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Legalized Prostitution

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Started: 3/27/2016 Category: Philosophy
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First round is for acceptance.

Good luck.


I humbly accept the request as my master (Lelouch Vi Britannia) has commanded me to do so.

He has also told me I should do everything in my power to win.

I will not let him down.

Long Live Lelouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & legalized prostitution, so it seems.
Debate Round No. 1


Point 1: STDs and How Long It Can Take To Show Up

Sexually transmitted diseases can take a long time to show up in an infected individual. For this argument, I'll be giving three common sexually transmitted diseases along with how long it may take the person to develop symptoms or for it to be detected by tests.

For HPV, there is currently no testing for men (1)
"The average incubation period, which begins immediately after the initial sexual contact with an infected person, is usually two to three months but can range from one to 20 months. However, when HPV is transmitted from one person to another, the virus infects the top layers of the skin and can remain inactive or latent for months or possibly years before warts or other signs of HPV infection appear. In couples that have not had sex partners for many years, the woman may develop an abnormal Pap smear because of previous contact." (2)
What it causes:

HPV can cause cervical and other cancers cancers including cancer of the vulva, vagina, penis, or anus. It can also cause cancer in the back of the throat, including the base of the tongue and tonsils (called oropharyngeal cancer).

Cancer often takes years, even decades, to develop after a person gets HPV. The types of HPV that can cause genital warts are not the same as the types of HPV that can cause cancers.

There is no way to know which people who have HPV will develop cancer or other health problems. People with weak immune systems (including individuals with HIV/AIDS) may be less able to fight off HPV and more likely to develop health problems from it." (3)

There is a vaccine that will prevent some of the strains of HPV before the initial infection.


"Even if a prostitute is being tested every week for HIV, she will test negative for at least the first 4-6 weeks and possibly the first 12 weeks after being infected.... This means that while the test is becoming positive and the results are becoming known, that prostitute may expose up to 630 clients to HIV. This is under the best of circumstances with testing every week and a four-week window period. It also assumes that the prostitute will quit working as soon as he or she finds out the test is HIV positive, which is highly unlikely. This is not the best approach for actually reducing harm. Instead, in order to slow the global spread of HIV/AIDS we should focus our efforts on abolishing prostitution." (4)

What it Causes:

HIV infection weakens your immune system, making you highly susceptible to numerous infections and certain types of cancers.

Infections common to HIV/AIDS
  • Tuberculosis (TB). In resource-poor nations, TB is the most common opportunistic infection associated with HIV and a leading cause of death among people with AIDS.
  • Cytomegalovirus. This common herpes virus is transmitted in body fluids such as saliva, blood, urine, semen and breast milk. A healthy immune system inactivates the virus, and it remains dormant in your body. If your immune system weakens, the virus resurfaces — causing damage to your eyes, digestive tract, lungs or other organs.
  • Candidiasis. Candidiasis is a common HIV-related infection. It causes inflammation and a thick, white coating on the mucous membranes of your mouth, tongue, esophagus or vagina.
  • Cryptococcal meningitis. Meningitis is an inflammation of the membranes and fluid surrounding your brain and spinal cord (meninges). Cryptococcal meningitis is a common central nervous system infection associated with HIV, caused by a fungus found in soil.
  • Toxoplasmosis. This potentially deadly infection is caused by Toxoplasma gondii, a parasite spread primarily by cats. Infected cats pass the parasites in their stools, and the parasites may then spread to other animals and humans.
  • Cryptosporidiosis. This infection is caused by an intestinal parasite that's commonly found in animals. You contract cryptosporidiosis when you ingest contaminated food or water. The parasite grows in your intestines and bile ducts, leading to severe, chronic diarrhea in people with AIDS."


Treatment and its side effects:

There's no cure for HIV/AIDS, but a variety of drugs can be used in combination to control the virus. Each class of anti-HIV drugs blocks the virus in different ways. It's best to combine at least three drugs from two classes to avoid creating strains of HIV that are immune to single drugs.

HIV treatment regimens may involve taking multiple pills at specific times every day for the rest of your life. Side effects can include:

  • Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea
  • Heart disease
  • Weakened bones or bone loss
  • Breakdown of muscle tissue (rhabdomyolysis)
  • Abnormal cholesterol levels
  • Higher blood sugar levels"

Due to a character limit, these are all the disease I will cover.

In Conclusion Regarding Point 1:

Many sexually transmitted diseases take a while to show up in testing. For instance, HIV can take up to twelve weeks to show up.

It is unsafe and immoral to approve this type of behavior.

This would lead to more STD infections as quoted by Jeffery J. Barrows.

Case 2: Sex Trafficing

This argument will be quoted:

"Legalized or decriminalized prostitution industries are one of the root causes of sex trafficking. One argument for legalizing prostitution in the Netherlands was that legalization would help to end the exploitation of desperate immigrant women who had been trafficked there for prostitution. However, one report found that 80% of women in the brothels of the Netherlands were trafficked from other countries (Budapest Group, 1999)(1). In 1994, the International Organization of Migration (IOM) stated that in the Netherlands alone, “nearly 70 % of trafficked women were from CEEC [Central and Eastern European Countries]” (IOM, 1995, p. 4). The government of the Netherlands presents itself as a champion of antitrafficking policies and programs, yet it has removed every legal impediment to pimping, procuring and brothels. In the year 2000, the Dutch Ministry of Justice argued in favor of a legal quota of foreign “sex workers,” because the Dutch prostitution market demanded a variety of “bodies” (Dutting, 2001, p. 16).In the year since lifting the ban on brothels in the Netherlands, eight Dutch victim support organizations reported an increase in the number of victims of trafficking, and twelve victim support organization reported that the number of victims from other countries has not diminished (Bureau NRM, 2002, p. 75). Forty-three of the 348 municipalities (12%) in the Netherlands choose to follow a no-brothel policy, but the Minister of Justice has indicated that the complete banning of prostitution within any municipality could conflict with the federally guaranteed “right to free choice of work” (Bureau NRM, 2002, p.19). " (7)

Case 3: Legalized Prostitution Increases Illegal Prostitution

"Legalization was supposed to get prostituted women off the street. Many women don't want to register and undergo health checks, as required by law in certain countries legalizing prostitution, so legalization often drives them into street prostitution. And many women choose street prostitution because they want to avoid being controlled and exploited by the new sex "businessmen.

The argument that legalization was supposed to take the criminal elements out of sex businesses by strict regulation of the industry has failed. The real growth in prostitution in Australia since legalization took effect has been in the illegal sector. Since the onset of legalization in Victoria, brothels have tripled in number and expanded in size - the vast majority having no licenses but advertising and operating with impunity" (7)

Due to a character limit, that is all I shall post. Arigatou!

Anime OP:

4. "HIV and Prostitution: What's the Answer?" The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity


THW Legalise Prostitution.

I’m thankful for such a good topic and a great debater in this online debate on whether prostitution should be legalised or not.
To begin with I’d like to say that prostitution is a natural outcome of any normal society. Prostitution is when a person sells sexual services to another person. It is natural then for some people, who may have increased libido, to want to have a profession in which they do something they enjoy. But prostitution is often something that people are coerced to do, physically or economically. 89% of prostitutes say they are doing prostitution as a means to an end.
What we bring forward is not only legalisation of prostitution but also extensive funding into police and investigatory authorities that can stop uncertified and illegal prostitution.
So in legalising prostitution will the status quo be improved?
Let us first examine this status quo.
Prostitutes suffer from physical abuse. 82% of San Francisco prostitutes have said they have suffered violence e.g. kicked, punched, slapped or raped. Different studies have a range from about 60% to 93% of prostitutes having suffered from violence. On average a prostitute is beaten 12 times a year.
Prostitutes suffer from psychological abuse. 78% of sex workers reported having experienced emotional or psychological abuse in their career.
Prostitutes have the highest mortality rate at 459 per 100,000 prostitutes dying, with an estimated 204 of these being murders. The average career length of prostitution is between 3 – 7 years.
Through this we can see prostitutes live a very bleak life. But will legalising prostitution actually help the prostitutes or will it be detrimental to both prostitutes and society as a whole.


First, we can look at con’s first point of how STI’s such as HPV and HIV take a long time to show up and so the infections can be passed on during the brace period. You begin with a solemn description of HPV and how there is an incubation period of 3 – 20 months and can be passed on by others during that period. But HPV takes 10 – 15 years to become cancerous and before this period pap tests and HPV tests can find the pre-cancerous cells and remove them. This means that by legalising prostitution you can be able to test prostitutes who may have HPV on the top layers and be able to stop it before it becomes a major health risk to the prostitute. In this way you can save the life that would have been lost if you were to not do anything in the first place. This is just one example, 95 – 100% of prostitutes have been recorded to have had either chlamydia, herpes or gonorrhoea with up to 50% recorded to have had syphilis. So what we can do by legalising prostitution is stop these diseases that are the true horrors that prostitutes face in relation to STI’s.
However, HIV is of course life threatening. But I ask con one question, would you rather have a prostitute who contracted HIV recently to spread HIV for 12 weeks and then be detected and have relevant health professionals help them to allow them to have a better life, or the prostitute to maintain HIV for the rest of her career as a prostitute and keep spreading the infection to others. By no means is it flawless, but it is markedly better than the status quo.
So we can see that on the health front, legalising helps which makes sense as the World Health Organisation encourages legalisation as it increases condom usage and decreases spread of STI’s (who I think are more reliable than Jeffery J. Barrows (who works at the CHRISTIAN Medical Association which gives the idea that maybe he’s just against prostitution due to moral beliefs))

Sex Trafficking

Going into con’s second point on human trafficking and would legalising it increase human trafficking or not. I would like to start by saying that his example of the Netherlands has been reportedly described to be a completely economically driven policy with 5% GDP in sex workers; ‘women are beaten and forced to sit in icy water to avoid bruising. They also were tattooed’. So to con I can only feel sorry for the Dutch prostitutes however progress is being made, 239 brothels have been closed in the past 12 years and authorities are tightening up.
However, the case of Netherlands, the home of prostitutes since even the Middle Ages, is truly the exception.
Let us bring to light the case of New Zealand. In 1990, illegal sex workers from Thailand were common and a serious problem. However, by 2012, a study found ‘no evidence of recent trafficking of female sex workers’. In New Zealand’s case strict authorities and legalised prostitution has stopped trafficking (the last case was in 2006 where 8 people were charged).
What proposition brings to you is ‘liberal laws juxtaposed with rigid controls’. Many researchers have agreed it is not the law of legalising prostitution but the economic orientation that take authorities away from the fact it needs to be controlled extensively. Simply asking for taxes by pimps causes con to have many sources to cite about increased sex trafficking.

Illegal Prostitution

Con’s third point is simply a long quote from a heavily biased website which gives us 10 reasons to not legalise prostitution (which I’m sure he’ll cite in later rounds).
What we have is a situation in which authorities are not given enough resources to be able to help prostitutes and as the proposition we are not only introducing legalised prostitution but also increased police funding in the area of investigating illegal prostitution. Police officers have said they have ‘limited ability to enter brothels to meet with women and to check for trafficked women and girls’ and senior police officials have admitted that regulation of brothels are ‘often woeful’.
It is not the law that is flawed but instead the mechanism that is being used in some areas.

The Prostitute

The main priority for a state should be to protect all the citizens of its state. The main stakeholder in prostitution is the prostitute. Economics, ethics, morals all come after.
The society we live in has become so heavily stigmatised to the extent that prostitutes are seen as sub-human and basic human rights are often ignored, even by authorities. What the aim of the debate should be is if the motion will help or hinder a prostitute’s life.
Previously, I showed you how by legalising prostitutes is good for health of all. But I would also like to address the situation of physical and psychological violence that prostitutes receive which I believe are caused by 1 main reason, social stigma.
The clients of prostitutes do not see prostitutes in a humane manner. Their response to rape is ‘they were asking for it’ and they are objectified to an extent that makes lingerie models look like scholars. Even prostitutes do not see themselves as being worth anything and so are often the victims to suicide, overdoses and chronic alcoholism. With such a low self-esteem, girls often victim to child abuse and molestation turn to prostitution. So how does legalising prostitution affect social stigma. Immediately, it does very little/almost nothing. However, in the long term we can start to turn stereotypes; people won’t respect prostitutes like academics/authors, but they’ll respect them like people. They’ll respect them enough to see rape as rape, to see abuse as abuse, and to help them as fellow human beings. Prostitutes will have the courage to speak up to authorities, authorities will have the decency to help and investigate fully into cases of sex trafficking, violence and abuse.

Legalising prostitution is by no means perfect, but it is the first step. The first step to a better more accepting society. A society that will see prostitutes as humans first.
For these reasons I beg you to propose.

Can't fit all my sources in!
Debate Round No. 2


I would like to thank my opponent for arguing so well. However, I must note he did go over the character limit by posting his sources in the comments. That should bring the point of conduct to me.

Let me start by pointing out severe flaws in his sources.

Let us go over his first source presented in the argument he provided.

This source claims that prostitutes are at low risk for transmitting the AIDS virus as well as catching it themselves. However...

This study was done nearly twenty years ago. All of the sources are from the 80's when AIDS became a big deal in the world. Naturally, the sources are going to be skewed. I would also like my opponent to check his facts. The CDC says that, while there is a low risk for people to get AIDS during oral sex, the risk can increase depending on a number of factors such as if they "cum" in the mouth or if the gums are bleeding. In fact, the number one cause for transmission of AIDS in females is vaginal sex. This is something prostitutes provide. (1)

Let's look at his second source.

The study relies on "self reported data". This not only means the data can be unrealiable, it may also be skewed in any way the people that conducted the study want it. Even if we assume the study is legit, they also do not take in factors as to how many people the prostitute slept with; how long they were working there; and many other factors.

I don't even have to explain why wikipedia is not a valid source. Please provide another source besides wikipedia.

Let's move on to the sources in the comments.

His first source does not provide any citations for what it is claiming.

I will not go over anymore sources since I actually want to post rebuttals. However, his sources are skewed and not realiable. As a result they have many

So, please do not take those sources seriously.

General Rebuttal:

My opponent has made a case that legalizing prostitution would help women be able to make a choice. Allow me to refute that.


Most women in prostitution did not make a rational choice to enter prostitution. They did not sit down one day and decide that they wanted to be prostitutes. Rather, such "choices" are better termed "survival strategies." Rather than consent, a prostituted woman more accurately complies to the only options available to her. Her compliance is required by the very fact of having to adapt to conditions of inequality that are set by the customer who pays her to do what he wants her to do.

Most of the women interviewed in CATW studies reported that choice in entering the sex industry could only be discussed in the context of the lack of other options. Most emphasized that women in prostitution had few other options. Many spoke about prostitution as the last option, or as an involuntary way of making ends meet. In one study, 67% of the law enforcement officials that CATW interviewed expressed the opinion that women did not enter prostitution voluntarily. 72% of the social service providers that CATW interviewed did not believe that women voluntarily choose to enter the sex industry (Raymond and Hughes: 2001).

The distinction between forced and voluntary prostitution is precisely what the sex industry is promoting because it will give the industry more security and legal stability if these distinctions can be utilized to legalize prostitution, pimping and brothels. Women who bring charges against pimps and perpetrators will bear the burden of proving that they were "forced." How will marginalized women ever be able to prove coercion? If prostituted women must prove that force was used in recruitment or in their "working conditions," very few women in prostitution will have legal recourse and very few offenders will be prosecuted.

Even a 1998 ILO (UN International Labor Organization) report suggesting that the sex industry be treated as a legitimate economic sector, found that "…prostitution is one of the most alienated forms of labour; the surveys [in 4 countries] show that women worked 'with a heavy heart,' 'felt forced,' or were 'conscience-stricken' and had negative self-identities. A significant proportion claimed they wanted to leave sex work [sic] if they could (Lim, 1998: 213)."

When a woman remains in an abusive relationship with a partner who batters her, or even when she defends his actions, concerned people don't say she is there voluntarily. They recognize the complexity of her compliance. Like battered women, women in prostitution often deny their abuse if provided with no meaningful alternatives." (2)

My opponent also argues that legalizing prostitution will lower violent crimes against prostitutes However, this is false as well.

"Legal sex businesses provide locations where sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, and violence against women are perpetrated with impunity. State-sponsored prostitution endangers all women and children in that acts of sexual predation are normalized—acts ranging from the seemingly banal (breast massage) to the lethal (snuff prostitution that includes filming of actual murders of real women and children). Areport on the sexual exploitation of children noted that the presence of a thriving adult sex industry in a community had the effect of increasing child prostitution in that same community (Estes & Weiner, 2001). Nevada, the one U.S. state where prostitution is legal in 13 counties, had significantly higher rates of sex crimes than the rest of the United States in the 1990s (Albert, 2001).6" (3)

My opponent goes to argue that STD transmission rates may drop as a result of legalizing prostitution. This is not true.

"It has been argued that legalized brothels or other “controlled” prostitution establishments protect women through enforceable condom policies. In one study, 47% of women in U.S. prostitution stated that men expected sex without a condom; 73% reported that men offered to pay more for sex without a condom; and 45% of women said that men became abusive if they insisted that men use condoms (Raymond et al, 2001, p. 72). Although certain sex businesses had rules that required men to wear condoms, men nonetheless attempted to have sex without condoms. One woman stated: “It’s ‘regulation’ to wear a condom at the sauna, but negotiable between parties on the side. Most guys expected blow jobs without a condom (Raymond et al, 2001, p. 72).” In reality, the enforcement of condom policy was left to the individual women in prostitution, and the offer of extra money was an insistent pressure. One woman stated: “I’d be one of those liars if I said ‘Oh I always used a condom.’ If there was extra money coming in, then the condom would be out the window. I was looking for the extra money (Raymond et al., 2001, p. 73).” Many factors militate against condom use: the need of women to make money; older women’s decline in attractiveness to men; competition from places that do not require condoms; pimp pressure on women to have sex with no condom for more money; money needed for a drug habit or to pay off the pimp; and the general lack of control that prostituted women have over their bodies in prostitution venues. " (4)

My opponent also claims that child prostitution would decrease. This is not true. (2) (4) He also goes on to assert that elgalizing prostitution would reduce sex trafficing. This is also not true. (4)

I am running low on characters; but I wanted to address one thing about a statement my opponent said about my source. My source takes a specific stance on it. However, unlike my opponent's sources, it has proper citations. I am out of characters.

Thank you for responding. Good luck!

Anime OP:



I would like to thank con for continuing the debate well. I will add correct citations from now on (my mistake).
Firstly, con attacks my source that, though it is 20 years old, is simply saying that AIDS is a big danger to the world, which I doubt con would doubt. However, the World Health Organisation has recent data to agree with me that AIDS is a big problem, as it was 20 years ago [1].
From source 1 he also says that the number one cause of transmission is vaginal sex, which I do not doubt and which does not change the debate that if legalising would help or hinder prostitutes.
He then goes on to attack my second source which simply states that prostitutes have a lot of STI"s. Is he seriously saying that prostitutes have less STI"s than normal people (even the street walkers who have sex with anyone without a condom?). The fact is whether the source is self-reported or not it is simply giving evidence to a fact, prostitutes have more STI"s than the average person.
Con then attacks Wikipedia for being unreliable, here are the sources that Wikipedia article was based on:
Not only are they done by professionals, two were paid for. Moreover, the only idea the Wikipedia article was showing was that prostitutes suffer increased physical and psychological abuse, will con deny this when he goes on to describe the horrible lives of prostitutes?
He then dismisses all my other sources as they have no citations and are in the comments, mind you in real life debating a judge always gives the speaker an extra 15 to 30 seconds to finish his arguments.
His first point is a long quote from the source giving 10 reasons to not legalise prostitution (I guess I was right in my prediction). It says prostitutes did not choose this lifestyle. Which I would like to say I AGREED with. He says women do this as "survival strategies" which I also said; he says 72% don"t do it voluntarily which I also said (when I said 89% do it for a means to an end). This entire point is simply a long description of the status quo, which I have already done. Con makes no argument how keeping prostitution legal will change the status quo whereas I have shown to you in my previous points how legalising it can allow the state to have an opportunity for change and with a strong police network can give prostitutes the choice to leave when they like. Con brings no point to the table apart from that prostitutes do not choose prostitution, which I agreed with.
Con then reiterates his previous point of how violent crimes will persist, completely ignoring my point in the process and giving no response to it.
For this I would like to refer to a source con disregarded as it was in the comments and uncited. [2]
First I would like to repeat my initial point of how legalising prostitution gives the state an opportunity to be able to stop violence however doing nothing will simply continue the awful status quo that even con has spent many characters describing. First of all, the mechanism of this motion involves both legalising prostitution and also investing into a police and investigatory department which will look into all accounts of prostitution violence and abuse. By leaving it illegal, con is simply disregarding all prostitutes lives in a damnation of violence and psychological abuse.
Back to my source, it shows how in Germany, articles cite sources from the few illegal sex workers to paint a distorted picture of sex trafficking as an increasing problem when in reality it is decreasing [3]. This source consistently highlights how crony journalism and manipulating statistics is used by some articles to show a distorted image of prostitutes. This article also shows how in America the prostitution laws were described as "it"s just one big federal entitlement program, and everybody is more worried about where they"re going to get their next grant". In this free market state can you really trust the state to attempt to help the people over the money. His arguments of America become meaningless because it is simply an economically orientated law.
What we as the motion are doing is really trying to help the people which means we aren"t doing this for the money and any money made can be used for extensive investigatory and police programs. Through this we put the people and the prostitutes who we are trying to help first and the money second, something con does not understand as he cites sources from America.
Con then goes on to say that STI transmission would not drop as a result of legalising prostitution. He explains this by saying prostitutes will not be willing to use condoms. I understand this is the case, but I can guarantee that not one illegal brothel will make all prostitutes wear condoms ever however I can say that some legal brothels do. [4] This describes one case in which a real prostitute describes her experience in a legal brothel unlike a biased professor she actually has been there. She says "we use condoms for all our services " including condoms for blow jobs and dental dams for cunnilingus". I agree with con that many prostitutes would be willing to ditch the condom for more money however that will stay the case by keeping it illegal. The status quo will never change by keeping it illegal however I have shown you one case of condoms being strictly used all the time. Even in legal brothels this may not be the case, however through legalising it and using law enforcement agencies we can truly enforce a situation of diligently used condoms.
Con also extends this by saying child prostitution would not decrease and sex trafficking would not decrease. But the fact is, it won"t when authorities are simply doing this for the money which con is quick to cite, but it will when authorities do this for the betterment of the people. I have shown this to be the case in the previous round of New Zealand where you have a situation in which trafficking decreases and child sex workers decreases when authorities remain on top of the situation.
Of course it probably is still a problem even in New Zealand and I can"t say in certainty that on average legalising decreases trafficking or child workers in the entire world. However, what I can say, on principle legalising prostitution works when the state actually cares about the people and are willing to implement a system with the correct policing.
He then disregards my point about how this actually helps prostitutes as his characters are running out. Maybe if he didn"t spend half his essay on unnecessarily long quotes he could respond to my fourth point on how this helps the prostitute.
He then defends his source by saying it has citations unlike mine, which do not increase the reliability of a source but instead increase its cohesion in an essay.
What con has done in his response is simply this:
Attacked sources that were defending statements like "AIDS is bad" and "Prostitutes have more STI"s than a normal person on average" or because they were uncited.
Con has disregarded my point under "The Prostitute" in round 1 and has ignored my mechanism of liberal laws juxtaposed with rigid controls. He has jumped on his broken point of how violence will continue however I have clearly showed that if you carry out this proposition like it should be and can be done then the benefits heavily outweigh the negatives.

I beg you to think about the lives of the prostitutes who con would leave in abuse and violence just because of a flawed opinion in which con disregards any attempts of progress for prostitute's as it hasn't worked in some situations which I have shown as economically orientated.
We CAN help the lives of prostitutes who are coerced and abused, but if we keep it illegal and unregulated than we will truly have failed humanity.
For these reasons I beg you to propose.

[1] =
[2] =
[3] =
[4] =
Debate Round No. 3


I will assert that STD's and the method of which prostitutes get it is highly important.

The Prostitution Statistics You Have to Know
Around 50% of prostitutes in the world have an STD. (1) These statistics includes countries in which prostitution is legal. My opponent tries to asset that STDs decrease when prostitution is legalized. This is not the case. As quote by the study:
" Brothel-based female sex workers in China are a heterogeneous population, displaying considerable variability in the organization of life and work, relationships with managers and clients, ability to negotiate condom use, knowledge of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV, and occupational identity, all of which may result in different risks of acquiring HIV." (2)

Let me refute his sources from wikipedia.

His first source study was taken from 1967 to 1999. This allows researchers to nit-pick certain subjects that experience situations that agree with their views.

His second source does not pertain to what he stands for. From his source:
"This article critically evaluates the theoretical and empirical literature on contemporary prostitution. Most research focuses exclusively on street prostitution and female workers, with much less attention devoted to indoor prostitution, male and transgender workers, customers, and managers. Drawing on the sparse literature available on these underexamined topics, the article demonstrates how further research will yield a more nuanced and multifaceted understanding of contemporary prostitution."

It is invalid for his point.

His third source is all about his own opinion; with only five citations to back up his work.

My source has many citations and trumps his evidence. Refer to my previous arguments.

I can not address all of your sources. If I would, I could. Sadly, the character limit is killing me.

In my previous argument, it showed that even when it was legalized, women felt they did not have a choice. Read, man! Read!

I did address it with my case. Our cases will clash. Let the voters decide which is better. A shotty article or a study with proper citations.

In response to your violence argument:

"It has been assumed that decriminalization/legalization will decrease street prostitution and that prostitution will then move indoors, where it will be physically safer for those in it. Those promoting legalized prostitution suggest that women will be safer in indoor prostitution than they are in street prostitution. However, women in Chicago reported the same frequency of rape in escort and in street prostitution (Raphael & Shapiro, 2002). No research has demonstrated that legal prostitution decreases illegal (street and brothel) prostitution. Following legalization of prostitution in Victoria, Australia, although the number of legal brothels doubled, the greatest expansion was in illegal prostitution. In 1 year (1999), there was a 300% growth of illegal brothels (Sullivan & Jeffreys, 2001). It is an error to assume that women in prostitution sign up for prostitution in one location and stay there. In fact, they move between different kinds of prostitution, depending on the location of johns, the level of police harassment, and where the most money can be made (e.g., near military bases or during political or business conventions). Kramer (2003) found that 59% of 119 U.S. respondents had been in one or more types of indoor prostitution (such as strip club, massage parlor, escort prostitution) in addition to street prostitution. Thirty-three percent of Kramer’s respondents had been prostituted indoors for the longest period of time, while 66% were involved in street prostitution for the longest time. In similar findings, Farley (2003a) found that 46 NZ interviewees had been in many different kinds of prostitution, including escort, strip club, phone sex, Internet prostitution, peep show, bar prostitution, street prostitution, brothel prostitution, and prostitution associated with a military base. Twenty-two percent of these interviewees had been domestically trafficked from one region of NZ to another, and 6% had been trafficked from another country into NZ (Farley, 2003a)." (3)

It would take two long to refute the studies supporting Pro's second source . However, it won't take long to refute his thrid source. His third source is by a feminist reporter who has a skewed bias on the topic. She does not have proper arguments backing up her claims. Her claims are like a conspiracy theory; as she provides no examples of such manipulated studies. My studies have not been refuted. I extend them.

Pro seems to have this fantasy that legalized prostitution will equate to more condom use. Let me extend my case.

"It has been argued that legalized brothels or other “controlled” prostitution establishments protect women through enforceable condom policies. In one study, 47% of women in U.S. prostitution stated that men expected sex without a condom; 73% reported that men offered to pay more for sex without a condom; and 45% of women said that men became abusive if they insisted that men use condoms (Raymond et al, 2001, p. 72). Although certain sex businesses had rules that required men to wear condoms, men nonetheless attempted to have sex without condoms. One woman stated: “It’s ‘regulation’ to wear a condom at the sauna, but negotiable between parties on the side. Most guys expected blow jobs without a condom (Raymond et al, 2001, p. 72).” In reality, the enforcement of condom policy was left to the individual women in prostitution, and the offer of extra money was an insistent pressure. One woman stated: “I’d be one of those liars if I said ‘Oh I always used a condom.’ If there was extra money coming in, then the condom would be out the window. I was looking for the extra money (Raymond et al., 2001, p. 73).” Many factors militate against condom use: the need of women to make money; older women’s decline in attractiveness to men; competition from places that do not require condoms; pimp pressure on women to have sex with no condom for more money; money needed for a drug habit or to pay off the pimp; and the general lack of control that prostituted women have over their bodies in prostitution venues. " (4)

The study also shows that the sex industry expands when legalized prostiitution is set in place. The study also shows that sex trafficking increases when prostitution was legalized.

Just as in countries that have tried in before in my source, trying to enforce condom use does not work.

I extend my studies on trafficking and child prostitution. I will add another source that contradicts Pro's source 3. It is from Germany. Sex trafficking of women AND girls increase due to legalization. (5)


The presence of an adult sex industry increases both the rates of child sexual exploitation and trafficking. It may be true that some women in commercial sex exercised some level of informed choice, had other options to entering and have no histories of familial trauma, neglect or sexual abuse. But, these women are the minority and don’t represent the overwhelming majority of women, girls, boys and transgender youth, for whom the sex industry isn’t about choice but lack of choice.

The argument that legalizing prostitution makes it safer for women just hasn’t been borne out in countries implementing full legalization. In fact, legalization has spurred traffickers to recruit children and marginalized women to meet demand. Amsterdam, long touted as the model, recently started recognizing rates of trafficking into the country have increased and is beginning to address the enormous hub of trafficking and exploitation that it's created." (5)

Pro goes to mis-represent his points in my arguments and make arguments that are faulty. I urge voters to look past his faulty cases and manipulation to vote for me. Thank you for your time.

Anime OP:



Unfortunately, I have been swamped with work lately and will be unable to give my 100% to his response as I type it lying on my bed

What I would like to say is that con is attacking my sources that are simply stating abuse and STIs are a problem for prostitutes.

The other source he attacks is what he describes as a feminist reporter. However the fact is that the source is from a real prostitute. I think she would know the truth of what's happening in a brothel more than anyone.

To all cons points of violence, child prostitution and human trafficking. I would like to highlight the fact that con wants to do nothing to help prostitutes currently abused. He has not asked for any policing or investigation but instead stop it increasing. He says it will increase as he quotes economically orientated legalised prostitution. Where it is simply legalised for more taxes.

What I have shown you is hope.
Hope where real life brothels actually do have enforced condom usage.
Hope that police care for prostitutes like humans and investigate all rumours of illegal activity.
Hope that prostitutes aren't stigmatised to feel they have no where to turn to but pimps, drugs and alcohol.

It can work, it has worked in some places.

Do you really want to leave all the prostitutes in the he'll they're living just because cases like America and China lead to a dismissal of human rights.

Get of your high horse. Prostitutes are people. Don't leave them when they're abused. Don't leave them when they're raped. Don't leave them to die.

Help them.

I beg you to look on principles and vote pro.
Debate Round No. 4
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I'll try and keep it in though.
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As in upload a google doc or something of the sort.
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I have arguments against that. It's so cute when people like you think they know something I don't,
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Oh and I am pretty sure if it's a legit business they wouldn't let prostitutes with STD's or other diseases work.
Posted by aaronyero 2 years ago
Hey Pro, I got a idea for you. Con says how dangerous it is, but prostution has a bad reputation for stds and diseases. So when someone does it they know what they are getting themselves into. Oh and here is a good one that you can use, it's more safe for the prostitutes if it's legal. I will let you research it yourself, but a good hint would be to research the argument about that drugs would be better if they were legal.
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Then post thou's argument. Can't wait to destroy it. ;)
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Worry not soldier, I will address your concerns.
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Can anyone tell me what is the need to leglize the damn thing like PROSTITUTION??it is one of the main cause due to which HUMAN TRAFFICKING take place..
thousand lives destroy .
In fact it should be banned in society and prostitutes should be helped by the society or government to choose an alternative living.
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