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LGBTQ+ should topics be taught in school

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Started: 6/30/2020 Category: Education
Updated: 2 days ago Status: Debating Period
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Con goes first


we don't need it
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Facts4life 12 hours ago
I do not think it is the schools place to teach about who and what people like. Besides the basic fundamentals of sex education.
Posted by SirDale 1 day ago
Con: we don't need it

Posted by lialia 2 days ago
I think that is necessary because it's important that new generations have a different perspective on the LGTBQ+ movement, And maybe they can build their own opinion. But, The positive impact will depend on the way that educators teach about the LGBTQ+.
Posted by RogueDebates 2 days ago
You mean in "pschology" subjects understanding the reasoning of such psychological behavior? Ethics? Biology? History?

I do agree in some subjects but not all!
Posted by ILikePie5 2 days ago
Lmk if no one accepts this debate. I"ll do it if no one else does it
Posted by Shamayita 2 days ago
I think it should be.
Posted by Leaning 2 days ago
It's history I suppose.
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