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Legalization of medical marijuana

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Started: 11/25/2013 Category: Politics
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Marijuana is only harmful under circumstances. It is when growers add chemicals to it making it harmful. If the argument you are making is that is it poison then you should be arguing for cigarettes to be made illegal. Cigarettes have many more chemicals added on by manufacturers compared to the minimal amount usually added by cannabis growers. Where have you found that it was harmful and a "poison"? Synthetic marijuana is harmful but naturally grown is very beneficial. If you accept my debate i will provide factual information supporting my statements.


Thank you for challenging me to this debate.

In an ideal world, Cigarettes would be made illegal, too. However, cigarette smoking doesn't affect how your brain functions and therefore does not pose a threat to society (unless you count second hand smoke, but the government has made efforts to minimize the effects of that through non-smoking zones).

However, marijuana has immediate effects on your brain. It impairs coordination and judgement just as much, if not more, than alcohol, and crimes associated with alcohol (e.g. assault, reckless driving, rape, murder, etc.) happen even more frequently with marijuana users. It is such a powerful drug that most people get addicted to it within the first few uses.
Even more dangerous than its short term effects are its long term effects. It is scientifically proven that the active NATURAL ingredient in marijuana, THC, actively destroys brain cells; over several years of marijuana use, a user's brain will SHRINK, and the user will never even realize it. Another chemical with the same nerve cell-damaging effect is Cyanide, one of the most well-known POISONS in the world.

Marijuana is not accepted by the federal government of having any medical value. Medical marijuana is just an excuse to make marijuana more accessible to recreational marijuana users. There are far more effective treatments to glaucoma and cancer with far less severe side effects.

Marijuana is poison with no medical value and should stay illegal.

Debate Round No. 1


Contrary to popular belief, Marijuana does not destroy brain cells. In fact it actually has neuroprotective properties, meaning protection (duh). The studies saying this were done on monkeys and were also proven wrong by many other studies. Even expert government officials have admitted THC does not kill brain and nerve cells, at least not in humans. Are you going to worry about all the pot smoking monkeys whose brains are shrinking? And while the effects are immediate, they are also temporary, they will wear off after the high has. The argument brought up about violence between the two is rather, well, idiotic. Cannabis calms people, it doesn't anger them. The government does not even track violence specifically related to marijuana use, due to how use of marijuana is not associated with violence. It is the prohibition of it and trade that is causing the violence, not the use. IF it is legalized of course the violence rate would go down.

The link that it is similar to cyanide in damage is only true under circumstance. Like I have said before, cannabis only has chemicals that do damage like that because of the chemical fertilizers a handful of growers use, That would be the synthetic marijuana. An "ideal world" is irrelevant when we live in the real world. Only about 9% of users get addicted to marijuana, but it is widely considered not physically addictive because of the extremely minor with drawl symptoms.

All of you're arguments are false



Claiming that Marijuana is good for you is absurd. There is MUCH MUCH more evidence proving how bad Marijuana is for your brain.

Marijuana is a depressant, just like Alcohol; both of them "calm people down" by permanently killing brain cells. In fact, they calm people down so much that they lose their sense of judgment entirely. They also slow down people's heart rates and breathing rates, causing extreme lethargy while intoxicated. People who smoke Marijuana are incapable of doing anything else for hours after they finish up their smoke.

THC has been MEDICALLY proven to destroy brain cells, especially in the Hypothalamus and Pituitary glands, 2 of the most important parts of the brain. There is no use denying it.
And THC is a NATURAL chemical in Marijuana.; no one has to add any for it to be present.

This destruction of nerve cells is the thing that causes the calming/pain relieving affect. There are many far better pain relievers that do the same thing WITH OUT destroying nerve cells. Medical marijuana is a pitiful excuse to make marijuana more accessible for recreational use.

Your statistic only applies to first time use, and very rarely do people only use marijuana once and never use it again. Repeated use causes that number to rise to 52%, which is much more than the numbers for heroine and cocaine (roughly 20%), and only surpassed by Alcohol (71%).

I did not say that marijuana HAS cyanide in it; I said it has the same effects as cyanide because of the THC in it.

Marijuana is a poison. None of your arguments hold up. They are mere excuses.

Debate Round No. 2


I will then ask one question.
How many people have historically died from the direct effects of marijuana?


That statistic is not available. I looked pretty thoroughly for it.

Here's my educated guess on why it is not available:
People don't die from the short term effects of Marijuana (no overdose either). They die from the effects of consuming marijuana over long periods of time (e.g. Mental Disorders, Cancer, Heart Disease, etc.). Thus, when a person dies from one of those, even if it WAS caused by Marijuana long-time use, it is not recorded as such.

Since all you provided for your last "argument" was that one question, I will assume that you were unable to think up any real rebuttals for my points (or you were too lazy to do any more research).

If medical marijuana is legalized, the government will be allowing doctors to prescribe poison for their patients.
Debate Round No. 3
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