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King Kong Should Have Beat Godzilla

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Started: 7/1/2014 Category: Movies
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Godzilla should have won (which he did, may I remind you) because of his superior powers. Godzilla is able to shoot nuclear energy from his mouth and is nearly indestructible. If you follow the English dub of Godzilla vs. King Kong it mentions that King Kong has a larger brain than Godzilla's. This is not a very believable fact once you look at the traits of the two monsters. King Kong is a killer, like when he killed Gorosaurus in King Kong Escapes. While I admit Godzilla can be pretty beastly as well, he kills monsters to protect something like a city or his son. We also see that Godzilla has feelings like when he protects his son from Gabara in Godzilla's Revenge and when he mourns his son's death in Godzilla vs. Destoroyah. This proves that Godzilla has a superior brain.



King Kong should have defeated Godzilla (Which, he did in the 1962 movie, "King Kong vs Godzilla")

One thing to remember is that both Godzilla and King Kong have many different incarnations. Godzilla' s first era, the Showa era, is entirely separate from the Heisei era. My opponent has mixed the two eras. For instance, in his argument concerning the size of Godzilla' s brain, he references Godzilla defending his Son in the movie "All Monsters Attack" (Showa Era) and Godzilla morning his son's death in "Godzilla vs Destroyah" (Heisei Era). As the Movie "King Kong vs Godzilla" is a Showa era film, the second point has absolutely no bearing.

Now, on to my argument. King Kong was capable of harnassing the power of electricity ("King Kong vs Godzilla"). As Godzilla has shown some weakness to Electricity, this is extremely valuable. In addition, Kong was capable of lifting Godzilla up, something few other Kajui have done. With this combination of strength and electricity, it is no wonder that Kong defeated Godzilla.
Debate Round No. 1


First of all, Kong did not win. It was a tie. Godzilla was buried and re-emerged in Godzilla vs. The Thing. Just because Kong buried Godzilla does not mean he won. I do agree with you that Kong had potential with the electricity, but it's no match against Kong or any other monster. Every time Kong got up, Godzilla would put him right back down again. If Kong wasn't revived by lightning he would have been dead from the start. Godzilla beat Kong senseless, but he got shocked with electricity an awoke like something out of a Frankenstein movie. Also, the only reason Kong was able to pick Godzilla up was because of the electricity. It got him all juiced up. All the things you say about Kong being strong aren't so true, it's just his electric steroids talking. If Godzilla and King Kong were two humans and Kong did win, he wouldn't even have the satisfaction of saying he won because he had assistance. That proves Godzilla is better! Kong needed a handicap to battle!


Contrary to my Opponets statement, King Kong did win the battle in the movie "King Kong vs Godzilla". Press material released by Toho (The Company that made the movie) states "A spectacular duel is arranged on the summit of Mt. Fuji, and King Kong is victorious." [1] As the company themselves stated it, there can be no debate. King Kong was the victor.

All the lightning did for Kong was give him an electrical grip. It did not augment his strength in any way. With his own natural strength, Kong was capable of lifting and throwing Godzilla.

Even moreso, the electricity did not increase Kong's endurance. Despite that, Kong still withstood Godzilla' s assault. The original time Kong went down was merely a fluke. Godzilla was unable to replicate it, or capitalize on it.

Further more, Godzilla is shown to be affected by one million volts of electricity. When Kong was harnassing electricity, he was harnassing natural lightning. Natural lightning is known to have as many as one billion volts. With this power, it is no wonder Godzilla was defeated. So, in addition to having overwhelming strength, Kong would have massive power to complement it. Godzilla would have no defense against this deadly combination.

Debate Round No. 2


I do not agree with your argument that the electricity didn't enhance him. If it didn't, don't you think Kong would go crazy on Godzilla instead of getting beat up? Let me read you an excerpt from the King Kong vs Godzilla Wikipedia page: "eventually knocking Kong down with a vicious drop kick, and battering the gorilla unconscious with powerful tail attacks to his forehead. When Godzilla tries to kill Kong with his atomic breath, an electrical storm arrives and revives Kong, giving him the power of an electric grasp." This line of text says that Godzilla knocked Kong out and that the electricity revived him which gave him power. Also, in the next sentence on that page it starts the sentence with "with the revitalized Kong."


Yes, the electricity gave him the power of an electrical grip. There is no reason to believe it increased his strength or endurance. It merely gave him a electrical grasp. This electrical grasp is the key factor towards Kong's victory in the movie, and it would prove key any time he fights Godzilla. Godzilla merely cannot withstand up to one billion volts of electricity. Added to Kong's awe inspiring strength, Godzilla would be defeated, and relatively easily.

Kong also has longer arms, which will allow him to grasp Godzilla from afar, and then shock him into submission. This, coupled with Kong having a speed advantage over Godzilla, are more reason that show Kong would win any encounter between the creatures.
Debate Round No. 3


Kong may have strength, but it's no advantage compared to the King of the Monsters. Godzilla can withstand virtually everything the JSDF throws at him. Godzilla survived detonation of Castle Bravo a 15-megaton hydrogen bomb. So, i think Godzilla can withstand a billion volts of electricity. As for physical strength, Godzilla can lift weights exceeding 2,000 pounds and can smash skyscrapers. Plus, King Kong got knocked out by the berry juice..... twice!

As for his speed advantage, speed may not always be the best thing. Godzilla is built like a tank, no wonder he's slow. In addition, Kong is easily distracted seeing as he's in love with a human girl. Godzilla gets the job done until his opponent is on the ground, that's why i wish there was a King Kong vs Godzilla re-make so Godzilla could set the record straight.


While Godzilla may have survived a Castle Bravo bomb being detonated on him, this is largely irrelevant. He was wounded by 1,000,000 volts of electricity, not because of the power, but because he has a weakness to electricity. As Kong's electricity is up to 1,000,000,000 volts there is simply no way Godzilla could withstand it.

Yes, Godzilla is very strong. He may have lifted 2,000 pounds, but Kong lifted Godzilla. Godzilla weighs 40,000,000 pounds. [1] This shows once more Kong's unbelievable strength.

As to Kong being defeated by berry juice, this too is irrelevant. There is no way it would affect a battle between the two, as Godzilla doesn't usually carry a supply of berries with him.

Kong's speed would allow him to overwhelm Godzilla. With speed to stay out of Godzilla' s way, long arms to deliver Kong's blows, electricity to weaken his opponent, and stunning strength, King Kong would finish Godzilla.

I thank my opponent for this fun and pleasant debate. Please vote Pro! =)

Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by MentalDeadlock 5 years ago
I think the issue that the debate came down to was who actually won the fight, whereas the resolution says who should have won the fight, just a thought.
Posted by FanBoyFan 7 years ago
Posted by TheReguritator 7 years ago

Whoops. =P
Posted by TheReguritator 7 years ago

Good job to you too! You did a good job, I enjoyed it.

Goof luck!
Posted by FanBoyFan 7 years ago
Good Job TheReguritator! You have been a worthy opponent in the debating community. I apologize for my sheer horribleness as this. I think my young age is my downfall. Let the best man win in the voting stage. Good Luck!
Posted by TheReguritator 7 years ago
King Kong DID beat Godzilla..
Posted by Ragnar 7 years ago
Welcome to the site. Good luck on your first debate.
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Reasons for voting decision: The sole determinant of this debate would have to be the content of the arguments themselves. This is because in terms of conduct, S&G, and sources, both debaters were evenly balanced. Arguments - Pro. This debate falls into the territory of "should" meaning that the one with the highest preponderance of evidence wins this one. With this in consideration, I felt that Pro presented a stronger case for why King King should beat Godzilla. This was done by showing Godzilla's weakness to electricity, King-Kong's superior strength, speed, and reach of arms. When all this is taken into consideration, Godzilla's features of being a tank and having a tail holds no real superior air. For me, it is evident that King-Kong should have beat Godzilla. All in all, this was a great debate. Best of luck to both debaters in the future! Cheers!

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