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Kim Kardashian is a hobbit, (DDO Olympics)

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Started: 2/17/2014 Category: Funny
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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My thanks to Con if he accepts.

Only 3 rounds are going to be actual debating. The first round is for acceptance.

Shared BoP to show if Kim Kardashian is probably a hobbit, or probably not a hobbit.

This is obviously a trolling debate, specifically for the DDO Olympics hosted by Bsh_1 as the title suggests.

Good luck.
Debate Round No. 1


Ugh. Sorry Con, I'm clearly an idiot and accidentally deleted it, then my mouse broke.

I hope you enjoy....

1. Kim Kardashian stared in a show called: "Courtney and Kim take New York," a show with short fat people living in a fantasy world.

In Lord of The Rings, Frodo, the main charecter, lives in a Fantasy world with his freind Sam. Both are very short and fat, which makes them Hobbits.

2. She lives in a room slightly below ground.

Hobbit's tend to live in houses slightly bellow ground. This is her trying to keep a little bit of her "Hobbit Pride" while still staying in disguise as a human.

3.Kim smokes a pipe

This is similar to how Hobbits tend to smoke a variety of items. And blow little rings around.

4. Kim has the body of a Hobbit.

Kim literally looks exactly as a Hobbit would.

That brings me to my next point...

5. Kim uses magic.(And she's bad at it)

In Lord of The Rings, Bilbo and Frodo use the ring to rid of their imperfections.

We can compare this to how Kim Kardashian uses photoshop tools to make her look like a real human.

Now you may be asking, "Is she really that bad at photoshopping?

And the answer is yes. In the picture above, you'll see Kim "Comparing butts" with another dedicated photo-shopper.

You'll also get a glympse at her actual Hobbit body. If look to the left, it is severely clear that she photoshopped, and her butt is probably just a massive crater.

6. She razors hair off her Body.

Clearly, she is making a feeble attempt to hide her secret race from us by shaving off her Hobbit hair.

These eyes are to good for that though.

So you see, Kim Kardashian bears to many similarities with a Hobbit to be ignored! For all we know, she's the next Baggins generation! Or maybe she's even going to be Frodo's future wife!

There's to little information to know exactly how she'll use her Hobbit gift, but it's pretty clear that we'll be seeing more from her soon.

And by that, I mean more of her photoshopping. Seriously, she cannot stop photoshopping.

Therefore, Kim Kardashian is probably a Hobbit.

Make good choices.


I have been waiting for this

My boo on the other side of the ring is claiming Kim Kardashian is a hobbit. This is and cannot be the case. There are quite a few things she could be, but a hobbit is not one of them. So lets get down to figuring out what the hell she actually is. I am going to lay out a few contentions.

Reasons She is not a hobbit

Sub Point A : She is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy to tall

Most hobbits are between two and four feet tall [1]. Kim is five feet and two and half inches [2] . She is more likely to be a dwarf at this height. Even a tall hobbit only reaches around 4 feet.

Sub point B : She is way to tan

Have you see freaking hobbits. Most of them are white and pasty. Kim practically sleeps in a tanning bed and is way to tan to be one. She is orange compared to most hobbits considering they almost all have a pasty white skin tone

Things she could be

Sub point A : There is a high possibility that she is a werewolf.

This is noticeable because she is freaking hairy. Hell TMZ even reports this.

" Either Kim Kardashian has werewolf blood or her pregnancy has triggered a serious regrowth of body hair "

Even her daughter is freaking hairy. Kim passed on the freaking were wolf gene to her. Joan rivers says this

" That baby is ugly... I've never seen a six-month-old so desperately in need of a waxing.” [4]

Kanye has even been quoting saying

" I like it when Kim bites me while we are F**king. It turns me on. "

Yeah I bet he changes his tune really quick. Kanye f**ed her so hard with that black sausage that kim bit him during it. The results?

Yeah do you see that. Kanye is a freaking wolf now

You think that is the end? No it gets weirder. Her ex husband looks just like Taylor Lautner( The guy who played jacob in twilight).

Tell me that is not effing creepy, and to top if off kim even says she is a wolf herself.

" It must be a full moon, feel like one of those nights "[5]

This is almost undeniable evidence. She bites people and they turn into wolves. Her ex looks just like the guy from twilight. She is rapidly growing body hair, and even passed on the genes to her freaking baby. Need I say more?

Sub Point B : She possibly could be an oompa loompa

I mean look how short and tan she is. Do you not see the resemblance?

That is just a logical thought process.

Sub Point C : She defintley is a slut.

This is pretty close to empirical.

I mean need I say more? She recently appeared in play boy and showed her boobs and vajayjay to millions. This is pretty slut worthy. I mean just take into consideration how she got big to start with. She was on a sex tape with ray j and it blew up.

" Kim Kardashian memorably shot to fame when her sex tape with Ray J was leaked in 2007 and her current boyfriend Kanye West is still going on about it. "[6]

I mean if we can conclude anything, we can all agree she is a slut. She boned a guy on camera to get famous. This dude was also black. It is a known fact that hobbits do like black men.

She even likes to deepthroat icecream


Kim kardashian may be alot of things but a hobbit is not one. She could be a werewolf, a oompa loompa, and we all know that she is a slut. Hobbits are fragile and passive creatures. They live in holes not oversized mansions. They also only bone little people

Kim Kardashian is boning kanye west. His penis alone is probably bigger than a hobbit.

There is no way kim kardashian can be a hobbit.

Debate Round No. 2


DudeStop forfeited this round.


Sadly my adversary has dropped a round. If he does not wish to participate in this hopefully he will concede so we can get the Olympics going.
Debate Round No. 3


DudeStop forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by dtaylor971 6 years ago
1. Taken from South Park

2. Taken from South Park

3. Taken from South Park

4. Common knowledge... and taken from South Park.
Posted by Magic8000 6 years ago
Didn't south park already prove Kim is a hobbit?
Posted by Magic8000 6 years ago
Didn't south park already prove Kim is a hobbit?
Posted by Pitbull15 6 years ago
Not anymore! :3
Posted by DudeStop 6 years ago
Well, a recovering gay fish now.
Posted by ILL_logic 6 years ago
kanye west is a gay fish
Posted by Theguywhoknowsnothing 6 years ago
Ooooh, another one? Let's see where this goes.
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