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Legalization of Prostitution

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Started: 12/10/2015 Category: Politics
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What the United States Government does not realize about prostitution is that there are many benefits that could take place in the event that it is legalized. First, stopping the arrest of sex workers would free up more police resources. Second, prostitution is one of the oldest careers in the world, and isn't going away any time soon. Finally, if prostitution is legalized, the government could tax it which is good for the economy. Victimless crimes, specifically prostitution, should be made legal throughout the United States.


Since this is a one round argument I will state the facts and how prostitution should not be legalized.


Prostitution: "the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment."

Legalization: "to make legal."


Prostitution is an issue that is very dangerous to our society. My opponent has made the case that benefits in helping the economy which it doesn't.

Since I am low on time let me make my case fast.

According to WomensLaw.Org says
"Prostituted women are often victims of intimate partner violence by pimps and customers, often called "johns." The methods of control that pimps and johns use are similar to the methods used by abusers. Some examples include:

physical violence;
sexual assault;
economic abuse or manipulation;
verbal abuse;
threats and intimidation; and
minimization and denial of physical violence."

Prostitution would only harm our women. Causing sexual diseases to spread.

Also being pregnant as a cause of sex would result in killings of many unborn babies which would NOT help our economy. Prostitutes would mostly have to abort their babies in order to keep their job going. So this would not be an economic benefit to our society.

In other words this is immoral. Sex is a very sacred and should not be a very "fun" and "pay me to do it" kind of thing. It is a moment of dedication to each other. Promoting prostitution as a legal law would only hurt our next generation. Saying that reckless sex is "ok" to children and teens.

My opponent has also stated that it is one of the "oldest" careers and that makes it ok? No, this is flawed in so many ways. Just because something was old doesn't justify it. I guess being a slave owner is perfectly fine since it was old, right? No. A lot of evil and vile things have happened in our history where we have changed because of the abuse and harm to others.

Another major factor to this is STDs (sexual transmitted disease). This is caused by sexual contact when someone can give you bacteria, viruses or even parasites. For more info on this serious matter go to:

Lastly, Prostitution is not a victim-less crime. That women is being attacked and abused with sexual contact that can be caused. This would only harm our economic system, leave a bad mark for our next generation and hurt and harm our women of society.

Is this what we really want? No. Voter, take into consideration the consequences this will cause if legalized. For all these reasons, I ask for an con ballet.

Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by Sdio 2 years ago
Another thing to add in, Con even mentions it's "immoral." Who are you to decide the universal definition of immoral?
Posted by Jonbonbon 2 years ago
Prostitution isn't a victimless crime. It objectifies women and furthers the idea that sex is just for fun. When you have sex, your brain releases oxytocin, which is a chemical that bonds you to whoever you're in contact with. This occurs more so in women than in men. The point being that no matter what women say about it, prostitution is emotionally damaging. Women have to get over the fact that they're just sleeping with a lot of other men, some who are very abusive to them, and this causes an unhealthy emotional detachment.
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Vote Placed by Peepette 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Con points out that the victimization of women out weights the feeing up of police resources. Con rebuts, just because it is the oldest profession does not make it okay. The sanctity of sex is a contentious point on Cons part. Con failed to address Pros taxation issue. Overall a tie due to the lack of rounds that would have further developed the topic. Con receives points on resources.
Vote Placed by Sdio 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: I'm for Pro. Everything Con mentioned in regards to prostitution would be prevented if it were regulated. Regulation eliminates the sexual abuse, physical abuse, pimps, STD's, and allows access to birth control for the legal workers. Con was arguing that prostitution should be kept illegal while citing reasons that only exist BECAUSE it's illegal...all would cease to exist if it were regulated. See Nevada as an example.