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Kids shows should have gay characters in them

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Started: 5/10/2020 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 4 months ago Status: Debating Period
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Kids shows that would have straight relationships should also be allowed to include gay relationships. I'd definitely encourage kids TV show creators to add them. Especially with episodes navigating identity, Coming out, Dating etc. These shows do the same thing for straight relationships and I think it's important they do it for gay relationships too.


Many people, Especially the religious, Find gays immoral, The most immoral, You can't force people to expose children to this perversion they are trying to protect them form
Debate Round No. 1


I don't know a single religion where being gay is the most immoral thing you can be. I agree that it is considered immoral in a lot of religions though. The thing is so are a lot of things in a lot of religions women have to cover their heads. So kids not covering their heads in a TV show would be immoral as well. Or sex before marriage. Older kid shows like Degrassi for example that are aimed at kids that obviously don't show the act though talk about it happening would be considered immoral in a lot of religions. These shows also discuss teen pregnancy. Hell eating pork or shellfish is immoral in some religions. Others would think a kid wearing a tank top or shorts would be considered immoral.

The entire point of this is that there's lot of things considered immoral in a lot of religions and we don't and shouldn't let that stop creators from making kids content as long as its appropriate. There's tonnes of religious kids content on YouTube or services like PureFlix. If the parents are that mad at anything they might consider "perversion" they're welcome to turn of the TV and get their content elsewhere.
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Posted by Theweakeredge 1 month ago
Guys. . . . Having gay people in TV is like having black people in TV. Saying you don't want gay people in TV usually either means your homophobic or you've been having some fun with dogma.
Posted by billsands 3 months ago
only sic pedophile would want gay people in their, Kids
Posted by Fazel 3 months ago
I would not have cared for this problem but at this point, It sounds like it is going to be being forced on us. I am not here to be rude nor am I trying to hate gays but I am not okay with people forcing their problems on us and our children. I agree children can watch it and understand that you should accept people for who they are but many children don't find themes, As well as adults, They will most likely see it as it is okay to love their same gender or find the influence of dressing and acting as that gay character in public, Which I have seen. I think it would be better for the creators of whatever TV show to add it if they choose to and not be forced to do so.
Posted by SupremeSeed 4 months ago
I would have to disagree with pro,
Why would it be necessary to promote something sexually inappropriate and Unnatural in any children's show.
To start, The definition of a Child is "a young person before the onset of puberty"(Child definition from etymonline)

Second, The Original definition of homosexuality/sodomy is "Unnatural sexual relations. . . Especially with people of the same sex but also with beasts"(Sodomy definition from etymonline)

So if being homosexual means being involved an Unnatural sexual relation, According to its ORIGINAL definition, Then why the hell would it be appropriate to have homosexual characters, In a TV show for Children? Why do you think Kids Shows, Of all shows, SHOULD have homosexual characters knowing the true meaning of homosexuality? Do you truly believe it is competent for children to watch Sodomy on their television screens?
Posted by SuperReader 4 months ago
Glee is a good TV show with lots of LGBTQ+ characters. It's themes are accepting everyone and friendship. In addition, It has lots of fun songs. Not exactly a kids TV show, But a kid could watch it.
Posted by Leaning 4 months ago
I suppose if someone would like to see gay characters, Or came from a culture where being gay is common, Then having gay characters would be logical.
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