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Learning a musical instrument should be compulsory in schools

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Started: 3/11/2014 Category: Education
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I believe that children are not given enough opportunities to learn musical instruments in school. Learning a new instrument is much easier when in childhood due to the amount of retained memory being higher in children than adults, and I believe that giving that opportunity to them is a step that schools could take.

Music is known to relax and de-stress people (as shown in the study - so to introduce compulsory music lessons would help relieve the pressure put upon children during their time in school.

Many children are not given the chance to learn a musical instrument because of money issues and with the schools funding, every child can have an equal opportunity to learn a musical instrument. I strongly believe this is a step that all schools should take nation wide so there can be a more healthy balance of academic and artistic schooling.


Children should be encouraged to pley an instrument, not however it should be mandetory. If it was mandetory not all students would want to do it and it would not be constuctive or benifical for them. As for the fact music can be relaxing and benificial, that can be done by just listening to it. Other than those points i do belive music is important but not important for everyone to make it. Students should be given the oppertunity however.
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Reasons for voting decision: PRO argued that children aren't given enough opportunities to learn to play musical instruments, and that music has some benefits like reducing stress. (Does learning to play a musical instrument also have similar benefits? Pro never makes that connection.) CON counters that there are good reasons to encourage kids to play musical instruments, but that it shouldn't be mandatory. PRO never offered a reason why all children should learn to play a musical instrument. PRO only noted benefits of music, generally, and talked about funding issues. Clear CON victory.

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