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Legalisation of Recreational Marijuana in New Zealand

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Started: 9/21/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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12% Of people in prison in NZ alone are in prison because of drugs. This is costing the government millions of dollars per year. The government could have another 3 million dollars up their sleeve if these people were no longer in prison as their crime would no longer be illegal.
If Recreational Marijuana becomes legal then the government could earn a lot of money on tax. If Marijuana is highly taxed then all of the extra money that we earn from these taxes could go to important things such as education. And that would benefit everyone.
Health effects
Marijuana is not actually as addicting as alcohol and tobacco.and it also promotes brain cell productivity. overall it would make New Zealand a happier and more free country.


The only problem is when you legalize marijuana you will begin to experience more drug induced accidents and deaths. Also, you will have to invest in regulating marijuana. If it is legal do you think the illegal manufacturers will just stop bringing in their supply? No, the will not just stop bringing in their supply. In fact they will lower their prices and the newly legitimate businesses will lowest their prices until marijuana is so cheap and accessible anyone regardless of age will be able to access it.

That brings me to my next point. What will the legal age be to legally use marijuana? Maybe 18, maybe 21, or older, or younger? It will take awhile to get the age limit set. Also, unlike alcohol marijuana already has a large established illegal network everywhere. Right now minors can purchase it and when it is legalized it will be even easier for them to access the illegally imported supply.

Overall, it will cause chaos, an increase in deaths, and a large headache. It is not necessarily impossible, in fact, it will happen at some point and that's okay. It is just important for the country to take their time and set up measures against the illegal supply before they legalize the drug.
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