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Light has no speed, cuz darkness dosnt slow light down

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Started: 1/27/2018 Category: Science
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You cant freeze light, it go right through the ice cube.. right through the ice cube!!!!

light=heat=white=hot=time=life=awake=positive energy
Darkness=frozen=black=cold=timeless=death=sleep=negative energy

light represents konstant time


Light cannot be frozen indeed, but that is because for something to be frozen it has to be in a liquid state prior. Light has no state of matter, it is energy.

Those equivalences you drew between all those terms seem to be arbitrary and based on nothing concrete or scientific.

Please explain how light represents "constant time". What does that even mean?

Darkness not slowing something down doesn't make that something unable to have speed. If you run in the dark, you will still have some speed.

Speed is nothing more than distance traveled over time. Light has been proven to be able to travel certain distances over limited time intervals.
Debate Round No. 1


darkness is timeless, therfore light is time..

light is limited by darkness

earth is tempered, you wont have much speed running for a while on Pluto

light has no speed, its on or off. the range of light is a konstant


Darkness is not itself directly affected by the passage of time, so you could say it is timeless. However, it is incorrect to then conclude that light is time. Light is a form of energy whereas time is the passage of existence.

It should be noted that darkness is defined as the absence of light. So the opposite of darkness would be the presence of light, not light itself. It is different because presence is a property of something that depends on a referenced location. Using myself as an example, I could say that right now in my room I am present, but right now anywhere else I am not. Talking about my presence is different from talking about me.

Light is not limited by darkness, it is the other way around. You can shine a flashlight through a dark tunnel and the darkness will not impede the passage of light.

I'm not sure what the temperedness of Earth has to do with anything. Not having much speed running in Pluto does not contribute anything substantial to this debate.

Light indeed has speed, I explained why in round 1. Light cannot be on or off, it can either be present or absent. The range of light is not constant, it will vary according to the distance a said photon travels.

You have failed to offer counterarguments to what I said in round 1.
Debate Round No. 2


darkness is the opposite of light.

is light not present?..

light is light

opposition is anti force, it is not what it is limited by.. or light is not darkness

light is heat, just because you get shaded by something dosnt mean you freeze to ice

light is there, or not..

the range of light is konstant, the distance light reachs is not


Darkness is the opposite of the presence of light.

Light is not present where it is dark.

Wrong is wrong.

Darkness is limited by light because darkness cannot exist unless light is absent.

Light is not heat, but it could be transformed into it.

Range is defined by the distance able to covered by something, your last statement is very wrong.
Debate Round No. 3
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