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Like It or Not: Trump will reach Lincoln-Level Heights Post Mortem (Short Debate)

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Started: 1/20/2018 Category: Politics
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The evidence in brief is compelling, the history books will only speak highly of Donny Trump.

He's rich, powerful and influential
He has Global recognition, celebrity himself
Huge far Right wing support, they too like him are Controversial
Manipulative, eg knows how to cut someone off, simply by saying "fake news"

Con- in brief highlight why you think he will not attain greatness, ie he not be remembered like a Jefferson or a Lincoln.


I don't think he will because of the amount of idiotic things the man has done the reason Lincoln is so fantasized and such is because of the things he did and why he did those things like the civil war and the freeing of the slaves
Trump on the other hand isn't in a good spot right now with the government shutdown and among other things the only way I personally see Trump being remembered if for the rest of his presidency continues like it is now is either impeachment or people beating his presidency to the ground because no matter if you're in support of Trump or not his presidency has been a royal disaster sure hes gotten some things done that's to be expected however hes done more wrong then good in a good amount of people's eyes mine included
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