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Ladybugs are helpful to us and deserve respect

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Started: 1/27/2017 Category: Funny
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Here is a sad story: My friend who we shall call Bette saw a harmless little ladybug in her room. One helpless little ladybug who was just trying to find a warm place to sleep and maybe survive until the rest of his/her 15 day life cycle[1] was up. He/she was only going to live 15 days max but bette decided to cut their little life short so that she could continue living her +70 yr life span. This little lady bug was minding its own business when suddenly, out of the blue, a hand comes down and picks up the little ladybug who was silently screaming for help. The bug was further taken outside for a slow, painful death because of the frigid temperatures. My friend Bette also played a part in helping these poor creatures to become extinct (so kind). In the 1970s and 1980s, the U.S. Department of Agriculture imported the Asian multicolored ladybug as a pest control measure. It may have been too effective as native ladybug numbers are now dangerously low, with some species being nearly nonexistent. It would be a shame if they became extinct because lady bugs are very helpful members to the ecosystem. Lady bugs "are tremendous carnivores that can eat lots of significant agricultural pests," said Doug Taron, curator of biology at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Chicago. "They are nature"s own "pest" controllers and are more effective than poisonous chemicals." says Also, when Californias Citrus trees were being destroyed at a rapid rate because of pests, ladybugs were brought from Australia in an attempt to save the trees that are beneficial in their own ways too. The lady bugs were successful if saving the trees too. In conclusion, ladybugs are very beneficial to the environment and deserve to be treated kindly and not thrown out like trash on Friday morning.



I would like to start this debate with thanking my opponent for creating this debate. Seeing that she is new to the site I"d like to welcome her and look forward to many future interactions.

I sympathize with the opponent"s view on the topic, I personally agree with her. But, for the sake of exercising rhetoric I will be arguing for the side that I disagree with.

The resolution of the debate--that being the motion that is to be affirmed by Pro and negated by Con--is two pronged. The first being that ladybugs are helpful to humans, and secondly that they deserve respect. This interpretation of the resolution follows the argument that Pro made in R1, in that ladybugs are helpful to the human race through its niche in the ecosystem and thus US efforts to use pest control on ladybugs is unjust. I argue that although ladybugs are helpful, the species of hoverflies are extremely more beneficial while carrying none of the harms that ladybugs carry to the human race, and thus it is ok to not respect ladybugs.

Ladybugs are a known destroyer of crops and homes [1]. The ladybug"s importance in the ecosystem and to gardens can be effectively replaced by the hoverfly which eats aphids just as effectively, but also gets rid of dangerous pests such as thrips, scale insects and caterpillars [2]. Hover flies also nectar flowers, as well as clean up the environment by consuming dead animal and plant matter [3]. Hoverflies are also harmless to all animals and imitate a wasp to ward off predators from its area. [see 3]. In all, hoverflies are a more beneficial insect to have than a ladybug because they do not consume crops and have many more beneficial traits than ladybugs. Humans should lose respect for ladybugs and replace their niche in the ecosystem with hoverflies in order to improve the environment, gardens, and ecosystems.

Thus I negate the resolution, thank you.

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