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Legalizing Marijuana: Save the Economy

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Started: 3/2/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Legalizing marijuana would not only cut down on criminalization but also help the economy, which at the moment, is a necessity.
1) Legalizing marijuana would add a completely new economical source, one that is already quite popular and would start the market in total demand
2) Legalizing marijuana would take away the criminal aspect. While some might try and argue that it would increase crime, the case is not true. Marijuana on the black market leads to a dangerous society, and because it is illegal, theft and other issues that might come up, are dealt with by the consumers verses the law. However, by making it legal, it would put it on the legal system, and would also take away the business from the black market and put it in the hands of a systemized, law regulated business.
3) Legalizing it will not cause tragic deaths, riots, or the destruction of mankind. It has been made legal before, and nothing has happened, except for a stimulated economy. Marijuana has existed for thousands of years, and regardless it it is used for recreational or medical purposes, it has not had any fatal results. Its side effects are nothing more extensive than any other legalized drug used in excess: alcohol, dip, cigarettes, even over the counter drugs such as bynodryl or Nyquil. The difference? Its illegal and overly dramatized criminalization have made marijuana seem to be the inducer of all crimes and the devil's advocate. And to say that keeping it illegal keeps it from users is an ignorant assumption. However, legalizing it would keep people (whom do nothing wrong but enjoy smoking a joint) out of jail wasting our tax dollars and on the street doing productive things. Because also, contrary to other stereotypes, marijuana, unlike HARD drugs, does not prevent you from being a function able, productive member of society.


Thank You for this debate and I hope it is a good one ;)

You have shown several arguments that legalising marijuana will benefit the economy. It will in some way but then again it will also determent it in another.

Your first point is that legalising it will create and new market source and that it will help the economy. However there is major flaw in this. by legalising it yes there is a new economical source but new laws and rules have to be implemented also there are many unknown side effects that this drugs has. Millions will have to be infested into the research and the proper understanding of this drug. This also creates many problem that the black market for marijuana will still exist. And the economy will not benefit form this because all the profit will be taken but the drugs lords. The black market marijuana will be cheaper and therefore people will rather buy it there.

Also you bring up the point that legalising it will not cause tragic deaths, this is untrue the product that is currently causing deaths will continue to do so because it is no different. It will still have the same side effects as it has had before and therefore the same consequences.

Now onto your point that is has similar effects as other legal drugs. These drugs are legal because they have been legal for a long time. They have become part of society. The difference is that governments are now strengthening laws against these drugs and we will see this until they come to the point where they are out of society.

Onto some positive matter:
1. The economy has been doing badly lately I will admit. But bringing in such a product that first have to be tested for millions of dollars and will have a bigger deficit to society than advantage, is not going to work.

2. There is no problem with the stays quo. The figures have shown that there has been a decrease in the deaths of people regarding drugs, why? Because laws have become harsher and people don't want to pay the fines and be jailed. By legalising marijuana there will be and massive increase into the market before it has been properly tested and deaths because of this may sky rocket.

3. There are other ways to fix the economy. We don't dont have to fix the economy by endangering society as a whole. By legalising marijuana, people that previously not done it because of its illegal manner now will try it and it is addicting so there will be an increase in users, abusers and deaths.

In the next round I hope to discuss how there are other ways and better ways to save the economy.

Therefor I know the motion must fall.

Good Luck (not being cocky)
Debate Round No. 1


LittleD forfeited this round.


Opponent forfeited the round :(
Debate Round No. 2


LittleD forfeited this round.


Opponent has lost debate. My points that I have brought forth have not been rebutted and therefore still stand. I have provided evidence of how her points aren't going to work and I have given substantial evidence that legalising marijuana is not a way to save the economy. So the motion falls.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Hawkeye117 6 years ago
the thing is alcohol is more dangerous and deadly than pot and yet its legalized so I believe that pot should be legalized then again i live in Colorado so its legal here but i believe if we tax it and put laws in place like we do to alcohol then pot can become a big income for our economy and can/ will help i personally don't smoke bu pot its self has never killed anyone just by taking the drug by that i me od from the drug there has never been a recorded case of it but it still has killed don't get me wrong just like drunk driving but as its self it hast killed anyone yet alcohol has killed thousand from over doses yet it is legal just saying.
Posted by ILikeBananaPie 6 years ago
Lots of misconception there... sadly I can't be the contender as I also want it legalized :(. Though for different reasons.
Posted by Mikal 6 years ago
Would take this but want to give someone else the chance
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