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League of Legends (pro) vs Dota 2 (con)

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Started: 12/4/2015 Category: Games
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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League of Legends. It is possibly one of the best MOBAs on the market. It's fun, fast paced, competitive, and never takes itself too seriously. The game has given me personally three of the best years of my life and has been fun for every second of it. I feel as though it is better than DOTA 2 for many reasons, and this is coming from someone who has also played DOTA for about a year and a half.

Can someone convince me wrong?


I accept this interesting debate and would like to thank taytinn for initiating it. Now before I begin my opening arguments I will take this time to define some terms. Now I would like to remind the judges that this is a very opinionated debate and would kindly ask if they would ignore any previous experience with said games.

MOBA - Multiplayer Online Battle Arena which a sub-genre of the Real-Time Strategy genre. The gameplay is characterized by single unit hero strategic combat between two small teams of players, each trying to destroy the opponent's base. (

DOTA 2 - Dota 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Valve Corporation (

I shall be arguing that DOTA 2 is in fact a "better" MOBA than League of Legends "LoL"
Until my opponent gives his reasons why so I may rebuttal them I shall rest my case.
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to thank Kirigaya-Kazuto for accepting this debate.

Alright. Let's start out with simple game mechanics then.

Everyone knows that a very large part of each game is the minion killing system. You kill a minion and gain gold and experience. These minions are able to decide the very tides of the game through their simple mechanics. In League of Legends you may only kill the enemy minions. In DOTA 2 you are able to kill both the enemy AND allied minions in a process called denying. A lot of people add that it throws in an extra layer to the game, but honestly, it's unecessary. It adds a complication that you shouldn't have to know or practice and it scares newer players away from the experience. But, as Valve does, they have to appeal only to their pro players. The best of the best who have already played the game for a long time. They almost want to scare the new players away and only keep their veterans.

League of Legends on the other hand allows a nice and easy learning experience for their players and allows them a chance at improving at the game.

Next the communities.

Neither commuity is particularly... Appealing. But the League one definitely has a one up on the DOTA 2 community. League only has it's in game text box chat. It keeps things simple, and is easy to ignore. But DOTA 2 has a full in-game voice chat meaning that it is that much easier for flamers to well. Flame. It screws with your mentality and can throw everyone in to simple fits of rage.

I'm interested in seeing how my opponent addresses these initial issues.


Friendly Minion Killing
My opponent has chosen to bring up the "denying" aspect of the game as most people call it. I would much rather call this the logic part as it would make sense "friendly fire" is "turned on". Think about it like this, when swinging a sword, shooting an arrow or magic it would only make sense that it hits whatever is in front of it first. If a friendly minion is in the way it is logical that they get hit by said attack and it doesn't just phase through them to hit an enemy. That is not how "real life" works. It is a rather easy aspect to get around through practice which is required for most things in life.

My oppent has brought up a rather trivial issue as DOTA2 is not a game that requires audio to play. It is quite simple to disable audio in the settings or turn off your computer's volume. In League however you cannot as far as I am aware disable the text box which, more frequently than not, gets spammed by "pro players" saying how good they are or waypoint markers. Both of which are highly annoying.

I shall hold my arguments until my opponent has given a viable point on how League is in fact better than DOTA 2
Debate Round No. 2


taytinn forfeited this round.


Very unfortunate that my oppenent has FF'd. As they have unsuccesfully proven that League of Legends is not a better game than DOTA 2 I believe I have done my job to it's fullest.

Please vote Con
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Tjeerdomon12 2 years ago
Why did this guy forfeit. I do not want to say one is better than the other .For example I like the fact that with the "Tango's?" you can remove trees, but there are also things in League of legends which are more appealing. For example, the achieving mechanic. In league of legends, you will need to play pretty regularly to unlock new characters, in which Valve chose to unlock everything at the same time.
I do play league more than dota, but that is just because there are moderately more Russian players in DOTA 2. I don't want to be discriminating, but please guys, English is also an language...
Posted by hopeseoyun 3 years ago
Um... I'm new to here. I'm Korean. Well, I think League of legends is much better(From now on just lol, ok?)

Dota 2 is too hard; I was platinum and when I played Dota I pooped the game.
Not only me, even my friends.
People in Korea plays lol a lot, but when you say Dota, about half doesn't know anything about it.
Well? I think popularity shows it all
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Reasons for voting decision: I feel like this was a shared BoP debate. It was PRO's job to demonstrate why League was superior and CON's to show me why DOTA 2 was. As I have no experience with either game, I feel I can remain objective in this sense. CON rebuts PRO's stance on "denying" or, in effect, friendly fire, as well as the auditory settings. This effectually returns both sides to a draw - status quo maintained. I have no reason to vote for one over the other. However, since PRO forfeited his final round, I will give CON the conduct points. In the future, CON and PRO, I would recommend you build a case supporting your game in debates like this.