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Legalisation of Weed: Another Big Mistake

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Started: 4/24/2017 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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While typically, I am pro legalisation of marijuana, in this debate I want to challenge myself and take the stance of anti-legalisation.

Considering when arguing for the notion that legalisation would be more beneficial to our society, usually alcohol is brought up in the context that it is more dangerous than and kills many times more people than weed does. Now before I get into that, one of the other main issues here is opioid addiction. The high rise in addiction, not just worldwide, but also in the US leads to many concerned about how we can fight this addiction while noting that being addicted can lead to many health issues (1). In stating this addiction problem, I attempt to compare the THC levels found in weed as similar to the effects of opiates. (2) Understand that a lot more research needs to be done when it comes to making the conclusion that they are bad or good, however, I would rather not take the risk. Therefore, until we know more, keep it illegal. Now, returning to my alcohol comparison, people note that alcohol has killed millions of people in America over time. So why are people so hung up over weed when alcohol does twice as much damage? I completely agree. I wish we could do this to alcohol but because we didn't, we see many people dying as a result of it being normalised. Understanding this, I don't want to have a future where this type of logic continues in order to legalise substances. Just because alcohol is normal and legal, doesn't mean it's good for us. Two wrongs don't make a right. I look forward to anyone's response.




My opponent began their argument by comparing the Cannabis Crusade to the opioid epidemic- although it may not seem too far off, a depressant like THC simply cannot be compared to opioids like Heroin, Vicodin, Percocet, and Oxycontin. Now, synthetic Marijuana (Spice, 2k) can be put in the same boat as these opioids for the danger it poses to the user- lucid hallucinations, excruciating pain, etc. But, if the U.S. government makes a move on legalizing marijuana, it is likely to be FDA regulated, eliminating the threat of legal synthetic marijuana. Take the state of Colorado for example; the stores and distributors of marijuana there are regulated by state and federal programs to make sure sellers aren't poisoning or hooking their customers. If it is legalized, weed will be clean.

The next argument posed by my opponent was the correlation of incidents between alcohol and marijuana, as if marijuana were as harmful or more harmful than alcohol. I'd like to address the fact that no matter the substance, a DUI is still the same. Also, it is realistically impossible to overdose on THC- over two tons of cannabis in weight would need to be consumed in a period close to an hour long.
The effects of alcohol on the liver lead to cirrhosis and liver failure if consumed profusely, and marijuana does no damage to the lungs and has been scientifically proven to NOT cause emphysema or black lung. In fact, the tendencies of consumers to "hold it in" to get them high has been proven to expand the average capacity of the alveoli in the lungs.
Marijuana is mentally addictive, like any other substance, but alcohol is both mentally and physically addictive. If an alcoholic were to give alcohol the cold turkey, their bodies would give excruciating psychosomatic responses...marijuana, on the other hand, does no such thing.
The last benefit Marijuana has over alcohol is that the use of THC connects synapses in neurons to think about one common idea, and to focus on it. Alcoholics have been known to focus on quitting the bottle by using marijuana to relieve them of their psychosomatic responses, and to focus on quitting,
My opponent has stated "two wrongs don't make a right"...but how are both alcohol and marijuana "wrongs" when marijuana is clearly a right? (Double meaning)
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for your response.
I would like to address quite a few things my opponent has missed.

First of all, saying that THC cannot be compared to opioids is wrong. It is obvious there are differences in the chemical compounds and effects they have on the body, but the level of how addictive it is, is very comparable. On top of that, if my opponent had referred to my source of the claim, he would have seen that it is too early to call either way. But, rather that there is a possibility that it has many similarities to opiates. (1)


Also, noting that just because the government will sell it clean does not mean that it will remain so. Marijuana is becoming more and more legalised as time goes on, yet the amount of synthetic or highly dosed THC marijuana also increases. (2) People just need to get their hands on it in order to do something bad with it. Who is to say that once recreational marijuana is legalised, that people won't start selling modified versions of marijuana? Very much a possibility which is already being foreseen according to my article. Not to mention how addictive it actually is, then I would use the term "Gateway Drug" as an accurate title for what marijuana is. (3) Now, while it is true that the majority may not move to harder drugs, but a good amount do, along with the rise in THC levels, the amount of hard drug use is bound to increase and has been. Not to mention the effects on brain development for underage people and the effects it passes on during reproduction. So if a person is addicted to smoking marijuana, the child is more likely to also become addicted.


Lastly, I ask my opponent to reread my argument for a comparison to alcohol. I did not say marijuana is deadlier than alcohol, I said that previously in our history, we have allowed for alcohol to be completely legalised to the point of no return. And because of that choice, we are suffering immense consequences including death, cancer, etc of many people. Not to say that weed will entail the exact same consequences, but I would rather not wait and see what will happens until it's too late. I do believe that we don't know enough about drugs and the effects it has on a person, but we need to keep it illegal until we can have a much better understanding.
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