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League of legends: Is leaving/ or lagging in a game considered a burden ?

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Started: 2/11/2014 Category: Games
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If your internet is lag , slow etc. Why did you even matchmake and play in the first place ? And you already know that your lag has lowered your chances of winning and you know that this isnt a 1 man game , your lagness has dragged 4 men down .


Hello, before I start I wish to tell you a bit about my history with League of Legends. I have played league since the end of season 2, with my first champion released after I joined being Rengar, this is roughly 1 and 1/4 years. In this time I have reached level 30 and reached Gold 4 in Elo, the ranking system. The ranking system is from low to high, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and finally Challenger. All of these but challenger are divided into 5 sections with 5 being lowest and one being highest. More than half the people in league are in silver and bronze. I have also played multiple times with a diamond 1 friend of mine. Now that you know how I relate to the league world I shall start.

Your first point was about people joining games even if they know they are lagging. I play with a stable internet connection and have almost never lagged, however the times I have lagged (though they are not many) I have been on the same internet and computer as any other time. I had not had any previous warnings about lagging until I started the game, so when I lag it is not expected. About 85% of people that do lag, do not lag constantly, for many when they do lag constantly find the game no fun for them self and stop playing league. What I"m trying to get across is that people don"t join a game knowing that they will lag.

I agree that lag will lower your chance of wining, but one thing to point out is that you are 1 out of 4 players on your team, and though you will do worse, this does not mean you will loose. Of my games where I was lagging I have lost roughly half, and thats the same as in normal games. Though I did not do as well as I normal would in a match, I still did fine and got kills, you simply need to alter your game style. A chart on Nerfplz and Elophant show that the higher in Elo you are (aka the higher skill you are) the lower ping you have meaning that people lag more however are still more skilled in ranked games. If you wish to view the post on Nerfplz with the chart, click this link. []

Finally I will discuss leaving a game. There are 3 major reasons for leaving a game, the first is loss of internet connection, and this is not intentional by the user, and then users will try to fix the internet as soon as possible. The second reason is because they rage quit. They quit because someone on their team pissed them off, and when I see people that rage quit, though I find them to be little kids, they have a reason to leave, a person may not be trying, or trolling, or feeding, or picking on this quitter, so they leave because of something someone else was doing intentionally. The final reason is because of real life, and their are 2 situations for this. The first would be an emergency like someone died or was badly injured or lost ect. and to blame a person for this unexpected emergency that affects them so greatly is not the right thing to do, for these things can not be helped. The second thing is something like dinner or homework, and in this situation most people know this and don"t join a game, the people that do, it is their fault. The league however has a system to report it so that they can not continue to do this in the future. Your outlook also plays part in how you think about the situation, some may call it a burden when your team has a disadvantage, I however and many I know look at it instead as a challenge and change to improve your skills.

This is my opening argument, I look forward to your reply and to this debate. Thank you.
Debate Round No. 1


What if the 'carry' thats carrying your team lagged/Disconnected/troll when you need him/her most , and then who's gonna carry your team ? Can the support solo lane with 1 ranged(enemyADC) 1 support , Can the support sustain ? Can the support carry ? Not forggetting the support needs to ward and farm were taken from the team allie adc . And with that items or farms that the adc had took , and you might be thinking that the 'jungler' here will gank . Yes gank , and not forgetting the support would deal a damage much enough to just tickle them . By then how can the team carry(Top,MId) without any kills when bot when dced and feed them.

During this arguement , I will be tough but i will be fair as well.

Looking forward to your arguement !


One again before I start I wish to explain something. I shall explain the roles of league to a person who may not play the game. There are 3 lanes top bot and mid with a jungle area with monsters in it. There are 3 turrets in a lane and the goal is to destroy them in at least one lane and then destroy the inhibitor and finally nexus. When you have destroyed the nexus you have won.

The first role is top. The top goes in top lane and are generally a champion with a lot of health and deals damage over time. The role of the top is to protect the people with less health and initiate team fights. Next is the mid or the ability power carry. The mid has varying health, but they focus on their abilities to destroy their enemies. In bottom lane there are 2 champs. The first is the marksman or the attack damage carry. These champions generally have low health, and focus on auto attacks more than their abilities to kill their enemies. The other is the support, who brings different utility to first the adc and later the team. The support sets up kills for the team to execute. The jungler is mixed when it comes to if they are attack damage, or ability power, low health or high, but all jungler are able to quickly kill the monsters and initiate a gank on a lane. This is a quick summary and if your still unsure, I ask you to look up what you are confused about or ask one of us in the comments.

Now your first point is what if the carry was gone/lagging? As you can see in my summary there are 2 carries with different roles, if one is having problems the other can still carry. Also I have seen plenty of junglers and tops carry games as well. There is no set in stone carry though the mid and marksman have a bit simpler time at doing so.

Next, about a support being able to solo their lane. The support will most likely not be able to get a lot of kills with out help from other in bot, however because right now Leona and Thresh are some of the more popular supports, it is completely possible to get kills and still win, though then you would need to be rather skilled. The support does not need to win lane to win game, if the support can delay the enemy bot lane from getting turret as long as possible then the team can better prepare for roaming phase when everyone is no longer in a set lane. In roaming phase the support not having an Adc is no longer a big problem. The goal of the support if the adc is missing is to try not to die, play it safe, and prepare the team for the coming of the enemy bot. Also the jungler can gank and supports like Sona may tickle, but not necessarily someone like Leona. Also as I previously said the supports role is to set up kills and secure plays. Let me give you an example. Suppose Sona is in bot against a Thresh and Vayne, the jungler on Sona"s team is Shaco. The Shaco is coming down to gank, so Sona waits and then when he initiates, she uses her ultimate and stuns their adc and support. Shaco being bursty is able to quickly take down the Graves, and now sona uses her Q to provide extra damage to Shaco. They force the Thresh to recall. They can now push, recall, or roam.

Saying that if the Adc disconnects it is the only lane that can get kills is inaccurate so that point falls. As I have previously stated there is other carries. If your top disconnects 90% of junglers can also top. If the mid disconnects they jungler can go mid though it may be more challenging depending on the jungler.

I think if a person does leave or lags it becomes more challenging but that does not mean that it is a burden. It is instead a chance to improve your skill. About 50% of all 4v5"s are still won by the 4 team for the team of 5 gets overconfident.

This is my second case, thank you and I'm looking forward to your next argument.
Debate Round No. 2


GrannyOP forfeited this round.


Unfortunately my opponent has forfeited this round, and so because of this I shall not argue either, however I would like to say a few things to the voters or viewers of this debate. My opponent was arguing that leaving or lagging in the game of League of Legends was a burden to that persons team. I was able to show that you could still win even with the leaver or lagger, and that it was not so much a burden as it was a challenge and a chance to improve. For these reasons I believe that leaving or lagging is not a burden. Though my opponent did forfeit the final round, it was still a very fun debate and I wish to take this time to thank him/her for the debate. I also wish to thank all the people that will take their time to vote on this debate and I urge you to vote for my side, thank you.
Debate Round No. 3
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