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Legalize all drugs

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Started: 3/24/2014 Category: Society
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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1)Legalization is the key to a better economy with small restrictions put in place a new and improved life style between drug and non drug users will emerge creating a safe and controlled environment for all citizens.

2)Crime that is involved with illegal drugs would decrease creating a safer community for all individuals.

3)The black market involvement with illegal drugs would be greatly reduced because there would be easier availability which would cause a decrease in drug prices, violent crimes and an increase of retail stores resulting in more job opportunities and revenues. And with the proper regulation there would be more protection from governing authorities.

4)Therefore drugs should become legalized.


P1: Legalizing all drugs would not make a big difference in the economy because not everyone uses them. If it did positively affect the economy, it wouldn't be a significant improvement.

P2: It would actually make the environment a lot more dangerous because many drugs (such as Methamphetamine and Ecstasy ) cause violent, incoherent behavior and even mental illness. This means that the crime rate will actually increase as a result of the legalization of these drugs. &

P3: Legalization of all drugs would lead to an increase in drug prices because since they are being distributed by the government, they will be taxed (much like cigarettes). The "black market" will still exist due to drug dealers who will charge better prices than retail stores. Drugs are looked down upon by society, so no one would want to work in a retail store that sells harmful drugs. You are unclear about the kind of protection you mean when you say "protection from governing authorities".

P4: Drugs are extremely harmful for the human body. They lead to serious addictions and severe health problems. Heroin for example can cause fatal overdose, high risks of infections such as HIV/AIDS, collapsed veins, infection of the heart lining and valves, and liver disease.

C: All drugs should NOT be legalized.
Debate Round No. 1


p1: Why wouldn't it boost the economy? Look at the economic increase in Colorado with just marijuana sales. On the first day retail stores reported more than a million dollars in profit in cannabis alone followed by more than 5 million throughout the first week. The drugs can be in the hands of state coffers instead in the hands of dangerous and violent gangs or cartels

p2: Drugs prices would not increase look at the people who buy heroin or cocaine illegally its only manufactured in such small amounts and when disturbed by the dealers they can charge up to a $1,000 or more which is insane people would literally fight each other just to make sure they get their drugs; or worse kill someone right off the street to afford their addiction. Even if it"s taxed in the end taxes pay for the upkeep of the state such as correctional facilities, educational budgets, and state repairs. We all know that smoking cigarettes is harmful and we still promote it anyway same thing with drinking alcohol it"s not like a waitress at a restaurant is going to cut a person off for having three drinks when they know they will be driving in the end.

p3: you"re only talking about the non drug users but what about the ones that actually use them last I checked we have the right to do what we want with our bodies even if it might hurt us in the end. Yes all drugs can be bad when they are misused but when they are controlled in the proper way and handled accordingly there will be more order within society from both parties. Even with the health risks of drug users and non drug user"s people die or get diagnosed everyday with some life threatening disease it"s the same thing with the people who abuse their addiction they will their own downfall if that"s the case it will be a form of population control for society. its more dangerous buying drugs illegally off the street then if it were to be controlled and not altered in anyway. most drugs sold on the street are not the real thing but synthetic chemicals designed to give the same affect. &

C: It would be in the best interest for the people and society if drugs would become legal.


P1: Even if there is an economic gain, it will make America look bad because we are making our money by supporting something that is wrong. It would be extremely harmful to the reputation of our country if we made our money by encouraging people's drug habits. People already look down on our government for selling/advertising things that are harmful to us (fast food, cigarettes, etc.) Selling drugs would make things even worse because it shows that our government cares more about money than the health of their people. Rather than taking the job of the cartels, we should work harder to stop them. Legalizing drugs would actually cause many people to lose their jobs because it would put an end to the DEA.

P2: These killings would still happen, but instead of robbing/murdering dealers for drugs, addicts would rob the stores that sell the drugs. This would greatly increase the chance of robberies. A cheaper price would actually be even worse because it would encourage addicts to buy bigger amounts that could potentially lead them to overdose. If drugs are as easy to buy as alcohol is, it will be even easier for underage teenagers to get their hands on them and ruin their lives before they even start. Yes, smoking cigarettes are harmful and the fact that we still promote it shows that our country is just money hungry and greedy. A waitress who allows a person to have more than three drinks knowing that they will be driving will be responsible if that person gets into an accident and kills himself and other people. Just like the government wil be responsible for the death of all the people who will overdose if all drugs are legal.

P3: There is no way to have a "controlled" dosage of heroin or meth. It's not about misuse, it's the drugs themselves that are extremely harmful. Even a small amount of these drugs can easily lead to an addiction, and once you're addicted it's nearly impossible to stop without severe physical distress. People diagnosed with life threatening diseases and people who abuse drugs are NOT the same. The people diagnosed with the diseases had no control over the disease they contracted. It is not their fault , some people are just unfortunate. Look at a child who is diagnosed with Lukemia. Is he the same as a heroin addict who has contracted HIV from sharing a syringe with someone who is infected? No, because the addict was responsible for the disease he got by being irresponsible. It is heartless to say it is just a form of "population control" because there are families who grieve and suffer after the loss of a loved one who suffered from a drug addiction. Not only do the drugs ruin the life of the addict, but it ruins the lives of their families as well.

P4: Cigarette companies put loads of harmful, unecessary chemicals in cigarettes as well. Who's to say they won't do the same to drugs?

C Legalizing all drugs will be harmful to society and our reputation as a country.
Debate Round No. 2


p1: If we listened to everyone who had some moral righteousness then as a country we would not get very far, yes some people are against it and some people are for it but regardless in the end things that people don"t want to see will eventually happen. It"s just the way it is with money and jobs on the line any extra money that this country can produce will be a significant change for the better. America is $16,738,158,460,368.00 in debt as of 2013 that"s an estimated 17 trillion dollars in debt that doesn't seem to be getting any better. The U.S debt surges 328 billion dollars a day alone so how can marijuana sales not make some difference in a country that is already poor. America advertising fast food has nothing to do with legalizing drugs. It"s not the government"s fault that 50 million Americans are served daily by fast food restaurants People can control their actions; just because something is available to you doesn't mean you as a person have to be involved with it. Drug cartels will be stopped that is protecting citizens. People will NOT be drugged out on the streets, or at work, or driving, and especially not during the custody of a child.

P2: If people are robbing the stores that sell the drugs then who is losing their jobs? Because this would boost security measures create more room within law enforcement, medical jobs, and sales associate opportunities for people who are not qualified to be working in a high stakes field and who can only survive off of minimum wage. The people who want to take heroin, etc would only be able to so with medical care available that"s the restrictions that I"m implying. The drugs that cause immediate threats these people would have to be monitored and supervised during their high.Underage children will NOT be sold too.The government will not be responsible but the people themselves. Rehabilitation facilities already exist and they increase if all drugs became legal the people have a choice to stop and if a person goes too far than a judge can always admit them into a program just as they do today without the drugs being legal.

p3: With the ability to put time into studying the drugs and counteracting the harmful components within them is still a possibility. As of now Doctors don"t try to breakdown the harmful chemicals but if drugs were legal then new studies will begin. Drugs only elevate the chemicals that are already inside the human body if doctors can learn to control the chemical reactions then maybe these drugs can become less harmful. I never said people with life threatening diseases and people who use drugs were the same I clearly said that drug users and non drug users die every day the only difference is drug users die by choice because they fed into their addiction.

p4: Cigarette companies put warning signs and list ingredients but 43.8 million people still smoke knowing that they can die.

C: The legalization of all drugs will ultimately be better for the economy and the people.


P1: Well as a country we have to have at least SOME morals. It's not all about the money, we have to take the people into consideration as well. There are countless anti-drug associations such as D.A.R.E. that teach young people about the harmful effects of drugs. Legalizing all drugs would show these young people that our country is full of hypocrites who only care about taking our money rather than keeping us safe. Is paying off our debt really worth the lives of the millions of Americans who will lose their lives from a drug overdose? Fast food does relate to legalizing drugs because it is a perfect example of how big corporations feed us garbage that is extremely harmful to our bodies. Fast Food is responsible for obesity in America, and the legalization of all drugs will be responsible for a nationwide drug problem. How can the government control where people do drugs? Drug addicts will do anything to get their fix, and when they're high they won't be able to work, drive, or care for a child. But they're going to do it regardless and the government can't do anything to stop it.
P2: There are security guards in retail stores, but people still continue to steal anyway. The same will happen in drug dispensaries. Like I said, an addict would do anything to get their fix. There would be an attempted robbery on a very frequent basis due to all the addicts who can't afford the drugs. The people who use the heroin definitely would not want to have someone supervising them the whole time they're high, so they would find some way around that restriction and do it in secret, which would increase the risk of an overdose. Rehabilitation centers would just be harming the economy then because they'd be putting a stop to the people who give the drug stores business.
P3: This would take a lot of time and work for the Doctors. They should work on finding a cure for cancer, not finding a way to make heroin less harmful.
P4: That doesn't make it any better. Sure the people make the choice to smoke, but the government shouldn't manufacture something that can kill people.

C: Legalizing drugs will be harmful for society.
Debate Round No. 3
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