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Legalization of prostitution in all 50 states of America

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Started: 12/4/2013 Category: Society
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Prostitution is currently legal in Nevada. It is a way of employment for many woman (sometimes men?). Should it be legal everywhere? There's no doubt that it happens in all 50 states, but should it be legal? I personally do not think so. I think it demoralizes the people in our country and puts women in a position where they need to give up their most sacred and personal part of them self. I believe that we should (as a country) be discouraging frivolous sex and teaching our young people to value it. Now, prostitution is not to blame for the amount of teen pregnancies, but I will say that if we legalized it, we would be more comfortable with sex out of wedlock as a country. Young people would see and hear about sex even more than they already do and it could possibly incline them to participate in the act.


I will take this argument

First and Foremost, Prostitution is something that should be held to the state. If Colorado, Texas, Illinois, and Georgia want prostitution to be legal, that should be within their right to decide for themselves. Kentucky, Florida, California, and Minnesota shouldn't have the ability to dictate such a specific decision.

Secondly, there are some problems with your argument. Prostitution doesn't FORCE women to do anything. There is Prostitution in Nevada and women there aren't forced into it. If anything, legalized prostitution gives them a SAFE way to prostitute as opposed to other states where they have to go in corners of cities where cops don't frequent (aka it's going to be dangerous) and going through black market pimps who may be quite dangerous.

Thirdly, it's entirely sexist to assume that the vagina is the most sacred and personal part of the woman, as if THAT is the only thing they are worth while for. This argument essentially says that a woman who isn't willing to have sex has no value, and that a woman who has sex too much also has no value, despite her actual merits such as being a good person, an intelligent person, a good and loving parent, providing for society in front of herself etc. The vagina is not her most important part.

Fourthly, the best way to combat teen pregnancy has habitually been shown to be teaching kids about sex and the ways to prevent teen pregnancy. Prostitution and lax attitude for sex isn't going to increase teen pregnancy, simply not even teaching kids what sex can result in is the greatest force in increased teen pregnancy.

Fifthly, this is 2013-14. MANY people have sex out of wedlock now. This is the cultural norm and we as a society have decided that frankly this is an ok thing to do. There is virtually no detriment to sex out of wedlock as opposed to in wedlock, and there is little to no detriment to having a child out of wedlock as opposed to in. The MAJOR issue is romantic compatibility and the desire to stick with someone should you have a child. Having a wedding band and a legal title tacked on will not change this or somehow make it more likely or important.

In other words, prostitution should be left up to the states, if they want to allow prostitution, it could be safer for prostitutes, having legal prostitution does not devalue women a bit, and prostitution will not lead to an increase in teen pregnancy
Debate Round No. 1


In regards to your first point, I completely agree. The 10th amendment clearly states that issues not granted to the fed gov in the constitution are left up to the states. I'm going to change the argument a tad, but your points still apply. Instead of all 50 states lets just talk about prostituion in general.
In regards to your second point, you are correct in saying that it doesn't force women to do anything. We also have to keep into consideration that women often don't dream of having these types of jobs. They don't grow up with a passion and dream to be a prostitute. For whatever reason, usually they find themselves in an economic crisis, they get involved with this business. If we legalized this, it would condone this business and I don't think that we should be doing that. Yes, legalizing would decrease the amount of women prostituting through black markets but I think that we should focus on women getting actual jobs. Jobs that they can be proud of and feel safe in. As a woman myself (my profile says male because I don't know how to change it) I would not feel comfortable offering up my body to a man I don't know. Bottom line is, by legalizing this we are telling woman that it is okay to sell their bodies, Something that, for centuries, has been looked at negatively and with disrespect.
In regards to your third point, we are created to have sex. We are made by two people who had se and we, as humans, are supposed to find someone and procreate. That is our job and it's not that I consider the vagina the most sacred thing, but sex itself. A Sexual relationship is the most intimate and personal relationship we can have with another individual.
In regards to your fourth point, I completely disagree with you!!! A lax attitude about sex is exactly why we have so many teen pregnancies. Teens see sex EVERYWHERE. they learn about it at a very young age and often times not even by their parents or trusted adult. Kids learn about sex through the media and everything that goes along with it. The media makes sex look fun, cool, and the greatest thing to do, and that's why they do it! They see that their favorite movie characters are in love and have sex so they think that they're in love with their boyfriend of one week, have sex, and get pregnant! Teaching them about sex has to be done either way and teaching them ways to prevent teen pregnancy often tells kids "hey don't worry, use a condom, and if it breaks get the morning after pill, and if THAT doesn't work (here's the kicker) get an abortion! As long as you don't have a kid, we don't care! Have sex as much as you want, just be smart about it!!!!" Obviously that's an exaggeration but you get the message. With sex looking great from the media, and preventive measures from their teachers, why not have it? That is why teen pregnancy is a problem in our country. By legalizing prostitution we have giving young people yet another way to look at sex in a positive perspective (for cash). And hey..... Teen pregnancy is highest in Nevada..coincidentally that is where prostituion is legal, so I think it does play a factor (HAH I WIN)
In regards to your fifth point, yes, sex out of wedlock has become the norm. That is another huge issue with our society. People marry people because they like the sex. Then, when reality smacks them in the face, they get divorced. 51% of married couples get divorced these days. I believe that is because of the lack of consideration when it comes to sex.

Prostituion should not be the answer to ones economic issues. Women should find jobs worth having and worth being proud of.


I don't quite agree that if prostitution became legal, young girls would suddenly see this as anything more than degrading. Stripping is legal in nearly every state, and MOST girls who get into it simply because they HAVE to, not because they want too. Likewise, porn is just as legal, and we also don't see many girls WANTING to do this. I'd be very surprised if prostitution was actually any different.

If you want to get women to get actual jobs, thats a quest involving improved schools and family lives that actually pressure women to being more than just a pretty body with a vagina.

We are created to have sex... ish.... We aren't mindless mammals. We are capable of withholding our primal urges and controlling ourselves. This is why we say actions such as murder, rape, assault and theft are punishable crimes. As higher intelligent creatures, we EXPECT each other to actually control ourselves within reason of law of any given society. The problem with your assessment that a sexual relationship is the most personal relationship we can have with another individual is a bit.. wrong... That's implying that a blood bond amongst soldiers in a battlefield, a place where people literally die for others, is not nearly as personal as having sex, something which, frankly, is nothing more than a primal urge at it's most base value. It also means that people who are A-sexual or unable to have sex for any reason are somehow incapable of having one of the most deepest relationships with someone through emotions, because they simply cannot have sex. This also only focuses SPECIFICALLY on the woman, and not saying that men should be equally accountable for having meaningless sex.

We have so many teen pregnancies because
A) poverty is on the rise
B) Sex education is on the fall
We are actually pretty freaking strict about sex. Just because you can find it easily on the internet doesn't mean we are completely liberal about it. Most European countries consider us to be prudes, so I find it hard to say that we have "such a lax view on sex". I don't know what media YOU are looking at that glorifies sex, because frankly on TV and in movies, the closes thing I see is a woman looking seductive.

People marry because they THINK they love each other. They are already having sex, getting married for sex makes very little sense. People are getting divorced more now than before simply because:
A) Divorce is far easier than it was before
B) Divorce is far more accepted than it was before
C) People have an expectation that marriage will be easy
D) People are getting married between the ages of 18-25, ages when they not only don't know their partners but don't even know themselves.

So you have a situation where people are getting married when they shouldn't, they think marriage will be easy, and when it invariably turns out it's not, they easily get divorced and feel no problems about it because frankly ANYONE can get divorced. Sex has little to do with it, and allowing people to have sex out of wedlock allows people to peruse relationships sexually without forcing them to marry someone, which could EASILY result in far more divorces.

You say prostitution should not be the answer to ones economic issue. For many it literally is. Women don't jump into it, or porn, or stripping, simply because they want too. They do it because they have no other options typically. Not everyone in this country has access to good schooling at affordable costs
Debate Round No. 2


If we legalize prostitution it is another way for young girls to see sex as something that isn't meaningful. Clearly you and I have different meanings of the word sex. To you, sex is something fun that you do with anyone you want. You can walk away from it with little or no strings attached. To me, sex is the most intimate thing a person can do with another person. Of course a relationship with someone you fought for you country with is a very strong one, but it is not as personal and INTIMATE as having sex. But by your definition of sex, it is. If you think sex is just an urge then I honestly feel bad for you. For people like me sex is something that I look forward to doing with one person for the rest of my life. It is something that creates the most special bond that two people can have. People who are unable to have sex can still have strong bonds with people. They can still be married and have other relationships with friends and family that can mean a lot to them as well as people who can have sex. But people who can not have sex do in fact miss out on the scared bond that two people have when they love eachother and have sex. Men are equally accountable for having frivolous sex because obviously they are paying the women for it.

What does poverty have to do with teen pregnancy? I don't see a very strong correlation there. Because teens are subjected to poverty they get pregnant? No..
Sexual education is by no means "on the fall" public educators (atleast in the state I live in) give students more sex Ed courses than ever before because teen pregnancy has become such a large epidemic. In a rated R movie you can belatedly see people having sex. In the movie sex in the city you see people having sex multiple times. The book 50 shades of grey, a book that primarily focuses on a couples kinky sex life, is being made into a movie. Songs are talking about what it's like to "bang bitches" and have sex constantly. Kim karshians sex tape went viral a few years ago. Miley Cyrus grinds on stage at the vmas. SEX IS EVERYWHERE and it is being glorified.

You're right, getting married for sex makes very little sense.. And that is exactly why it is causing so many divorces. People marry people based on infatuation. Sex has A LOT to do with it because people think that if their sex is good with another person and they are fairly compatable, then can marry. Which then leads to them not knowing themself or their spouse, they think marriage will be easy but because there is way more to a marriage than sex, they get divorced.

I understand that prostituion is the answer to a lot of folks economic issues. BUT IT SHOULDN'T BE! And for you to say that not everybody has access to good schooling at affordable costs IN THIS COUNTRY absolutely disgusts me. I have best friends who have traveled to Africa and have seen first hand people who do not have access to good schooling because there is no schooling. SCHOOL IS FREE HERE. DUH. PUBLIC SCHOOLING IS FREE. We live in a country where EVERY SINGLE PERSON has access to school. EVEN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS! The public school a student may have offered to them by there city may not be the best school in the country but they can make do with what they have instead of take advantage of our tax dollars. Poor education simply is not a valid arguement for anything dealing with the United States it really isn't.


Again, you are drawing faulty conclusion. Stripping and Pornography are very much legal and have been for quite some time. That hasn't made them view sex as meaningless. That was purely the sexual liberation of the 60's and 70's.

Sex is just an urge. It's been that. You just assign meaning to it. That's ok. But you're very wrong to assume that sex is inherently meaningful. 14-17 year olds do that and have no concept of meaning to anything they do. People have one night stands, that doesn't strike me as inherently meaningful. Prostitution doesn't exist. Again, doesn't strike me as something meaningul.

If you honestly think having sex is ANYTHING like dying for someone, frankly, you're a bit delusional. There is nothing more intimate or special than giving up your life to someone. That's almost offensive to be honest with you, and to compare that to something like having sex, which as per this topic can be bargained with for money, is nothing more than having a skewed view on reality.

Also, look on the dirty sides of the internet. Sex is anything BUT sacred. That avenue can be out right filthy

It's historically shown that people in poverty tend to have higher rates of teen pregnancy. This is due to a variety of reasons but one of which being that schools simply aren't good enough to teach kids about the ramifications of sex.

Yes, poverty does affect rates. Those who get pregnant as teens tend to be underprivileged already.

It doesn't JUST fall on public educators, but they certainly do share part of that burden, the remaining being a good upbringing.

Again, what movies are you seeing where people are engaging in actual sex? Are you referring to any movie (unlikely) or movies specifically regarding things like sex and drugs? Cause thats a bit of an unfair analysis. It'd be like me saying all movies are violent because I see it so much even though I habitually frequent action movies.

"You're right, getting married for sex makes very little sense.. And that is exactly why it is causing so many divorces."

Ok, I don't know if you really don't understand this. People AREN'T getting married for sex now because they can get it without being married anyway. Thus they obviously aren't getting married out of infatuation because they are already having sex. What's left? The love obviously. People get divorced because they are getting married young and assume marriage will be easy, and divorce is simply 100% easier than being married to someone.

"And for you to say that not everybody has access to good schooling at affordable costs IN THIS COUNTRY absolutely disgusts me."

You are delusional. Go to inner city ghetto's and ask them how affordable good schools are to them. I'm sure many will laugh in your face before they consider possibly mugging you.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by themohawkninja 5 years ago
I might debate this, but only on a secular and objective (i.e. no morally/emotionally based arguments) level.
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