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KostasT.1526 should be boiled alive

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Started: 10/25/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I feel like this user should be boiled alive, because his smaller 15 yr old Japanese chink brain is too small for our overly growing world. he chooses to tell me to "refrain" from making anymore of my arguments. So in turn, he will be roasted, and grilled until the day we both die. I solidly wish for this boy to be boiled alive because his parents probably want that as well, so i would OBVIOUSLY be doing a favor for them. I do not consider this smaller boy an "american white man" because he chooses to act as if he is a Japanese CHINK. I wish the worst for this kid and i hope the next time he makes ramen noodles, he spills them all over a new born baby, giving the baby 3rd degree burns. so the states in which he lives in, will give him the death penalty, death by being boiled alive. Thank you.


My opponent suggests that I get boiled alive and roasted and grilled until we both die (be boiled alive? That sounds bad. I wouldn't like that.) I do not know about them, but for me it will probably be impossible, as I will die within the first few minutes of boiling. I would not like me getting thrown away after getting grilled, but I recommend my opponent settles their appetite with some other kind of roasted and grilled meat, if they insist on boiling me first but still wish that I am alive while being roasted and grilled. I do not think I would taste good after boiling anyway.
I stick to my advice that my opponent does not create racist debates, for they have no basis in reality. Japanese, for example, are wonderful people. Below, I quote JimShady from their debate "Japanese Chinks should not be able to continue living" as Con:
"Japanese people have a right to exist because all men and women were created equal and have an unalienable right to life. Although they might have done some mad things to China and America back in WWII, there race has come a long way. They are generally very nice people, hard workers, team players, and all that good stuff. There contributions to the world include Zen Buddhism, martial arts, karaoke, Japanese food, manga, anime, Nintendo, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and a lot of stuff that weeaboos like."
"I feel like this user should be boiled alive...."
Inflicting serious traumas because one feels like it is considered an immoral action. Perhaps my opponent would like to debate whether that can be an ethical thing to do or not? If they do, I am interested.
"....because his smaller 15 yr old Japanese chink brain is too small for our overly growing world"
Oh my, so many mistakes in such a short phrase. Let's see:
1. Smaller brain... smaller than what? When adding -er to an adjective, you compare the term it describes with something else. Apparently, my brain is indeed way smaller than Jupiter. Am I supposed to be offended by that?
2. Unfortunately for my opponent, I am neither Japanese nor a "chink". I am from Greece, Athens, though I would love to visit countries such as Japan 🗾, Britain 💂, Switzerland etc.
3. My opponent hypothesises the size of my brain. He has not provided any proof, and therefore their claim is ignored.
4. I choose to not mention all the mistakes made concerning grammar, vocabulary and so on. I hope my opponent is able to identify them on their own.
My opponent fails to explain why do they believe that my parents want me dead. Even statistically, the probabilities are almost nullified. I shall take that as an assumption.
My opponent does not consider me an American white man. Well, they are right, for, although I am a white male, I am not American, as said above. In fact, I do not even like America.
Truth is, I love ramen noodles, and so I am always careful not to spill the water for the cooking on nearby newborn babies, as a matter of fact. Furthermore, the death penalty has been abolished in my country, and hence I unfortunately am not going to get boiled alive (😢).
Thank you my opponent, for this incredibly amusing debate, and do not forget the seasoning and the spices after the grilling.
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Posted by KostasT.1526 2 years ago
Hahaha that's a nice one
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