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Lick a 4 year-old girl as if she was a lollipop

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Started: 3/14/2019 Category: Economics
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You pray for me, I will pray for you, We will help each other along. And if on the many paths of God we travel and find a nice 4 year-old child, I will let you lick her first. Lick her cheek as if she was a lollipop, As if she was a sweet candy. Even if she doesn't want to be licked, It's only fair to give her the unwanted lick. As our Lord says: spare the cheek, Spoil the child.


I am arguing that here is not enough evidence to prove "Lick a 4 year-old girl as if she was a lollipop".

I will prove this by asking voters to lick themselves once without anything with flavor on your body. Perhaps you can try your arm. Ask yourself, "does this taste like an average lollipop? " I have tried this experience, And my arm tastes very different from every lollipop I have tried. I assume that the human girl tastes fairly similar to me. The burden of proof is on Pro to prove that licking the girl tastes like a lollipop, And pro has failed to give evidence of this. Also, In most countries around the world, Licking a girl "even if they don not want it" like pro claims in their argument is illegal and immoral, And it has adverse consequences. I would argue that breaking my moral compass and laws is not a good decision, And there is certainly not enough evidence to prove that it is a good idea.
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Posted by SickInTheHead 3 years ago
Showers can't remove evil in the same amount the licking can. Also, 4 year-old girls should be licked like lollipops and it's good to lick them, So I don't see why would anyone be against this. If someone is against this, He is probably infected with evil or just ignorant.

I have already proved and defended that licking of children should be done, Because it's good. And 4 year-old girls do taste like lollipops, Which is an obvious truth, And anyone who disagrees is probably mentally disturbed individual.
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
We got showers in this day and age. .
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