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LGBTQ is Totally Okay!

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Started: 12/2/2016 Category: People
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Fair Argument please. You don't have to state your sources. Round One: Opening statement/opinion Round 2: Why it is okay or not. Round 3: Should it be legal and why
Round 4: Closing statements/Final Opinions


Before we get started I think I need to make some things clear and . This is a THEORETICAL argument. I'm not going to state my actual opinion on the subject, but for this debate I will be advocating for the anti-LGBTQ side. You mentioned that we don't have to state sources, does this mean we cannot? Also, is this supposed to be a statistical/factual argument or more philosophical?

Best of regartds, DrRisen
Debate Round No. 1


Of course its. Theoretical. Why would I ask for your actual opinion?
Sources are up to you. Post them, don't post them whatever is good for you.
I'll go with more philosophical but if you've got facts to prove it go ahead.
LGTBQ Good or Bad is technically your own opinion because its not right or wrong. Your opinion may be wrong or right by different people.

Argument: People are allowed to love who they want. Its a free country. You can be who you want to be. Why is that wrong? You can't make someone not be gay. You can't force someone to change their sex. You can close them out of your life. But its completely okay to love someone the same sex,different sex or trans. If the table was turned, straight people would be hated on for loving different sex. That is not okay by straight people. Why is it okay to hate on the LGTBQ community?

The Queen avatar


Thanks for the clarifications! Lets get to it then.

The concept of being LGBTQ is not a new one. Since the dawn of time people have been going for the same sex, or both, or neither, or being just plain old confused. Of course there is nothing "wrong" with having a hard time making up your mind, however from a purely functional perspective the concept of being an alternate orientation could be described as a waste of resources. One could argue that the base meaning of life is to reproduce, and to further humanity. This raises the question, does being LGBTQ fulfill these requirments?

Some of them obviously can however two, L and G in particular, prevent the reproductive perspective of this base. Now, I am not implying that anyone L or G is LESS than a hetero or any other orientation, however, if they are indeed a value to humanity being L or G prevents them from furthering their genetic code in the human race.

Now this leave BTQ, however, the argument is based on "LGBTQ is Totally Okay", not LGBTQ is usually ok or BTQ is totally ok.

I could also bring in a psycological perspective into the argument, however I think I will save that for the next round.

Counter-Argument: The tables being turned is extremely unrealistic, as the human race would probably not be very successful in reproduction if we didn't effectively reproduce.

It is NOT ok to "hate" on the LGTBQ community, however, this has no place in the argument.

"Force" is relative. (Sorry for semantics)

Of course people are allowed to love whomever they want, but that doesn't mean its right. One could argue the same point but from the perspective that KKK members are allowed to say almost whatever they want, because its freedom of speech, and its a free country.

Sincerely, Dr. Risen (No I can't help the guy having a heart attack on a plane)
Debate Round No. 2


Yowch. You are very good. If you can't help the guy on the plane, can you help the guy with a bullet in his brain?

So the kkk members are completely out of order but unfortunatly they have no place in this arguement.
We could overpopulate by everyone being straight. 10% of the world self-identify as gay or lesbian. If this 10% were straight and everyone had 2-3 kids on average we would be very overpopulated and some goverments may have to put a child ban on their country. But that riles up debates on free countries and it would be war.

I have more info but i'm saving it for the next round

The Queen (with no Kingdom. It should be a Queendom with a queen. duh. )


No, no I can't... wait, that was theoretical, right?

The notion of overpopulation is somewhat ridiculous in my opinion. Simple birth control programs would contradict the population growth, and in fact, already do in some places, a more prevelant example being China. To be completely honest, overpopulation would happen with or without that 10% of non-reproducing people, so it really doesn't matter.

As for the child bans, its already happening in parts of the world (China, again), and controlled birth wouldn't neccesarily cause mass upheval. People are suprisingly maleable when it comes to choosing between screwing like jackrabbits and not starving.

Again, I would like to point out that not reproducing, or at least not being available to do so, is a waste of genetic variation. Human beings are supposed to be diverse. Its one of the reasons we are so resiliant as a species. If you aren't going to contribute to it, what is the point of existing, from a functional standpoint. It just creates a resource sinkhole, where resources that could be used to further the human race are siphoned off, then dissapear from the equation.


DrRisen (I don't have a kingdom either. I'm more of a constitutional democratic republic kind of guy.)
Debate Round No. 3


Yes, it was theoretical!

The thing with the over population is that there are so many kids in the world who need good families, yet some people around the world keep popping out kids, that to be frank, could also end up in the adoption system. I was put through the adoption system, its not fun. I have way more info on that subject but I'll save it for another time.

Back to the side of LGBTQ having people hate on them , its not right. Yes, people can have opinions but is it right to chant and rant about it? No. Yet people still do. Why do they do this? Some people in the world need to show some compassion.


The Queen ( so Clinton, Trump or Green party? I'm neutral. I hate both equally)


I'll just leave that adoption business to the side, as it could be solved by alternate solutions which don't pertain to the debate. (I'm glad to see that you turned out to be a very well balanced and rational person despite the disadvantages imposed on you by the adoption system for the record!)

On this point, I completely agree with you. Hating and discriminating against LGBTQ people is completely inappropriate and barbaric. Discriminating against a group of people because they don't match you and your ideas is inhumane, and should not be tolerated.

Having said that...
the debate is about whether or not it is "Totally Okay" to be LGBTQ, not if it is alright to discriminate against them.

In conclusion, I think I have made some good points as to how functionally speaking being LGBTQ is not completely okay, as it is defies an integral part of the functional meaning of life. While you did make a few relatively good points, I was able to partially disprove/discount most of these points, while it appears to me that you had a bit of trouble discounting my logic.

I had a really good time having this debate with you, and I really hope that we can have debates on other subjects in the future!


As for my political views, if I had to pick I would be with Clinton, (whom I voted for), however my views do not always align with her or the majority of the democratic party. I would say my political and social views vary from moderate to heavily liberal. If you would like, you could take a look at my profile to see a somewhat more in-depth analysis of my views. Maybe you could use one of them as the basis for a debate, in which case you can simply challenge me to a debate. Have a good day/night/whatever it is where you are!
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by WorstLife 2 years ago
You're so lucky that DrRisen found this debate before me...
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