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Legalize Cannabis

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Started: 6/1/2013 Category: Health
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I don't really believe that marijuana is illegal for health reasons, or addiction! I don't believe that pot is any more dangerous than most products that are readily available! Without going into my argument against the Pharmaceutical companies or the alcohol and tobacco industries, I have to point out the amount of harmful substances that are mainstream and extremely addicting that cause serious health conditions! Sugar is the wolf in sheep's clothing while cannabis is the sheep in wolves clothing! Preservatives are in almost everything and even meat has been known to increase tumor growth! The cotton industry along with the tobacco industry forced out marijuana (competition) with propaganda and dogma surrounding the plant to stir up a malicious campaign against Hemp and Marijuana! If you watch refer madness now its good for a laugh, but back then it manipulated people with racist and ignorant messages! Apparently they were stupid enough to believe it and now we have the biggest contradiction in the history of America, and a prohibition that simply cost the tax payers money with very negative results!


Thank you, lets begin, I assume you mean to legalize the recreational use of Marijuana.

1. The war on Drugs can be won.
2. Recreational Cannabis is a substance that is harmful.
3. The Government's duty is to better society and protect the population.

1. The United States of America's policy has been working within the United States and the war on Drugs
has worked in the past else where and ought to be stregnthened not weakened.
"The rate of current, past 30-day use of marijuana by Americans aged 12 and older in 1979 was 13.2 percent. In 2008 that figure stood at 6.1 percent. This 54-percent reduction in marijuana use over that 29-year period is a major public health triumph, not a failure. " While it is true that we live in a culture that is tied with Marijauna and is to a large extent pro-marijauna I ask you to examine how China solved an equally wide spread problem with Opium. Opium was so widely used that is was causually smoked in Shanghai resturants and would be offered to guests as we today would offer a drink. Opium however was defeated. It was defeated by Mao Tse-Dong's government policies. The punishment was Opium was death, smugglers faced death and enforcement was absolute. This resulted in an end to Chinese Opium culture and nearly all Opium use. If we applied similiar policies here we could liberate our country from Marijuana use just as Chairman Mao had done to China!

2.Also it is universally known the effects of Recreational Marijuana are negative to society. It's purpose is indeed purely recreational, It is no secret that Marijuana use makes one lazy, irattional and habitual use in some can lead to decreased achievement in school and work and to some we know it is certianly a gateway. It is equally negative in the same matter as Alchohol which is universally accepted to lead to a lower quality of life in users that consume too greatly. I would not dare to debate the obvious health benifits but the detremental social effects are equally as prevalent.

3. Since government has the power to assist in liberating people from the detrimental social affects of marijuana and the purpose of the government is to protect the populace and improve society then it is absolutly logical that we ought to keep Marijuana illegal and further fund programs of irradiation and punishment to keep our generations and all future generations safe from such elements.
Debate Round No. 1


1. Are you insinuating the penalty for distributing marijuana should be death? I don't understand your argument here because you are comparing opium to marijuana! Opium can kill you and long term affects wreak havoc on your bowels! The war on drugs is not my issue here! The war on marijuana is my concern! It is far more irresponsible and dangerous to drink and smoke cigarettes... where is the war on consumerism? Where is the war on everything that makes people fat and gives them diabetes! Why not outlaw energy drinks and fast food? The key here is moderation, self control, and education.. Not a Nanny slapping my hand when i'm going to make a "mistake"! The laws are very strict already, even more so than Drunk Driving in some cases! Putting people in prison for smoking weed is far more sinister than actually smoking it!

2. I made it very clear that "Health reasons" isn't gonna fly in this debate! If you are going to school and smoking marijuana your parents should be very angry seeing as how they are paying for you to get an education! I think that certain regulations can help to decrease marijuana use on our campus! Let the Schools regulate their own drug problem! I mean we tried the stick, it didn't work, now we can try the carrot (If you want to get an education you have to be clean) I wish people were lazier.. maybe dad would have been home more, maybe they will stop going to bars to get wasted on mixed drinks instead!

3.The government doesn't care about the detrimental effects of marijuana.. There is so much more to it that is has nothing to do with the drug itself! You would have to be insane not to see that this is about money! People have tried very hard to make marijuana the "Boogieman" since the late 30's! That campaign has not yielded despite the changing times... Hmmm someone is making money here! Think of how much money surrounds this "Plant"! Then think its not being taxed! Then think of Free Enterprise! Most importantly think Freedom! People hate what they do not understand, and want to destroy what they hate! Realize that sometimes that something you don't understand is something that somebody loves! If you try and take it away from them! They will find what you love and try to take it from you! btw that something you love could very well be worse than a plant!


1. Of course I am naturally in favor of the government restricted the consumption of Alcohol. Now I would argue that much of the food on the market ought to be cut back on aswell. I am totally for the war on Consumerism as well. So these arguments really do not refute my position. Self Control? If we had self control no one would smoke pot or drink but the problem is we do not live in such a Utopia. Also you
have ignored the data provided and the ability of a government when enforced properly to eliminate Drug and Alcohol use. We as Human beings must do our duty to support such reforms and better society. A nanny slapping you on the hand? I hardly call labor camps, public denunciations and execution a slap on the wrist. I would not dare to disagree that Opium is more of a harm to the health but both are a significant harm to human society we cannot ignore.

2. Now I am lost are you accepting or refuting that extreme measures like Mao used work or do not work?
Of course parents should be angry and punish the children but in reality some encourage and support their recreational use. Perhaps It is just growing up in a very liberal town but I know many families who smoke together. Since the parents cannot deter Marijuana use and some even encourage it the government must step in to protect the children. "I wish people were lazier" I am sorry but I do not wish people were lazier I wish we would all take an active hand in the future of mankind and work together to build a better society, not chill out and waste their existence. Alcoholism like in the case of your father is another detrimental factor to society that has a negative effect on his role in society and apparently in the family as well. The same is true of Marijuana and we must all stand up together to better ourselves and members of society from falling victim to it and those who promote it.

3. That may be their reason but I do not support it. I have my own reason for why this substance ought to be out of the hands of the general public for recreational purposes. Also "Think of how much money surrounds this "Plant"! Then think its not being taxed! Then think of Free Enterprise! Most importantly think Freedom! People hate what they do not understand, and want to destroy what they hate! Realize that sometimes that something you don't understand is something that somebody loves! If you try and take it away from them! They will find what you love and try to take it from you! btw that something you love could very well be worse than a plant!"

I do not know about you but I do not sacrifice a higher level of society so my government can make a quick buck. Something I like could be worse? What is this something? What does this prove? I am wholly agianst your concept of "Free Enterprise". Lets work together and share the benifiets of the world, not profit from eachother's exploitation! Freedom? Freedom you must remember is not always right. I should not have the freedom to harm others. Nor should I have the right to do whatever I want to myself as I am a member of society and m doings will always affect others. When I do something detrimental everyone pays the price as the collective good is harmed. Also you cannot really claim that the government goes out of it's way to make us suffer. Hell yes the government should take away what we love, I could love Cannibalism and the taste of human flesh. The Government must restrict me and stop me from taking Cannibalistic action.
Debate Round No. 2


1. What we are dealing with here is a conflict between idealism and reality, and using the government to regulate harmful substances is a slippery slope! First I would like to add that I personally would not like to live in china! that is why I ignored your statement about the government successfully winning the war and because of the age group you mentioned. Find me the census on 21 years or older because I do not condone children smoking pot!

2. I feel that I am a responsible adult and can make decisions for myself! Addiction and health problems are indeed a concern, but where do we draw the line? Driving your car is both dangerous and addicting, football is dangerous and addicting, swimming, sun tanning.. etc The kind of control you are talking about comes from a dictatorship. (Any form of government works on paper until you add in people!) The flaw in your proposition is that I really don't see you taking down Phyllip-Morris or Budweiser! Although I do agree with you from an idealist perspective.. But in reality, it is a contradiction and marijuana is less harmful than a lot of things people love!

3. I do wish people were lazier, think of all the terrible things that happen when people get motivated. It may seem like a weak excuse at first but think about it, how much of our life is truly necessary? Drink water, Eat, sleep, poop, vitamins, exercise.. etc I think we complicate life with our obsession with being motivated! I think that thriving is far more important than getting things done! Now this better world you describe, I would say that if you met me, you would know how much I preach about how much we could accomplish if we could all set aside our differences, drop our daily comfort zone routines and create something amazing! But I am awakened by the realization that I am living in a chain of 7 billion, and its possible, this chain has about 2 billion weak links!

4.Again, the idealist in me is finding it hard to debate your logic, however the reason I pointed out "The thing you love" is because not everyone is like you.. there is something about you that is a part of the "consumer machine"! (Like having a job). despite our reasoning and foresight we are a creature of pleasure and pain, for some people pain is their pleasure! I have a hard time telling people what to do with their bodies until it harms me! Some people are obviously creepy and a danger to themselves and others, but that hardly describes people getting high from marijuana!

5.Cannibalism? Really? You are gonna have to be clear why you think eating human flesh and smoking weed are comparable! I would pull it way down the scale of danger to around drinking a red bull and scuba diving! You are also going to have to give me evidence for people smoking weed and hurting other people! No offence but, that was a poor analogy!

6.In conclusion, I think you have good moral values that parallel my own, However my extreme idealism involves having no government and complete freedom with education and understanding, not enforcement and incarceration!


1. A census on 21 years and older, what does that prove? The China you know today is not the totalitarian worker's state that it was under Mao but an Authoritarian center for globalized cheap labor.

2. Of course I am talking about a dictatorship I want to solve problems not compound them. Corporations can most definetly be defeated by the state, we do not live in a world were the corporations are all powerful. Furthermore even if corporations were immovable forces that does not make it right to bow before them so they can exploit marijuana just as they have many other substances.

3. Activity is everything. The problem is there are so many among us that do not seek change or betterment of mankind. The only issues that matter are tolerance and economic perfection, the polls reflect it! There are so many forces in this world that restrict us from engaging in this struggle for a better tommorow, agian why would we want to add or increase another detremential factor?

4. Well if we lived in a world were nothing mattered but pleasure and pain then I would stand beside you in a heartbeat.
But there is more then just pleasure and pain we have virtue, ethics and morality. We must maximize virtue and seek a society
that has that.

I am being kicked off the computer, I hope that was sufficent
Vote CON
thank you my opponent for the fun and civility.

Debate Round No. 3
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