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Lauren Southern is much hotter than ShoeOnHead

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Started: 9/21/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Hey Theo.
Round 1: Initial arguments.
Round 2: Rebuttal
Round 3: Conclusion.



When considering hotness, three things are of vital importance to a man. Firstly (and most importantly dare I say) is the character of the woman in question. Second is her complexion. Thirdly, her body (not objectifying anyone here). It is my opinion that ShoeOnHead is the better of the two candidates in a least the majority, if not all categories mentioned. Her character is fun, light-hearted, and entertaining, compared to the restrained and corporate attitude of Ms. Southern. Second, Shoe's complexion far exceeds that of Ms. Southern's. Her hairstyles are always much more imaginative, and while, I profess, I am no expert on makeup, she always looks to have done a better job than Ms. Southern. Finally, the more corporeal aspects to this debate must be discussed. One could say that this is an unfair debate, as Ms. Southern rarely wears anything revealing in the slightest. That said, I have yet for her to demonstrate that she has the curvaceousness the average man seeks. Shoe, on the other hand, we have seen in some rather tight shirts, the result of her body shape positively exceeding what most men are looking for and reaching into the realms of the goddess-like. The advantages of such a body in terms of hotness are surely undeniable and obvious.

That concludes my exposition. Good luck to my honorable opponent.
Debate Round No. 1


Lauren Southern is much much prettier than Shoe on head.
We most note initially that Lauren Southern has blue eyes which are more attractive than Shoe's brown boring eyes ( Scientifically speaking, blue eyes are far more attractive.
We must also note the fact that the more symmetrical your face is the more attractive you are generally. Lauren Southern's face is far more symmetrical than Shoe's (source: Observation of the obvious).
Now, one must also note that Lauren Southern is very very intelligent. Shoeonhead, and I am sorry to say this, graduated with a liberal arts degree. Her only content is ridiculous humor based content. She has no intelligent or rational debate or conversation to offer. Do you know any live streams with Ms Shoe? No. Didn't think so. On the other hand Lauren is very up to date with her popular culture, basing her hairstyles off Queen Circe Lannisters. She says that Lannister is a source of inspiration for her in her interview with Crowder.
So, as we can see Lauren is someone with whom you can make excellent conversation. In addition, she is far more into the Social Justice Warrior investigations than Shoe. One quality men admire in her is her epic bravery. Her stunning humility. She has frequently gone into crowds of SJWs, and in the meantime Shoe has been sitting on the sofa making stupid sketches.
So, we have seen that Lauren is better in three aspect, conversation, intelligence and beauty.
One must also note that ShoeonHead has slept with someone who looks like yetti. His name is ArmoredSceptic. Imagine, doing things with the person who has done the same things with a yetti.
In addition imagine the cringiness of conversation with Shoe. What would you talk with her about? Her liberal arts degree? Her disgust for feminism? There is only so much you can say on those topics. While Lauren is a libertarian and hence has many controversial opinions. She reads philosophy (source: I read philosophy and have a magical 5th sense to recognize people who do).

As for your opinions, I'd like to say they are wrong and that they have triggered me. I have decided therefore to charge you formally with assault. Thank you good sir, and enjoy your lifetime in jail.

[Poe's law](just in case)


I cant win can I...
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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