doe not have uniforms), and look at the clothes that the kids wear. It is usually obvious to tell who is rich and who is less fortunate by just simply looking at there clothing. Certain kids can afford certain clothing, and certain kids can't. So, instead of having a school that blatantly shows what financial situation each kid/kid's family is in, just have every kid in the school wear uniforms, to neutralize the feeling of one kid being "rich" and one kid being "poor". But this is not just an outsider looking in who can notice this happening in schools, it also happens that the kids notice this too. Most kids are able to tell if one of there peers is poor or rich, in a school without uniforms. This leads to my second argument:

Argument 2: Bullying

When kids can tell that there peers are rich or poor, this can lead to bullying from some kids who seem "rich" to kids who seem "poor" or vice versa. Also, kids can get bullied because of what they wear, besides looking poor or rich, like wearing something that anger another kid. For example: A kid goes to his school wearing a jersey of a sports team that a lot of the kids at that school don't like. Two older kids come up to the kid and beat him senseless because he wore that jersey. A way to stop things like this from happening? Use uniforms, where everyone wears the same thing so: a) kids will not be bullied because of the clothes they wear that reveals a social class, and b) kids will not get bullied because of what they wear, besides looking poor or rich.

Argument 3: Rude Clothing

If kids at an elementary school got to choose what to wear to school, things could go very wrong. Students could very well wear clothing that either has a rude word, symbol, or could be mistaken to be affiliated with bad things (example: Swastika, which is actually meant to mean "it is good" but is also known to be the Nazi Germany Party's Symbol .) Students might also be wearing clothing that reveals too much of the persons body, which can lead to things that are not needed to say in this debate. Now, before you say "dress codes" I would like to remind you that dress codes are rare in schools and are usually not very effective, because most teachers don't know about them. So, what is the solution to stop kids from wearing rude clothing? UNIFORMS!

Argument 4: Time
I will split this argument into two parts.

Part 1: You save time actually getting clothes for school before the school year begins. Most schools with uniforms either provide the students with them for little or no cost OR you buy them from a store. Instead of going through all the racks looking for clothes for school, you can just pick up or pick out the clothes you need.

Part 2: You save time in the morning because you have your clothes "picked" out for you. Instead of finding something that would fit the "fad" or the season, you can just put on the uniform you wear every year.

Argument 5: School Colours

School's often have school colours that a represented in sports team's jerseys, on logo's, and more. What better way to support your school or at least give the message to other kids that you are part of a certain school than wearing these colours! Often times schools with uniforms have chosen the colours of the uniform to be the "colours of the school." It is hard to get everyone, in a school without uniforms, to wear the same colours. But, with a school uniform, you can make sure everyone is wearing your school's colours!



By the way, this is probably the best debate we are going to have besides the cannabis one, DarthKirones!


This should be fun.

Argument #1: The cost

Ah yes. The cost. There are many estimates and averages to take into account but I have seen prices of school uniforms from 100 bucks to a whopping 250 dollars! Parents usually have more then one kid and siblings usually go to the same school so the cost rises. Then you have to take into consideration that no two kids are the same. Some are taller, some are short, some are overweight, some are underweight. Parents can save more money like this.

Argument #2: Creative Freedom

Jacobie1121, you and I are both fans of the Calgary Flames, how do we show that we are fans of the Calgary Flames? By wearing jerseys, by donning hats, clothes allow you to express what you enjoy, but by taking away this freedom to express you also take away a certain creativity, a way to show each child is different. But suddenly that freedom is gone. And imagine the conversations, like "Who is that on your shirt?" And what if another kid also likes the the character on another kid's shirt? Lost friends and conversations just because of clothing restrictions.

Argument #3: Concentration

Imagine you are a 4th grader coming from a poor family. Both of your parents work full time and do not have time to help you. You are going to a new school as you just finished your old one. Your new school is huge so you might end up getting lost. You have to make breakfast for yourself and pack your own backpack. Plus you have to make new friends and to top it all off you now have to wear a uniform. Once you arrive at school,you wonder why everyone looks the same and you realize that you forgot to put on your uniform! You are sent straight to the principals office and you get in big trouble. Kids make fun of you and you feel awful. Why did this all happen? Because of the sheer amount of stuff he had to do he lost concentration and forgot. Now he has a new task that costs precious time and if he forgets a second time he will be in bigger trouble. Not all kids have parents to help and time to spare. If all schools were to have uniforms there would be a lot more trouble for innocent kids.

Argument #4: The punishments

Why do we have schools? Society has schools so the next generation can learn. But if we punish kids for simply wearing something wrong we are taking away from their education. An example I have found is Jim Thorpe Elementary school. For a first offense of not wearing the uniform you are taken to the principal's office, forced to take off the "Inappropriate" clothing and a phone call is sent to home. A second offense means the same as above and a detention. A third time equals the same as above AND getting suspended. If you have forgotten to wear your uniform for a fourth time and more and your are considered to have a "disruptive behavior" and then you are taken away from your learning then punished. Jim Thorpe Elementary school is defeating the purpose of having a school by taking kids away from studies.

Arguments #5: Schools don't need uniforms!

Again, what is the purpose of schools? To educate! I do not think that giving a bunch of kids matching clothes and forcing them to wear it benefits their learning. Like I proved in my previous argument the rule of having school uniform in fact neglects their learning. Why do uniforms help, I mean, can a shirt teach kids math? They are completely useless to serve the one and only purpose of school: To educate the next generation. See what I mean? There is no need to have and use them.

Looking forward to your rebuttal
Debate Round No. 2


Sorry this took me such a long time.


My opponent states that uniforms cost a lot, but take into account this: The term "Uniforms" does not necessarily mean that the clothing has to be fancy or expensive. In fact, uniforms can be identical jeans and a T-shirt, yet still be a "uniform" and be cheap. Also, most schools would provide funding if the kid/parent explains to them that they can not afford a uniform.

"Creative Freedom"

My opponent states that:

"Imagine the conversations, like "Who is that on your shirt?" And what if another kid also likes the the character on another kid's shirt? Lost friends and conversations just because of clothing restrictions."

Hold on a sec. Since when where all conversations all good? Preventing conversations might be good thing, if some kids get verbally bullied because of that "character on another kids shirt."


My opponent states that you might not remember to put on your uniform in your daily routine. Uniform putting-on comes naturally to kids. Also, a point about "concentration.": Uniforms HELPS concentration for kids because kids won't get distracted from work by looking at someone with something distinct on a shirt.

"The Punishments"

My opponent gives an example on how Jim Thorpe Elementary School has harsh punishments for not wearing uniforms to school. Who says that all (uniform) schools are like that? And that is just a harsh punishment-making school! That has not much to do with not wearing a uniform but more the toughness of the school. I went to a elementary school in NYC and when kid did not wear a uniform, it was okay. They just got a warning!

"Schools don't need uniforms!"

My opponent states that: "Again, what is the purpose of schools? To educate!"

EXACTLY! So why focus on what you are going to wear, what the other kids are going to wear, the new fashion trends and such, when the "purpose of school is to educate"! If you have uniforms, then these distractions will have a much greater chance of going away!

Sorry for the short rebuttal,

Please vote,
and if you do,

VOTE PRO!!!!!!!!!!!!
VOTE PRO!!!!!!!!!!!!
VOTE PRO!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lets end this!

"Economic Neutralization"

I realize that kids are bullied because of their economic status however by equalizing everyone by giving them the same clothing will give kids the wrong perspective of the world. Out in this great big world we have economic classes and it is of utmost importance that kids learn about these classes. Making everyone equal hides the truth from kids thus unpreparing them for the future. We cannot leave kids unprepared for the future that they will soon be living in.


In elementary schools there are lots of adults that can help out with and stop bullying. Plus younger kids will be less likely to bully other kids especially over clothing. Parents who buy the clothing usually take the subject of this piece of clothing and how it could affect their child/children so that decreases the chances of bullying over clothe even less. Besides, most kids just don't care and we are talking about little kids so the amount of bullying is less then what it would be with older kids.

"Rude Clothing"

Again, when parents buy clothing for their kids they take these kind of things into consideration! They don't just but any piece of clothing without locking at it! I also found some flaws in your examples. 1. These days clothing especially for young kids with swastikas are very rare if not nonexistent. people don't make that kind of clothing because they know what that symbol transformed into. 2. I think you forgot a very important part of this debate. We are writing about elementary students. While I have seen this type of clothing before, it would take a parent who is really sick and twisted in the head. Anyways, let's continue.


Part 1: OK, you might save time getting clothing with uniforms, however, the cost is far greater. Like I proved in my first argument the amount of money that uniforms cost just may not be worth the conserved time!

Part 2: No, you might not end up saving time in the morning, especially if you are poor, because you have so many other things to worry about you might not have time to put on your uniform or you might lose concentration and forget. Plus if you had a uniform and you wore i every day it would have to get washed often, and sometimes the uniform might not have been cleaned in time!

"School Colors"

Is it a must to wear the school colors? You could always send home a notice asking parents to have there kid/s wear the school colors. Also, do school colors help out education? No! Yes, you do need clothing on whether or not it is school clothing but by instituting school uniforms you are making a big fuss over something fairly irrelevant.

"The term "Uniforms" does not necessarily mean that the clothing has to be fancy or expensive"

Then you should have defined this in the beginning! It is also still a uniform and it will cost within the 100-250 dollar range! School uniforms are expensive whether or not they are that fancy jacket and tie or a t-shirt with jeans! If you wanted to debate a certain type of uniform, then you should have defined that in the first round.

"Since when where all conversations all good?"

I have already covered bullying, but I guess I need to do it again! Most kids don't care and parents will most likely buy something that they know that would cause their child to get harassed and bullied! There is also a teacher who HAS EARS and can hear what the children are saying to one and another!

"Uniform putting-on comes naturally to kids"

Yes, putting on a uniform may come naturally but there are other factors to consider! What if a child has to help with younger siblings, or has to walk to the bus stop that is a good distance away from home, what if a child over sleeps, and what if he or she is from a poor family and has to wake up when his/her parents leave for work? Using school uniforms is inconsiderate to the poor and unfortunate!

"And that is just a harsh punishment-making school! That has not much to do with not wearing a uniform"

Yes it does, that school has harsh punishments FOR school uniforms so the punishments DO have to do with the debate. But I need to ask the voters, is it even worth punishing something as little as wearing a piece of clothing even if it does not have anything offensive? I think not. The whole message I was trying to convey was that even requiring a student get away from their education EVEN if it is only for a few minutes will hurt our children's education and possibly future. Should person be homeless because he wore the wrong piece of clothing? Nope!

"So why focus on what you are going to wear"

Isn't that what this debate is about? In fact I would ask the same thing to people who are pro school-uniforms! i think kids can wear whatever as long as it is not offensive (i.e a swastika) But people who support uniforms only think "Wear this and ONLY this!" That is focusing on what people wear.

Thanks for challenging me to this great debate!

Vote con!!
Debate Round No. 3
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