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Lighting Impromptu Debate

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Started: 8/9/2010 Category: Miscellaneous
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This is a lighting impromptu debate we each have 30 minutes and 1000 characters to post our arguments. In round one we each post three topics for our opponent to choose from and define major terms. In round two we make are arguments, and in round 3 it is rebuttal time. This is supposed to be quick and fast the three topics my opponent may choose from are
1)Failed Nations are a greater threat to the United States than stable nations
2)Economic sanctions ought not to be used as a means of achieving foreign policy objectives.
3)Capitalism vs Socialism

I thank my opponent in advance for accepting this debate


This sounds fun and I have nothing to do for a while so I'll give it a go.

Out of my opponent's topics, I am would like to argue topic number 3. I do not know which side I am arguing, but I can do either.

My three topics for debate are:

1. Free will and determinism are compatible with one another.
2. Physicalism is true.
3. Goes does not exist.

I would prefer to argue Pro (in favor of) on all of these cases but I do not know how the sides are determined. I have nothing more to say for this round. Best of luck in this debate.
Debate Round No. 1


I will be arguing the God does indeed exist. My arguments are thus
1. Cosmological Argument
P1:Everything that has a beginning has an end and vice versa
P2: Everything that has a beginning must also have a first cause which caused the beginning
C1:The Universe has an end and therefore a beginning
C2:The Universe must have a first cause
This first cause is God. Now God does not need a first cause since he has no beginning and no end and has existed eternally
2. Complexity Argument
The universe and everything therein is incredibly complex, especially life. All this complexity could not come about as the result of chance. Therefore the universe must have had a designer. This designer is God.
3. Creation
P1:I cannot know of something which I have never in any way experienced.
P2:Perfection does not exist on this earth
P3:I have the idea of perfection
C1:I got this idea of perfection from somewhere
This somewhere was God


I will be arguing that Capitalism is the superior system.

1. Right to Property
The State is nothing more than an organization of people. It does not have the right to interfere with the right to property through involuntary taxation and redistribution of wealth.

2. Productivity
When people work for themselves, they have a greater incentive to succeed. Working for the State removes one's stake in his own work.

3. Efficiency
It is in the interest of private producers to become as efficient as possible. A subsidized producer does not have the pressure to maximize profits and reduce expenses.

4. Organization
A socialist system needs to be centralized and would become dependent on a bureaucracy. This means of organization is very inefficient compared to a diffused capitalist organization of industry.

5. Naturalism
Humans naturally exist in an environment of free trade. We make exchanges and agreements according to what we consider fair. Socialism violates natural autonom
Debate Round No. 2


In argument 1 my opponent states that people form a states which implies they are not naturally found and further implies centralization.
However in argument 5 my opponent says that free trade is natural and right this directly contradicts his first contention
Furthermore my opponent says that decentralized organizations are most efficient not only is this untrue, as Genghis Kahn had a highly centralized army and created the largest land empire ever,
but this also contradicts my opponents 1st point
so quick recap
Argument 1 contradicts arguments 5 and 4 and argument four was disproved.
This leaves arguments 2 and 3
2 Incentive, my opponent basically says that there is no motivation under socialism and capitalism provides incentive. However this is untrue as in our capitalist society many people are on a salary but socialism can also reward good effort as well, in the USSR good workers were rewarded with cruises
Dang Character Limit :-)


1. Cosmological Argument
Physics reveals that space and time do not exist independently of one another. Nothing (God included) can exist before the universe (before time) just as nothing can exist north of the north pole. By Occam's razor it is more likely that universe was uncaused than that it was caused by an uncaused cause.
2. Complexity Argument
If energy is added to a system continuously over time it can gradually become more orderly without violating thermodynamics. No God required.
3. Creation
Perfection is an abstract term referring to a state of flawlessness. The statement "1+1=2" is perfect, as are other mathematical and physical truths. We know them not from God but from the characteristics of the universe itself.

(can I make new rebuttals?)

4. Paradoxes
An omnipotent being cannot exist because it could not create a task that it could not perform. A being cannot be omniscient and omnipotent because it would be unable to act against its predictions of the future.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by feverish 8 years ago
lol at the pro socialism argument, using Genghis Kahn and communist Russia as positive examples of socialism.
Posted by Strikeeagle84015 8 years ago
Sorry I was unclear about that you can choose to argue whichever side of my topics you would like
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