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Leave Justin Bieber Alone

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Started: 2/11/2014 Category: Music
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Okay I'm getting extremely sick about Justin Bieber being on the news for every little thing that he does. Why do people even care? If it's not affecting them in any way shape or form then why do they feel the need to be rude towards him? When Justin Bieber smokes weed, it becomes everybody business, but when half of the population in the world smokes weed, no one cares. Yeah, he went to jail for a supposed DUI and drag racing, but the charges were dropped. I didn't see that making any headlines. Probably because people don't want to look stupid after calling him names for what they thought he did. If you have any arguments against this, feel free to be my opponent in this debate. Thank you.


I accept this challenge.

Justin Bieber gets on the news so much because he is a celebrity and does things which could be compared to your neighborhood trouble-making teenager.

My opponent stated that "When Justin Bieber smokes weed, it becomes everybody business..."
Justin Bieber and his father smoked weed during an international flight from Canada to the US, even though the pilot had requested that they stop since the smoke was so strong that oxygen masks were needed.
Justin Bieber and his father were abusive to the flight crew.
That's two laws broken by Justin Bieber, which is why he was dealt with by law enforcement as appropriate.

Further down the very same source it states that Justin Bieber faced charges of drunk driving, resisting arrest, driving with an expired license and vandalism (egging of a neighbor's house).
Hence this is why the Law enforcement has dealt with Justin the way it should, why should Justin be free of all of these violations of law? Is it because he is famous?

Pro remarked that "If it's[the things that Justin Bieber does] not affecting them in any way shape or form then why do they feel the need to be rude towards him"
Justin Bieber caused 20,000 US$ worth of damage when egging a neighbor's house (the vandalism mentioned earlier).
I ask my opponent how in any way does this not affect anybody?
Debate Round No. 1


Although I cannot confirm or deny that most of those stories are true, I can say that the charges for drunk driving, resisting arrest, and drag racing were dropped. He was in fact, driving with an expired license, but clearly that's not as big of a deal. Yes, believe that putting him in jail was appropriate because he needed to be taught a lesson. He has undergone immense amounts of stress caused by the media lately. How would you feel if cameras followed you around for your entire teenage life? It wouldn't be fun having people know where you are every minute of every day. And to answer your question about the egging incident, I'm not sure why the damage is so much. Probably because his neighbor just wanted his money and sold a fake story to get it. Also to answer your question, it's only affecting the neighbor...................................


I thank my opponent for answering my question, here the answer is "And to answer your question about the egging incident, I'm not sure why the damage is so much. Probably because his neighbor just wanted his money and sold a fake story to get it. Also to answer your question, it's only affecting the neighbor..................................."
My opponent 's allegation is that the neighbor was lying, as far as the law enforcement knows, Justin Bieber has indeed 'egged' the neighbor's house. If my opponent can find an unbiased source which states that the Justin Bieber did not egg his house or that states that the damage was not as high as 20,000 US$, then and only then will I concede this point.
My opponent also states that the crime is only affecting the neighbor. Even so, it is a crime and it has affected individuals around him, hence it was fair that he was dealt with.
Also smoking marijuana with his father on a plane whilst abusing the pilot and the crew, hence this is why he should not be left alone and must answer for his crimes.
I do not agree that paparazzi should be following Justin Bieber all the time, in any case he is not the only celebrity facing this as we all know too well. However, when the news states his crimes such as drunk driving, vandalism, resisting arrest etc it is justified because he has committed those crimes or was accused of doing so. Hence Justin Bieber should not be left alone as far as the media (as long as they are unbiased) or the law enforcement are concerned when he commits crimes.

I patiently await my opponent's closing statements
Debate Round No. 2


I did not mean to make it seem like I was saying that the egging incident was all a lie. For the most part, that was sarcasm. I do believe it happened, but I also believe that the whole thing was blown completely out of proportion. TMZ stated that it was a "vicious egg attack" when, honestly, what is so vicious about an egg attack? Nothing. It didn't hurt the person. The neighbor was hardly affected. The damage did not look that severe to cost 20,000. I was just saying the neighbor probably made it seem worse than it actually was. When has egging ever been a huge deal? Usually when it happens, the victim cleans it up and acts like it never happened. But in this case, of course since it's Justin Bieber, it has to cost a crap-ton of money. Although I could not find a source stating that the egging incident did not happen, on TMZ's website they posted a video of what is supposedly a recording of the egging. They claim that it is evidence although you cannot see anything that is happening in the video. Since there is no video proof, I automatically assume it's not as bad as everyone thinks it is. I feel that others should have the same thoughts without automatically thinking that it's true even if there is no evidence. The fact that there were what, 11 cops(?) at the scene was absolutely absurd. I do not believe it needed that much media attention seeing how it's not even that big of a deal.

As for the drunk driving and drag racing charges. Miami state records confirmed that the charges were dropped. ( Not because he's Justin Bieber and can get away with anything, but simply because the three officers that made those charges lied and sold a fake story. They were later suspended. But of course that didn't make the news or the headlines anywhere. People want to continue to make him look bad. And let's be honest, he turns 20 in about 17 days, and what person doesn't do stupid things when they're young? He's extremely famous, he has an immense amount of money, and he wants to do whatever he wants with it. I will admit, a lot of the things that he does are reckless and stupid and I wish he would get some help, but it's his life and he doesn't need even more pressure than he already has. A couple months back he was actually diagnosed with depression. He's young and rich, who would of thought that he could have depression? But people made of mockery of it. It's not fair that when someone his age has depression, it's sad and people have sympathy for them, but when Justin Bieber has depression it suddenly becomes funny. Depression isn't a joke even if someone like him has it. It's not at all surprising to me that he has depression when he's on he news every day with some fake stories and some real stories. There are people out there whose job is to literally follow him wherever he goes and tear him down and break him. HENCE the media should give Justin Bieber a break and stop following him everywhere he goes so he can maybe settle down.

I look forward to seeing your closing statement. Thank you for a respectful and clean debate.

( I also do not intend to win, since just about everyone in the world hates Justin Bieber right now.)


In my previous round I stated that "My opponent 's allegation is that the neighbor[whose house was egged] was lying,"
My opponent replied by saying " I did not mean to make it seem like I was saying that the egging incident was all a lie. For the most part, that was sarcasm". My opponent has dismissed his/her false allegations as sarcasm, whether this is a lie or not, I would like to point out that it is inappropriate to use sarcasm in debates, especially because it is practically impossible to know whether someone is being sarcastic or not when typing since emotions cannot be seen.

"The damage did not look that severe to cost 20,000."-pro
Justin Bieber is rich, as my opponent said ("he has an immense amount of money"). If the fine was the same that would be imposed for a regular person, it would not seem much to Justin Bieber since he is rich and he will just keep on egging houses since he can just keep paying the fine, the same reason why in most countries, the rich have a higher tax rate than the poor. Also Justin verbally abused the neighbor (with swear words).

" I do not believe it needed that much media attention seeing how it's not even that big of a deal."-pro
But he DOES deserve media attention for getting committing crime, or even just getting accused of crimes. Hence Pro's resolution that Justin Bieber should be left alone is inadequately justified. I will concede that Justin Bieber should receive LESS attention for his alleged crimes, but at the same time he SHOULD NOT be left alone for him to vandalize and abuse as he pleases. Hence the resolution of "Leave Justin Bieber alone" should not come into place.
Justin Bieber kicked the Argentinean flag offstage during a performance in Buenos Aires. This is punishable in Argentina with four years in prison, another crime by Justin Bieber.

Pro stated in the closing argument that
( I also do not intend to win, since just about everyone in the world hates Justin Bieber right now.)
Cheer up! Its not all about winning, besides whether they agree with me or not, the debate can go either way. Since maybe you made more convincing arguments, had more better grammar (I did that on purpose) and had used more reliable sources (unbiased perhaps). Voters agreeing with one side or the other does not give points to either side so do not worry! :)

However, I am not conceding the debate. I shall now persuade voters to vote for me.
- GRAMMAR- Is tied
- RELIABLE SOURCES- It is up to the voters to evaluate our sources, in terms of reliability. But I used more sources hence, I appeal to voters to vote for con.
-CONDUCT- Pro used Sarcasm (or lied) hence I appeal to voters to vote for me.
-CONVINCING ARGUMENTS- Once again, I appeal to voters to vote for me since I have sufficiently rebutted Pro's arguments and that I have proved the validity of opposing this resolution. Since leaving Justin Bieber alone (which is an absolute statement) would mean that he can keep vandalizing property among other alleged crimes (some of which are actually true) without harm.
Vote for Con! :)
P.S. to voters - Please do not take away points from my opponent if the ONLY reason is that you 'hate' Justin Bieber, as that is extremely unfair to my opponent and it is not really a true victory for me.
Debate Round No. 3
8 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 8 records.
Posted by druminboy918 5 years ago
If I could vote, I would Con.
Posted by Theunkown 5 years ago
Please vote on this :D
Posted by theonewhoknocks 5 years ago
Pro has some really good points I admit. This is coming from a non Justin Bieber fan.
Posted by ambivalentsoul 5 years ago
Justin Bieber started off on youtube. Posting videos of himself on Stratford Star for his family members to see. People started watching his video and pretty soon he was trying to get on radio stations to play his first single. That's how he got famous. When he was a kid he hardly had any money. All he had was a video camera and a computer. (By the way, it's 2014, you can stop acting like you don't know how to spell Bieber). How would you know that his tweets are written by someone other than himself? Last time I checked you most likely don't know him on a personal level. Just because he's famous doesn't mean everyone does everything for him. Me, being a belieber, I know a lot about him. And you, being a typical 'hater' just go off what you see in the media. You don't know anything about him, so therefore, stop acting like you do.
Posted by Nicoszon_the_Great 5 years ago
'more success than pretty much anyone ever and he's only 19'
Alexander the Great conquered nations by 16, Genghis Khan controlled most of Mongolia by 20, Charlemagne was king of the Franks by 17. As for music you've got Mozart, Johannes Sebastian Bach, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, the Jackson five, Michael Jackson himself, Prince, Guido D'Arezzo, Louis Armstrong, and Beethoven all of whom had some measure of success by their early 20's and MOST of which did so on their own, where Beiber had thousands of dollars, writers, deals, and immediate radio coverage dumped on him.
'How could you possibly know he is "cruel, mean spirited and abusive"?'
Because he's a celebrity and everything he does is tracked by the public. And as it seems, he acts like a dick. To everyone, even his fans. In fact, the nice stuff he says on his twitter is actually said by a publicist, not Justin himself.

I personally don't like him because he is making a mockery of art as well as both American and Canadian patriots. When someone acts like he does he shames those who are related to him even by nationality.
Posted by ambivalentsoul 5 years ago
Well, obviously he is not talentless since he has more success than pretty much anyone ever and he's only 19. Do you know him personally? How could you possibly know he is "cruel, mean spirited and abusive"? Oh wait.... you don't. I happen to have a twitter account dedicated to him, and I know that about 3/4 of his fanbase are no 12 year old girls. I am 17 and all of the fans that I have seen on twitter are 15 and over. So your argument is invalid.
Posted by kbub 5 years ago
I agree with Pro. Paul McCartney's interview:
Posted by LaughingRiddle 5 years ago
Bieber is the most arrogant tantlentless POS pop culture product of the past 2 decades.

He is a perfect example of everything you should aspire NOT to be. He is known as cruel, mean spirited, abusive, and thinks he is cool because 12 yo girls like him since he looks their age even though he is like 19.

You want to be a shifty person no one likes and everyone make fun of? Take lessons from Justin lol
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