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Started: 1/9/2018 Category: People
Updated: 9 months ago Status: Post Voting Period
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is life worth living?


I shall say yes.
Debate Round No. 1


Actually i am a firm believer in the arts and practices "Life." which means that life sucks and living life is pointless.



I don't know what that was... But it was disturbing. Also do not want to know. Anyway...

Worth huh... I think that it is rather hard for people to ever find life completely not WORTH living. It flows more easy when life is going well and we have easier found meanings, purposes in our lives. When the hard times come, from ourselves or outside and people worry Why, Why do I continue? When people consider suicide.. Even then, many of them want to live. Many go for half measures in their attempts as they remain undecided deep down, they call through help, hoping that someone, Somthing will change, or come across them, Thier very souls call for help. For ANY purpose worth a reason to live.

My life has worth to me by means of pleasure mainly. In books, movies, music, food, sleep, people, chairs, walks, the night with a moon hanging above, a setting sun, a rising sun, family, friends, pizza, webcomics, newspapers, card games, chess, risk, sights, scenes, feelings of importance at times, video games, drawing, writing, singing, talking, swimming, the seven sins, the seven virtues, ANY reason...
Debate Round No. 2


The suicide rate has been off the charts this year and its not even near the middle or the end of the year yet its still January so that prooooooooooooOOoves that life is horrible and it should not be lived.


Again, a disturbing link. Must. Repress... Anyway

Still more people struggling against their stressors in life to live, than folding before them.
Only thing that prooooooooooooOOoves is more people found life worth living than didn't.

Life can have the worth we give it. As I said in my previous argument, me and some, and more of those things make life worth living to me.

A person without a purpose or a reason, an inspiration. Hard for them to find worth in life.

People WITH can overcome having a boulder roll on their hand, chop that hand off and march on with life.
Can survive Holocaust death camps and marches.
Can climb peaks. Walk on the Moon. Swim an ocean.
Lay on a couch and watch all of MASH. Listen to all of Beethoven.
Watch a sun rise. Then watch a sun set... And look forward to the next.

I don't feel you've given much reason why life would be worthless. Or why you might believe that. Nonetheless I thank my opponent for the debate, and found the topic to be interesting.

I shall end in poem, which shall no doubt cost me points, but I enjoy.

Let us be merry
And let us not tarry
On which we can't change or deny
For there's life left to lead
And grinning and mead
And songs and tales to be done
There's company to be had
Whether good or the bad
We might as well live on.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Leaning 8 months ago
I can't figure out how to verify my phone. I use Net10 for my service provider. I think they're connected to Sprint or Verizon but neither of those worked either.
Posted by SperoXVII 8 months ago
Nobody votes anymore...
Posted by Leaning 9 months ago
I don't really see how, you made 1 flawed argument of less people deciding life was worthless than people who thought it was worth continuing.
Posted by SperoXVII 9 months ago
Cute poem but obviously i am the winner.
Posted by Leaning 9 months ago
I was happy when I read this scene in this book. I had conceptualized such a thought myself before reading this book.
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