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Liberalism has made terribly negative effects to the United States

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Started: 6/22/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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United States has changed a lot since the 1940s, but like the rest of the world, mostly in a negative way. Sure liberalism has accepted black people and women more, but some movements from some of their particular groups are disgusting. For example, black lives matter. Just the slogan itself is racist to all other races, as it is a campaign showing that black lives matter, over what? All races should be equally treated, but this campaign only states that black lives matter, not all lives matter. That is racist to every other race, and the fact that "some" liberals pushed this is unacceptable.
Another thing liberals push is feminism. I think that women and men should be treated equally, with the same rights. Some of the members of the feminist group are oblivious to the fact that a woman cant do everything a man can, and VICE VERSA. A woman is NOT allowed to play in the NFL, or the MLB. That is a MAN"S Job, not a woman"s. The debate is over right there, as a woman is unable to be a football player in the NFL, showing that women can"t do everything a men can do.
Another push some feminists say is their acceptance to all of the LGBT... community. There are two biological genders for the human being. One of them is male, as they have a penis and a XY chromosome, while a female has a vagina and a XX chromosome. The fact that liberals push the fact that PEOPLE can classify as whatever GENDER THEY WANT DESPITE WHAT SCIENCE SAYS IS FOOLISH. The fact that some liberals think they should be able to GO AGAINST the TRUTH shows how weak they are. The truth does hurt, and these liberals go against it, which means they want to live in lies, which is the easy way out of life. To say you are smart and a great employee when you are struggling to get a job is an example of what the liberals agree with.
And my final point, (for the first round :) ), is that the liberals accepting marijuana to be legal in the United States of America is terrible. I know some conservatives also agree with this, because the liberals have tainted "some of their views", while some of them just have their own opinion. People that want United States to legalize marijuana shows how people supporting the legalization of marijuana care more about money THAN the EFFECTS IT HAS ON HUMAN BEINGS. For example, the effect Colorado has had because of the legalization of marijuana on car accidents is terrible. It rised increasingly when Marijuana was legalized, and the deaths have skyrocketed from Marijuana use in Car Accidents. And if you think Colorado can solve this, lets see if they will, because that"s not my only point on this plant that effects human beings.
Marijuana also has terrible effects to the human body, like impaired judgement, memory problems, trouble for the developing brain (for anyone under the age of adulthood/ mid 20s), increased lung cancer risk, slowed reaction time, withdrawal symptoms, bronchitis, and weakened immune system are great examples of what marijuana can do to you. The fact that a human being thinks they should legalize a plant that does harm like that to your body is making an immoral action.
By the way, I used caps (capital letters) for some words is to emphasize that point. I think some of my evidence so far has really proven how liberalism has effected the United States in some negative ways. Anyone that finds my argument synthesis wrong is utterly deluded, which I"m sorry to say. Good luck to my debate person, I hope this is a strong debate.


First, I"m truly thankful to Policemanbob for this opportunity. I"m going to be straight with you, I"m a conservative/libertarian leaning individual and really think we can both learn. I truly agree with you, but I think your overall idea Is at least partially incorrect. Also, thank you for your service if you are indeed a policeman. Truly, thank you.

First, I"d like to point at that the majority of your arguments aren"t against liberal ideas at all, and are actually about post-modern, neo-Marxist ideas that are held by a small minority of liberals. Attributing those ideas to liberalism as a whole is like attributing white supremacy to conservatives as a whole. It"s simply not the case, although there is a small minority that believe in white supremacy.

Secondly, all those ideas you have mentioned have not impacted the US in any lasting way as of yet. I would agree with you that those cancerous ideas are pushing the US in a negative direction, but have luckily not resulted in lasting laws, or other effects, at least on a federal level. However, positive things like women gaining the vote, the end of segregation, and other truly good things have happened as a result of liberal ideas.

For this next part, I openly admit that I could be wrong, and invite you to correct me. I view the right and the left as saying two different things the right seems to me to say "hey, societies have hierarchies and if you shut up and work hard and do your best, you can make life good for you and your family so your kids have a better life than you". The right likes the idea that everyone can move up the hierarchy. The left on the other hand, also recognize there is a hierarchy, but they know that being on the bottom of the hierarchy really sucks. So they try to help those that are at the bottom in any way they can. Without the right, the hierarchy would collapse because there is too much mobility, and not based on competency. But without the left, the hierarchy would collapse because all hierarchies collapse when their is not enough mobility up the hierarchy (like with soviet communism).

The above paragraph is the main reason I wanted to accept this debate is to illustrate this point. The left is necessary to push for helping those in need. For those reasons, I believe that liberalism has not made as terribly negative effects as it could appear to the US.
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to thank you for your politeness and gratitude towards me, and I hope you feel the same with my response back to you. I would also say that my topic sentence isn"t the best English (even though im 4th/5th generation U.S)as I shouldn"t have said terribly negative :)
I think you had good points, but some of your points had flaws. For example, when you talked about how only a "minority" supports black lives matter like republicans to "white supremacy", but in this article , it says how 8 in 10 democrats support black lives matter, while 23% of republicans support it. That shows that your point there is flawed as the movement "black lives matter" likely started with few members but is very populas now in the Democratic Party.
For your second point, it hasn"t impacted the USA in federal laws, but in society/ state laws, as marijuana is legal in some states (Colorado, California, Oregon, etc). And for your final paragraph, I agree with you on how the left does try to help the people in need, while the right tends to worry about themselves. It is good that people in need are cared for by the left, but this has nothing to do with the points I made in my argument.
With the most respect to you, I have to say that you didn"t answer my points. I am guessing it is because they are hard to answer (as you feel I answered them well), and I would hope you didn"t just ignore my arguments that had great points on how liberalism has made some negative effects to the United States. I would appreciate it for your second argument, to talk about my arguments, and then bring up more of your own arguments against my statement. Thanks


Thanks for that response, and for your politeness. I"d like to Focus this second round on 3 main points you brought up in the second round namely black lives matter, legalization of marijuana, and caring for those in need.

First, black lives matter. The pew research that you cited shows that 8/10 support black lives matter, but there are some issues with that. If you look at the methodology of the poles, people were asked if they supported black lives matter only after they said they were familiar (IE had heard of) the black lives matter movement. A more accurate description would be "8/10 Democrats that are familiar with black lives matter support black lives matter." Not only that, but if you were to ask someone the question if black lives matter, I feel the vast majority would say yes. This isn"t implying that all other lives don"t matter like you claimed earlier, it"s a simple statement. Black lives matter, right? Right. White lives matter right? Right. All lives matter, right? Right. The reason (as far as I can see) is that the founders of black lives matter felt as though black lives in particular weren"t being valued as all other lives, hence the reminder. But, I agree that the organization has done stupid and terrible things. But that certainly doesn"t mean anyone who supports the idea of black lives having value harms the US.

Secondly, the legalization of marijuana. You said in your first round that marijuana is bad for you, and i agree. However, every single one of the points that you used against marijuana can also be applied to alcohol (and arguably more effectively). So, to claim that marijuana should be illegal is just about the same to me that alcohol should be illegal. Now, I"m not saying whether that should be the case or not, but it seems unintelligent to legalize one and not the other when they are extremely similiar in harm and benifit.

Thirdly, you said "it"s good that in need are cared for by the left, but this has nothing to do with the points of my argument" I disagree. That is, to me, the whole arguement. The reason why liberalism isn"t harmful to the US, is that it does more good than harm for my reasons stated in the first round. This is Exactly what this arguement is about, and I feel that oftentimes people like you and I that lean conservative forget that liberalism is a necessary balancing force to conservatism. That, is why I believe that liberalism isn"t a destructive force to the US (although it can be if misused just like conservatism).
Debate Round No. 2


Thanks for responding to me within the due date, and I hope we can finish the debate and see who the people vote for. <. For your first point, it says 81% support black lives matter.
It says they support/somewhat support the movement of the black lives matter group. This shows that liberals ARE PUSHING this topic, not the conservatives. And the hate against cops is not okay from "some members of this group", lets say Colin Kaepernick. In this article, , Colin Kaepernick has socks that have police members as pigs. That is a rebellious behavior that is not okay unless "All Cops are actual Pigs", which is not true at all. Just like IN EVERY JOB, THERE ARE SOME TERRIBLE PEOPLE IN EACH WORKING DEPARTMENT. There are some racist people, some sexist people, etc, so that is not okay for a prior NFL star to show such hate towards the POLICE DEPARTMENT OF HIS COUNTRY. That is extremely disrespectful. And, Kaepernick doesnt like the brutality shown to black people by police officers, but in this article , it says how only 19 unarmed black people were shot last year. So Colin Kaepernick is making a public scene by supporting this movement and disrespecting our flag and all the people that have fought for him to be here for him to wear socks showing cops are pigs. This rebellious behavior that liberalism supports is not good for the country, as it depicts black people over cops as they feel they are getting mistreated, while in reality, only a small number every year are killed when they are unarmed. These cops are putting their lives on the line to help our world by keeping the people safe and arresting people that commit crimes, and they can die at any moment. For them to be aggressive is not racist at all, as they could be risking their life for them to be tricked and killed by the criminal. The lack of respect people show to cops, (supported from liberals), is disgusting, and disrespects the people that keep us safe.
The "kneeling", by Kaepernick, is such a disgrace to the American people that died for this pathetic guy to make a scene of his (charity work*), by kneeling for the national anthem. Now why couldn"t Kaepernick just talk to the media after, or even talk on social media about it, but he decides instead to make his point by disgracing people that lost their lives to help our country and kneels to our national anthem. I would hope you would agree that people shouldn"t support anyone that kneels against our national anthem, as rebelling against all of those people that helped this country is completely disrespectful.
For your argument against marijuana, you said how alcohol is just as bad as marijuana, if not worse. I will say that alcohol is a drug (in my opinion) that is harmful to us as shown in its effects, BUT WHAT DID ALCOHOL NOT BEING BANNED SHOWS HOW LIBERALISM HASNT MADE NEGATIVE EFFECTS TO THE U.S.A? (Caps letters are used for emphasizing points, im not mad or anything :), just trying to prove my point :) ))) The topic of this debate is liberalism has made (terribly) negative effects to the United States, but what does your point have to do with liberals pushing marijuana to be legal in our country being a negative effect to the United States. And for your last sentence in that paragraph, TWO WRONGS DONT MAKE A RIGHT.
And for your final argument, WHERE IS THE PROOF, that liberalism has done more good than harm to make it harmful. In my topic sentence, I said Liberalism has made terribly negative effects, not saying Liberalism ONLY makes negative effects. So the Colorado car accidents that have increased drastically when marijuana was legalized in that state was a negative effect to the United States, as it cost more lives to the United States. And "some" black lives members hating on cops which have been proven by Colin Kaepernick in his socks.
Once again, I want to thanks for debating with me, and being polite and respectful. I wasn"t expecting such committed and polite full responses from someone, and I"m grateful that you debated against me to talk about a political topic.
For the people voting, i want you to realize that I say liberalism has made (terribly negative effects to the United States, not saying how liberalism is completely harmful and should never be used. But, in my arguments, there were proven effects of liberal people making terrible effects to the United States. I hope the voters focus on my topic sentence, and my examples of it and the evidence. Thanks
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by AJ101 3 years ago
Years ago, liberals and conservatives had quite a lot in common, and there weren"t too many differences. These days, there is a BIG difference. As any liberal will tell you, conservatives are leaning to far right on the political spectrum (getting too harsh, intolerant, strict), but a conservative might tell the opposite, that liberals are leaning too far left (too soft, unintelligible, unrealistic). In my opinion, I"ll say that the conservatives are right. Liberalism may have been used for good (stopping segregation, women"s rights), but now, it just doesn"t know when and how to stop!

Let me give an example of how liberalism can get a little kooky:

Looking at pictures of transgender protests, and I see a poster saying "we are the unsupported minority", or something like that (hear me out, I"m not completely against transgender people)

Later, I see pictures of recent feminism protests, and I see a poster saying " we make up most of the world!"

So, what does this mean.
It means sometimes liberals will say, and do, anything to get their way, and most of the time, it doesn"t even make sense. This leads to the topic that democrats (liberals) are not reliant on truth.
Posted by WilliamMontibello 3 years ago
As per marijuana- you do seem to hate the stuff- though i'm unsure as to why.

Studies pertaining marijuana have shown it to be healthier than both alcohol and cigarettes (over time) and when used in proper dosage. It also has many wonderful medical benefits, such as lowering anxiety and altogether ceasing some types of seizures and motor function disabilities. Every symptom you listed that is not a short term effect of marijuana is caused by tobacco, and alcohol does much, much worse.

We want to legalize it for many reasons- all of the above to start- and because, as a drug, its effect is so minimal compared to real- actually addicting drugs- that we believe no one should be jailed for its use. Otherwise, we would have to jail people for drinking as well- which is after all, worse.
Posted by WilliamMontibello 3 years ago
I am unable to respond to this debate, but speaking as a Liberal- i would certainly comment- and hope to illuminate you on a few key things:

The Black Lives Matter movement was created in response- not alone. It was created in response to the current stigma in the United States toward African Americans as a whole. This stigma is that African Americans are more likely to commit crimes- and more likely to be violent. The group's name is not a suggestion that "black lives matter more" but that they matter at all. The name is a desperate statement to attempt to remind the world that African Americans are not subhuman- and that their lives should not be exterminated without thought or pity. This name was chosen because African Americans have a high rate of negative interactions and deaths in interactions with the police- and nothing seems to be done about it. Their statement has nothing to do with the lives of other races- it is simply meant as a reminder that their lives ALSO matter, due to a lack of media coverage and justice for unfair deaths.

Feminism is a civil rights equality movement with the idea of equal pay and rights in perceived lacking areas.

Transgender people are people who have either been born with a brain that physically and chemically resembles their opposing sex- (Meaning their brain is literally female when they are male- and vice versa), or they are people whose personalities and sexuality make them more comfortable participating in the activities and lifestyles of the opposing sex. Human sexuality is a spectrum. You for instance, appear to be a straight male. As with all sexuality- the correct thing to do is respect a person's sexuality, regardless of whether or not you personally sympathize with it. If you were discriminated against for being straight- or happened to exist in a human race where everyone was gay- and you were treated the way you are treating others- you would not be a happy person.
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