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Lick a 4 years old girl as if she was a lollipop

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Started: 8/7/2018 Category: Economics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Lick a 4 years old girl as if she was a lollipop

I saw a little 4 years old girl
I approached her
And licked her on the cheek
I like to lick little girls
As if they were lollipops
All the cuteness comes into my heart
When I take a 4 years old girl
And lick her on the cheek
I would love to lick her somewhere else
But opportunities are too little
I am simply a man who follows his wishes
I know I committed many crimes and wrongs
But that never stopped me
It just slowed me down a bit
When I lick a 4 years old girl
I feel fulfilled
My goals are crucial for molesting children
Even in happiness and laugh
My lust remains great
Always on alert
A heart without rest
Soldier on the invisible front, I demonstrated many times
That I am capable of kissing children
And not get caught
Unstopped by any obstacle
A heart that doesn't rest


You are a sick person if you truly molest children, Children cannot consent as they do not know the full ramifications of sex and the long term affects of said sex. Children cannot consent, Evidence shows children of any kind who are molested or had sex with at a young age, End up later on resulting to have depression, Anxiety, Hostility, Agitation, Suicidal thoughts or actions and even addictions, You are basically creating and grooming someone to have their life ruined all at a result of your sick fantasy. And the thing about it, The troubles for this person do not go away even decades later. Many who were child victims, Later on as adults have nightmares and many become offenders themselves.

You are just setting up a evil chain reaction of ruining peoples life, You need to get help not hurt innocent children. Nobody deserves to have their innocent live ruined all because the actions of one selfish person who couldn't control their desires and sick fantasy's. Get help, Seek a therapist and even get chemically castrated, Do something that isn't ruining more children's lives. Do not be a heartless monster.
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