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Legalizing Marijuanna

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Started: 1/12/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I most definitely think marijuana should be legalized everywhere. I mean, there isn"t really any real harm from it. Nobody has died from it, it"s not a deadly drug so why not? Besides, there is a pretty big usage of marijuana already.
Marijuana is used in just about every state, although people don't have rights to it and it"s illegal in most of the states. I think that if marijuana was legal, it would help a lot of people stay out of trouble. If people are already using it then why not go ahead and legalize it? There should be an age limit though. Since 21 is the legal drinking age, i feel that 21 is an acceptable age to purchase it. Just like alcohol, marijuana isn"t for children. In my opinion, when you"re 21, you are old enough to make your own choice and even though people say people aren"t really grown till they're 25, 21 is old enough to make your own decisions and decide what is right and wrong when it comes to something like this.
Everyone smokes cigarettes. Marijuana is totally less dangerous than that. It doesn"t give you lung cancer or mess up any of your cells. It even fights cancer cells! Not only is it better than cigarettes but it also reduces diabetes or chances of diabetes. Oh and did i mention it decreases obesity? Yes, it does. Obesity isn"t for everyone, this way people who don't like it has an easier option plus what they're already doing to lose the extra weight.
It"s totally understandable that people will use this drug for all of the reasons. They're probably going through a hard time in life or they just want it just because. The reason i think it should be legalized is because physically it cannot kill you unlike other drugs. Its been proven and articles says it. Making marijuana legal would also decrease the use of pills. A lot of people take pills for many things, some even overdose on it. People could substitute the pills for marijuana. It"s a lot safer and not such a huge risk. And it totally puts people in a better mood and that is great.


I accept your debate and will be talking about why marijuana should NOT be legalized

First of all, it is bad for the environment. Marijuana is a WEED which means it steals water from other plants. Those who grow it are actually destroying hundreds of ecosystems around the world. For example, in Brasil, they have a problem with losing their rainforest. This is actually because many drug dealers around there grow their plants in the secrecy within the forest. All of the marijuana plants are actually killing trees that are hundreds of thousands of years old.

Besides the environment, marijuana is terrible for you. When smoked, the smoke goes to your brain and kills billions of brain cells. Although they can grow back, these new brain cells don't have the same information, making your iq lower by on average 54 points, according to a study by Harvard University. Additionally, even though people use it "medically" (It DOES make you hungry, which is true) people just smoke it in hospitals and die from cancer.

For the argument on why it would help the economy, well it would actually HURT it. The more it's legalized, the more people die. With less people to trade stocks, start businesses and take jobs, the legalization of marijuana would send us into another great depression.
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Posted by John_C_1812 2 years ago
We are discussing legalizing a subject matter in Constitutional law. The idea is really to form a United State of Common defense to the general welfare. Law is a pivoted point to basic separation placed on the public and it is Marijuana's separation that is at question. Not legality. All things are legal until proven not. Law is the starting point to judicial separation.

I know marijuana is legal in all state because I can by hemp rope. A level of separation.
I know marijuana is legal as it is subject to religious use not only medical or recreational use. A level of separation.
Laws start by address to separation on loss like self-value that has been taken by a placed, imposed value. A level of Separation.
Posted by canis 2 years ago
Yep. People take drugs to survive..legalize life...
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