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Let's Write this Short Story!

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Started: 2/6/2014 Category: Entertainment
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I just finished one of these debates with Speakerfrthedead, and had a lot of fun doing it. If anybody is interested in writing something like this, this would be the place to do it.

In the first round, Con will establish the setting (in any way they want.) and then we will write the short story together for the remaining rounds. We each will have a character, and our respective parts will be written from their point of view. The rest of the rules are below, so you can take a look.

Also, if you want to check out the previous debate to get a better idea of what's going on here, check out this link posted below.

1)Written from a first-person perspective

2)Both characters have to be in the same world.

3)One character cannot kill the other unless in the last round.

4)Con can begin in the first round anyway Con wishes. Perhaps a description of a place.

Voters can decide who told the story better.


Looking forward to this collaboration!



Diary of a teen girl named Jane:

"Dear diary,this is my first entry. My name is Jane and i live in Los Angeles,California USA. I am 15 years old,born 1999. I live with my father,my stepmother and my 8 year old half-brother Thomas,but i call him the "Tommy gun" because he is very loud. I live in a.very pretty house

I was growing up without my REAL mother. She and my father got divorced shortly after my birth. My father always told me she was a prostitute and alcoholic. I was very sad when i understood this for the first time. I lived back then in an old small house.

Whole my childhood was stressful. First,when i was 4-5 years old i remember my dad left me locked in the house,not once,not twice,but 3 times (or maybe even more,because i don't remember). He told me he will be back later. I was terrified staying in the house all alone. I was always afraid to go upstairs alone because i always there were black men upstairs,and sometimes i even heard stairs noise when i was alone. I was always in the other side of the room,away from the stairs. When my dad got back,i was very happy and relieved.

When i was six years old,my dad made a huge step. He told me that i shouldn't grow up without a mother,and then brought me with him to a very nice house. There i met my stepmother (back then my dad's new fiancee). She took me to see her house,showed me the dolls she bought for me.I loved my stepmother and i love her now.But there is always stress in the house,about what i will talk later.The happiest part of my childhood was a year after the marriage of my father and my stepmother. We moved in her house and had lots of fun together. In the meantime my dad and my new mommy find out that she is pregnant. The whole pregnancy passed and there was no problem in the house (or with the baby). My mom and dad were in love every single day,and i was very happy too,because i got my toys,my new bike and many little dresses. When my brother Thomas was born,he was really an ugly baby for me.

My troubles started again when i started going to school,and it was mostly my fault i had problems. I was very shy kid and nearly anything would make me cry in the school for the first couple of months. There i met my new friend,and now my best friend Tanya. She was my helper throughout the school time. I can still remember her words "Don't be jelly my little belly!" that cheered me up every time i was sad,even though it didn't make much sense. Many kids from my grade stayed away from me because they thought i am weird. Thanks to Tanya i have been able to get pass the problems in school,but my other problems were just starting.

Tommy was only 10 months when he was taken to the hospital because of the tumor.My mom and dad were both concerned,but that drew them apart because they weren't co-operating about the Tommy's situation. Luckily the tumor was removed,Tommy has recovered and my mom and dad were back together. But this was only a start of the drama in my life.

Again,with the help of my bff Tanya i started participating in the class discussions,but everytime i said something it made some other children giggle,which discouraged me. I liked arts class the most.

One night, march 17th, i was getting ready for sleeping with my mom,who read me a stories before sleeping. After she left the room,i started feeling weird,like something was in my room. Then suddenly...
Debate Round No. 1


As I approach the house, I can sense the presence of two things; the girl, and the being that is currently trying to hurt her.

I quicken my pace; I can sense the malevolent being in an upstairs room. not the girl's room, but another one. It is doing something to the person in the room. I can tell it isn't good.

I break into a run, streaking across the yard. I make it up to the side of the house, and look around for a way inside. I can see a door. I think it connects to their garage, so I try it. It's locked. I notice a rain gutter that runs down to the ground. I run over to it, and climb. I move quite easily. I must be fairly athletic.

I pull myself up onto the roof, and quietly move across the shingles. I sidle up to her window, and peek through. Her mom is reading her a story. It's kind of strange, since she is so old, but I don't mind. I suddenly remember that I love fairy tales, though I don't know how or why. Her mom finishes, gets up, and leaves, closing the door behind her. Now it is just the girl in her room.

Now the evil being is moving, coming towards the room of the girl. It is coming to hurt her. It passes through the wall to my right. It is large, and bear-like in shape. It has glowing yellow eyes, which stick out from it's otherwise totally black body. It takes a step towards the girl. I know I need to stop it.

I don't have any time. I leap through the window... and find myself passing through it like the beast. That's good, because I don't want to damage the place where she lives. I land on the carpet silently, and the girl hasn't noticed me yet. She seems to be deep in thought. I turn to the creature, and a sword made of light appears in my left hand. I know that I can use it to defeat the beast.

It lumbers towards me, shaking the ground with each heavy step. Miraculously, the girl still hasn't noticed it. Or me.

I turn towards the monster, and leap at it before it can strike me. My sword cuts through it's right forearm completely, severing it. The limb dissipates in mid-air. I spin, bringing the momentum of the strike around and up into the torso of the shadow animal. It slices it in half, and the being dissipates entirely. So does my sword. Even though I have no idea what is going on, I am not surprised in the least. I turn back to the girl. Suddenly, she becomes aware of my presence. She just stares at me. She probably has no idea how I got in here, or who I am. Then again, I don't really know either.

To be honest, I can only know two things;
My name is Linwood. And this girl is the most important thing in the world to me.


...the room became cold. It was unusually cold because outside was quite warm,it was 60 degrees.At that moment in the room i think it was freezing. I was kind of scared and confused. A part of me was scared,and the same part wanted to get out of that room. But the other part told me to stay there. I rolled myself into the blanket very tight. Then the house started to shake. Then suddenly i saw a light appeared out of nowhere,in my room! The light was blinding,so i closed my eyes for a few seconds. The room became warm again and everything was calm.When i opened my eyes i saw the light becoming dimmer and dimmer. When the light went out,i saw a shadow. I was terrified at that moment. I reached for the light switch above my bed and pressed it. I saw a boy,standing in my room with a sword.

"" I asked him still frightened

"My name is Linwood." was all that he said.

We stared at each other for quite a long time. I started calming down when looking at his eyes which were sky blue.

"What...are you doing here?"

"I am looking for a friend,i am lost."

In the way he spoke i figured out he wasn't from around here,i didn't understand him quite well,but for some reason i felt a connection with him. I suppose that any girl suddenly finding a boy in her room at night would scream. I did not.

"Where are you from?" i asked.

"I do not remember anything. All i remember was laying on the grass,and then i came here. I was trying to protect you from the evil..."

He stretched out his hand towards me. I felt positive energy,i was confident that he was not going to harm me. I unconsciously stretched my hand too. When our hands met,Thomas started crying loudly. My mom went to his room to calm him down. I jumped from the bed and opened the door,and saw mom approaching my room. I was excited to tell her i got a new friend,but when she came in,and i turned around,Linwood was gone. Mom told me i was probably imagining things and that i should go back to sleep. I felt really bonded to that boy once i looked in his eyes. I looked through my window,but he was nowhere to be found. I didn't even tell him my name! I laid down in my bed,closed my eyes and waited for the same thing to happen,but it didn't. It is still my strongest memory,and also the most powerful. I waited for that boy for 2 years to appear,even i didn't know why i wanted so much for him to come.

I eventually forgot about him.

Probably the saddest day of my life was when my best friend Tanya was moving to the opposite part of the city and was withdrawing from the school i went to. I was crushed,and without her help i was again that same old girl at the beginning; shy.

One evening, 17th march (that same day,2 years after)when i was 10 years old i was coming back from school as usual,but it became very unusual when i was approaching 2 guys,leaning on the building wall,smoking cigarettes. I felt weird,but i started walking faster. That fast walk turned into sprint when the two guys started chasing me. They caught me at the next block. One of them put his hand over my mouth. Then they started dragging me and eventually they took me to a car. One guy opened the trunk,and the other guy threw me inside. I was stunned,frightened and lost. And so it was...
Debate Round No. 2


I held her hand in mine, and I was happy. I felt like she could help me find the answers to my questions.

Who am I? What am I doing here? Where did I come from? What am I supposed to do now?

She lets go of me and turns, calling out to her mother. Then, I'm suddenly enveloped in a flash of light. I can't tell what is going on.

I... feel... sleepy...

2 years later

I'm awake. I know a large amount of time has passed, but I am not quite sure how long. I'm laying on some kind of soft bed, in a room that is completely white. I am wearing white clothes that I don't recognize. I begin to look around, but out of nowhere I hear a voice. It is deep and familiar, like I have heard it before.

"Sorry about that, Linwood. It wasn't your time quite yet, but I had to deploy you early. You see, our enemy caught wind of the plan. He sent one of his beasts to try and end us before we even started. I was forced to send you in. However, since that night he has left her alone - well, until now that is. He's using real people this time, so I can't merely send you in, weapons blazing, like before. You are going to have to fully integrate - this is going to be the last time you are here with me personally. Do you understand?"

As I sit there listening, thoughts and images float through my mind. A plan - an enemy - all centered around this girl. And me. There is something we are supposed to do - I can't remember exactly. I do know what the voice is talking about, though. The incident with the bear - it was too early for us to begin - now it is time. I need to become a part of life - and more importantly, her life. If the plan is going to succeed, I need to go to her now. "I understand." I reply.

The voice continues, "Good. She is in danger again. Save her. Stay with her. She needs you, and you need her. You will remember what to do. Now go."

I find myself in the middle of a crowded street. I'm wearing jeans, a T-shirt, and a jacket - not the strange white clothes from before - I look like a rowdy teenager. People are passing by me, moving in every direction. I've never been here before, but I'm not lost.

I can tell she's close.

I quickly move down the street, getting closer to her all the time. The crowd has thinned out, and now I am walking down the street alone. I look down an alleyway as I pass by.

There she is.

She is sprinting. Suddenly, two large guys grab her from behind. She tries to scream, but one of them puts his hand over her mouth. I break into a run, as they are dragging her out of sight. I don't yell. That would let them now I'm coming.

I turn the corner, and see one of them open the trunk to a car. The other guy throws her inside. He shuts the trunk then turns around, saying something to his partner. Then he sees me.

I am within earshot now, coming at them like a bullet.

The first guy yells "That must be him! Let's get out of here!" His partner nods, looking alarmed. They scurry around the car to the doors and struggle to open them. The man on the drivers side gets in before his partner, and starts the engine. Without the other guy, he begins to drive away. The partner falls behind, unable to keep up with the car. That's when I reach him.

He turns to me, pulling out some kind of knife. I hit him in the face as I run by. I don't have time to stop. The man crumples to the ground; I think I knocked him out.

The car is moving at about 20 miles per hour, trying to accelerate. Luckily, I catch up to it before it can. I dive onto the roof, grabbing hold of it so I don't fall off. Pulling myself up, I punch the roof. My arm goes through it, just like the last time; In the back of my mind, I wonder how that works. I feel my fist connect with the guy's head, and the car begins to swerve, crashing into a large hedge on the side of the road.

I look at the large brick wall behind the hedge. Luckily, we weren't going very fast. Otherwise, we all would be dead. I check the guy in the car. He appears to be unconscious, just like his partner was. That's good, because I don't really know what I would do if he was awake.

I walk around the car to the trunk. I know who is inside, so I am not surprised when it opens. The girl inside, however, is. She looks up at me...


That night was "out of this world" as kids say nowadays.

I was captured by the two men that were chasing me. When i was thrown into the trunk,i hit my head on the gas tank. I didn't hit it so hard,but it was enough to stun me. I was terrified,scared,kind of hopeless. I tried to scream,but i couldn't. And what use of that anyway if nobody is going to hear me.

My kidnappers close the trunk. Suddenly,it's dark. I am in shock. They locked the trunk and secured the car. I couldn't get away in any way,but i tried to listen what they are saying. I heard stories that when someone takes you into the car against your will...i don't want to talk about the horrors i heard.To my surprise one of them says:

"Ey,we finally did it!"

Then,i hear shocking thing from the other guy

"Yeah we captured her finally,i hope that we will be rewarded for this,cause our master is trying to capture her since her birth.

Suddenly,images from my childhood start flashing in my mind. When i once was coming down the stairs and felt something pushing me. When i felt somebody is trying to choke me,but i was alone in my room. But most importantly: that boy i met 2 years before. By hearing this i was even more shocked. I was shaking and hopeless.

Then suddenly...i heard one of them saying "That must be him! Let's get out of here!"

Strangely,that did not draw my attention until car started shaking. They looked like in a rush,like they were running away. I hear one of them yelling from outside as the engine starts. Car started moving. I cried. Then i heard a loud thump. And then car started spinning and stopped. I heard door open and somebody was heading towards the back of the car. I closed my eyes. The trunk door was opening. I peeked and saw a blurry shape of a small person. It was a boy. I looked up and i started to recognize him as my blur clears. ITS HIM! I looked at his sky-blue eyes.

I wake up in the hospital laying in bed,with an oxygen mask on my face. I open my eyes and i see Linwood,sitting next to my bed.

"I protect you,you are safe."

I am overwhelmed with joy. In that moment my mom and dad entered the room like they were landing a plane. They were asking the nurse something,and looked very frightened. This was the problem.The nurse told my parents that the only one being with me,and who brought me to the hospital was Linwood.

"Do you know this boy?" The nurse asked my parents.

"No,this is the first time i see him!" my dad answered.

My mom shakes and confirms that she doesn't know him either. The suspicions raise. Who was this boy and what was he doing with me? Why i was brought to the hospital in the first place? My dad starts asking him some questions. Even though Linwood couldn't speak properly,he was calm and kind to my parents.

"Where are your parents?" My dad asks him. He shakes his head.

"What were you doing with her?" My dad again.

"I save her." he says.

"From who?" my dad

"From a car that take her away."

Then my dad stands up and starts walking towards the door. I gather my strength and yell:


"Yes sweetheart?" and then he turns around and comes back to me. He starts asking me what happened. I told him it was not Linwood's fault and that i was almost kidnapped by the 2 guys. He looked confused. How could that little boy that is my age,save me from 2 tough guys?

"Sweetheart,you are hallucinating,he's to young to save you from 2 big guys. I want you to tell me what happened." Then he turns to my mom: "We will wait for few more hours until she snaps out of it." Now Linwood has to prove his innocence and loyalty to my parents in order to gain their trust and to be allowed around me. I will help him with everything i have,but i am not sure if my parents will trust us.

I felt that now i can't lose Linwood. I decided that i have to keep close to Linwood. I felt a connection ,that lasted few minutes 2 years ago, again.Now it has to last. But first Linwood has to answer some questions to me. I finally told him my name.
Debate Round No. 3


Her parents don't believe me. I suppose that makes sense, since what I did doesn't exactly match up with "reality". Her parents are looking at me. I think her dad wants to attack me. I am struggling to find the words, then all of a sudden I pause. I feel like I am frozen in place, and I can feel words flooding my brain. I take them in, increasing my vocabulary tenfold. After a few moments, I can move again. And now I can speak, at least well enough to communicate with them. On top of that, I know what to do.

"I think you guys don't quite understand."

Her parents look over, surprised by my sudden speech improvement. They are even more surprised when I walk over to the television. I place my hand on the side of it, and it jumps to life. The video playing appears to be from some sort of security camera. It must have been near the men from earlier, because they can be seen clearly in the picture. They are lifting the girl into the car.

her dad jumps up from his seat. "Now, what's going on? Tell me!"

"Wait. This will explain everything."

The video plays, and her parents watch as she is secured in the trunk, the car attempts to drive away, and I stop it. Now they are looking at me again, slightly fearful.

"You stay away from us. Get out of here! You aren't normal!"

Suddenly, I become aware of something moving upwards towards us, in one of the hospital elevators. Whoever is is, they are after the girl.

I speak quickly and clearly. "These people want your daughter dead. They won't stop. You aren't strong enough to fight them. And they are on their way here right now. Let me protect her, and you, or else you guys don't stand a chance."

"O-ok" Her father stutters. It is a lot of information for someone to take in, I suppose.

I grab the chairs and other large objects in the room and pile them up at the door. The people targeting the girl arrive on our floor. We don't have much time. They run down the hallway towards our room. I yell to her parents "Get Back!"
Even though there is a mass of junk piled up at the door, it flies open. It's do or die now. Literally.


I feel dizzy...the blur comes back,i can only hear echo from conversation of Linwood with my parents. I felt sharp pain in my head the moment i heard Linwood say that people that want me dead are coming. I shake my head a little,and i can see that Linwood is throwing some chairs and a wardrobe on the door.

"What...what is going on?" I ask

"They are coming for you,but don't worry,i will be there 'till the end." Linwood answers

I was surprised about his speech improvement,but i didn't pay too much attention,because someone/something began knocking on the door.

My parents and Linwood were far from the door,right next to my bed. With one hit the door flies open,and a chair flies across the room and breaks the window. We were at 6th floor of the hospital,and jumping out would be lethal.

Entering the room are three entities in human shapes. They were wearing huge coats,i couldn't see their faces. I was terrified. Linwood picked up TV and threw it at them. The TV flew right through them,but they flashed. That's when Linwood grabbed my hand,broke the ceiling,and threw me on the next floor and told me to go and take an elevator on the other side of the hospital.

I started running through the hallways of the hospital,continuously bumping into the walls. I remembered my parents are still in that room. I had a feeling i had to go back. I come back to the hole in the ceiling,but the room bellow was empty. I thought that Linwood and my parents are captured by the entities,and i was terrified. I turned around and started looking for the way to get down. The hallways were huge,and it was like i was searching for a needle in a haystack. I finally found the stairs. Halfway down i was shocked. The two of the entities were waiting me on the lower floor. I ran back upstairs. I was running through the hallways with them after me. When they were out of my sight, i ran into one room and closed the door. I saw a fire extinguisher,and thought it might help me. I took a steel object and broke the glass. When i tried to pick it up,it was heavy. When i got it on the ground,i couldn't figure out how to start it. It was not like in the movies. I figured out that i had to remove the zip tie on the top. I took the scissors from a drawer and cut through it. I pulled out some kind of a pin. I tried it out and it worked. It was so heavy i had to drag it. I opened the door and aimed,but there was nothing there. With all my strength i dragged the extinguisher across the hallways,always looking behind. I finally stopped at one corner of the hallway,i sat on the floor with the extinguisher in my hands,waiting for them.

I was shaking,terrified about the fact that my parents and Linwood are missing. It was almost midnight and all the patients were asleep.It seemed like i was sitting there for hours.

I feel sleepy...i think i'm gonna fall asleep. Then a crash woke me up. I still had that extinguisher in my hands. On the other end of the hallway i saw those two entities again! They were walking towards me. I pushed the handle and started spraying. They were flashing for about 10 seconds and then started moving again,so i pushed again. I stood up and started dragging the extinguisher,and spraying at the same time. When i was about 30 feet away,i let go of the extinguisher and started running. I got back to the stairs,and started running downstairs. When i was about 3 floors down i was caught by a nurse.

"And where do you think you are going? Why are you running like there is no tomorrow? What's the problem?"

I refused to tell her the real reason,so i made up the reason.

"My family came to see me,they are downstairs!"

She looked at my feet,and saw i was wearing no shoes.

"Honey,you can't run with no shoes. Where is your room? I will tell your parents to come and visit you there,under no circumstances you can run around the hospital barefooted!

I got around her and continued running. She yelled at me,and when i was almost gone "around the corner" i turned around to see her screaming. The entities are following me! I had to find another stairs. I was lucky i found the elevator. I called the elevator,but i saw the entities coming towards me. I ran inside an elevator and pushed the button for the ground floor. The elevator doors closed just before entities could enter. I was relieved. When elevator stopped and doors started opening, i saw the third entity waiting me there. It grabbed me by the hand and i started flashing in a very bright light,as well as the entity. Like it was sucking something out of me...

I feel dizzy...
Debate Round No. 4


They are inside. I need to get her out of here, but I am out of options. I can hear a voice in my head.

"The Ceiling"

I look at it, and judge the distance. It can't be more than 5 or 6 feet above my head. I jump towards it, and find my body crashing into it violently. Plaster and metal break apart, and a hole is left in the ceiling. I grab the girl, and toss her as gently as I can up through it. "Get to the elevators at the opposite end of the hospital! Take one down and get out!"

She begins to run. The entities hit me all at once.

It feels like I am suddenly trapped in a blinding glare, but it isn't hot; it feels cold. I can't move, and one of the entities approaches me and picks me up, like I am a piece of furniture. He shoves me into the closet, and closes the door. I can hear him turn the latch on the outside. The cold feeling begins to spread, and I slowly slip into unconsciousness.



I wake up in a jolt. I am being pulled out of the closet by someone. I open my eyes, and see the older man from before, in the white room. He speaks to me.

"Well, They got us good. I didn't expect them to send Icers so soon... This girl must be the centerpiece of his strategy if he is jumping to this extreme so quickly. Go, we don't have much time. And here, let me adjust this..."

He reaches for my arm and yanks it. It comes off.

Oh, that' right. I remember now. My arms aren't real. I lost them in the accident...

I am starting to remember, but the man speaks to me, snapping me out of my reverie.

"Now you can fight them. Remember, aim for the chest, where the cold emanates from! And hurry! They are almost on her! She is getting into the elevator!"

I break into a run, streaking past countless doors. Quickly navigating the maze of hallways, I dash onto the scene at the worst possible moment; they already have her.

She is being bombarded with the cold coming out of the Icer. I watch as it begins to perform an Imprisonment on her. I don't know what that is, but I know I can't let it happen. I charge the being, swinging my right arm right at it's chest. Suddenly, my fist begins glowing, growing bright and hot. It crashes into the creature, and breaks it in two. The creature hisses as it flies apart, melting into water as it hits the ground.

I grab her hand.

"C'mon! I remember where to go now. In fact, I remember everything."


I see the light. It's cold. It feels like all my worries are gone. Is this heaven? I have been killed? But i didn't worry about it. I am relaxed.

Suddenly the light turns into a swirl of colors. It clears up. I see Linwood. I instinctively lift my head to look around. I find a wet floor.

"C'mon! I remember where to go now. In fact,I remember everything." he says

Once again i am very confused about the situation. I still don't know why are they after me,why do they want me dead?

"What are those entities?" I ask

"Those are called Icers. They suck the life out of you and then freeze your body. They also have the power of telepathy."

Just as we were running out of the hospital,i see my parents coming out of the elevator. I run to them and hug them.

"You guys go home,i will come a little later." They barely opened their mouths,Linwood took me by the hand and we ran out of the hospital very fast. We stopped in front of a house. Once we entered he started talking.

"I guess you want an explanation for all of this?" I nod.

"Tell me what is going on?!"

And then he starts: "Ok,10 years ago,exactly at your birth,i was driving with my parents. We were driving home from the soccer game. I was an ordinary boy. Suddenly the brakes snapped. The car was out of control. We were going fast and we crashed into the concrete wall. Both of my parents died when they crashed into the windshield. I was lucky i was in the back seat. I flew towards the windshield,but my arms both snapped when i hit both the front seats. This is what saved my life. I did not hit the windshield,but i flipped about 180 degrees and hit the head on my floor. I woke up in the hospital room and i didn't feel my arms. I don't feel them now either. That night when i was alone on the hospital bed,something flashed into the room. An old man appeared. He grabbed me by the both arms and pulled me into some kind of a portal. I found myself in a white room. I sat down on the chair and then he told me that the population of the people reached 6 billion. One little girl is the 6 billionth human on the planet. If number of people reaches a number like 6 billion,the 6 billionth human will receive a special trait that his enemy Drex wants. This trait gives the bearer abilities like,run at the speed of light, don't need oxygen, have an infinite number of wishes. You cannot use this trait,but we have to prevent Drex from getting his hands onto it."

"But why didn't he try to get me as an infant,as a young child?" i asked.

"He did. He did plenty of times,but didn't have the power to finish the job. In the past few years he got stronger,strong enough to attack you physically. Now he is sending creatures at you. The old man grabbed me by the shoulder and started implanting something into me. When he finished,i felt strong,i could break walls with one hit of my hand. I can control my arms,but can't feel them because of this accident. He chose me since i had no family left after my parents died. He told me: "I will wake you up when the time comes" and then i was probably put into some kind of coma.I was kind of frozen in time. I had all my memory wiped out for the sake of your protection. It came back somehow at the hospital."

"Well,where does Drex live?"

"I don't know,but he would probably take you for a detour of his house if he gets you. Drex needs to be destroyed. Come on,we have to find the old man!"

We ran out of that house and started searching for that old man he told me about. We came to the dock. It was dawn. We stood there and watched the sun rising above the sea. I turned around.

"Icers!" i yelled

Linwood turned around. 7 of those icy creatures were coming after us. Linwood decided that we should run. But we couldn't get away since they were fast too. Linwood told me to run,and he would hold them as much as he could. I was worried for him,but i was aware of the consequences if they got me,so i started running. I turned around and i saw 3 of them coming after me, 4 were attacking Linwood. I saw sewer opening and i quickly jumped inside,closing the entrance. As soon as one of them touched the cap,it froze so it was impossible to open. It stinks! I run through the dirty water,trying to find another exit. I find it at the next corner. However when i tried to open it,it froze again. They were still after me! As long as i didn't come out,they couldn't get me. I got to a wider part of the sewage. I saw something disgusting in the corner, moving. However it was not what i thought it was. It came out of the shadow. I could see a face of a fiction character. Big green eyes, pointed ears,huge hands!

"Hello there girl,you probably know who i am,right?" I was confused and scared,it couldn't be.....

"Drex,it's you?!"

"Yes my dear,it's me! And you posses something that i want."

He stretches his arms,and sharp objects start flying out of his slimy sleeves. I ran behind the wall and started running in a different direction. I found a sewage exit. I opened the cap and ran outside. I ran about 50 feet away and watched the opening waiting for Drex to exit. However to my surprise,he exits...through the concrete! He broke through the concrete,right behind me,and grabbed my head with his one big slimy hand,and with the other he grabbed my arm.

"Goodbye! (evil laugh)" He started sucking the life out of me,just like the Icers. However very quickly Linwood came flying into Drex,and started punching and kicking him with such a force,that Drex flew 30 feet and crashed into a building. A man was passing there,and when he saw what's going on, he started screaming and running.

"People will start gathering,we have to finish this quickly."

Drex started shooting sharp objects at Linwood,but he has excellent reflexes. I watched him dodge all of them. Then Drex started shooting at me. Linwood quickly pushed me aside. Drex then started running towards Linwood,hitting him in the chest,and knocking him down. I had to think of something,i saw a piece of glass on the ground and it was sharp! I ran behind Drex and stabbed him in the back. Linwood quickly got up and kicked him in the stomach. Linwood's fist started glowing bright red. Then he punched Drex in the chin. Drex's skull cracked,and when he flew in the air,he hit the ground on his head again. This was still not over,since he has regeneration ability. In Linwood's hand something started to take shape. It was a glowing sword. He took the light sword and stabbed it into Drex. He started melting. He turned to some kind of nasty liquid.
Linwood fell on the ground. He was wounded on many places from those Icers,and now from Drex himself. I wanted to help him,but i didn't need to. He started glowing in a bright white light. When he stopped glowing,he was healed.

We decided we should go to my house. On the way we met an old man Linwood was talking about.

"Good job Linwood! I knew you could do it. You have it inside of you boy! Drex is gone. Your mission is accomplished! I will now let you live a normal life."

An old man clapped twice with his hands,and Linwood flashed.

"I have taken your powers,i must let you go now. It was nice knowing you Linwood."

He disappeared in a blink of an eye. Linwood and i ended up walking up the beach,talking like normal children as the sun shines down on us.

So where are we now? Linwood moved in our house and now we live happily.

I think it was enough of magic and adventure for my whole life.

Linwood is the most important thing in my life now. Linwood and I plan to get married,buy a nice house and live like normal people.

Thanks everybody for reading this story,we did our best,and i think the story is very good. Tell us in the comments if you liked the story! There might be some contradictions in this story we weren't aware of,but i hope you will like the story anyway. :)
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Posted by jacobie1121 6 years ago
nice job!
Posted by Speakerfrthedead 6 years ago
Posted by Speakerfrthedead 6 years ago
very nice plot setting
Posted by chewster911 6 years ago
By the way i didn't start this story in my image and childhood. I am male.
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