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Lil Barnacle is the best rapper in 100 years

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Started: 8/30/2018 Category: Funny
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Aight so everybody should know that Lil Barnacle has the flow of an angel and he probably is one. So let's debate. Here's the rules;
1. There is no rules


My opponent did not make a argument in round one, Or a convincing one at least when stating that "Lil Barnacle" is the best rapper in 100 years worth of time.

It's important for you, The reader to know that when it comes to opinions, That's just that. They're opinions, They're subjective, And for everyone it's different. So while my opponent thinks Lil Barnacle is the best rapper, There are many who will say that Eminem, 2pac, Lil Wayne, And other's are the best in the last 100 years, Or since forever.

My opponent has to prove without doubt that Lil Barnacle is indeed the best, And show statistics, And all that good stuff in which I'm afraid will be a tall mountain to climb. Many other rappers like some of those I mentioned up above for example Eminem have won many awards in the rap category, And are more known, Sell more CD's, And make more. Not only that, But some of those rappers may shape and change the music industry, And also just do positive things for their community (Prince EA on Youtube).

Even then, Just as Ric Flair would say "To be the man, You've got to beat the man. " and I don't think Lil Barnacle has surpassed any major rapper out there, Or accomplished as much as a good majority of them have. Rap battling? I'm sure Eminem would destroy him.

So I ask my opponent to demonstrate with proof that Lil Barnacle is the best, And that deep down everyone reading knows it and is delusional to think he isn't the best. Entertain me with this subjective reasoning, And opinion from someone who isn't a professional critic, But rather an average joe and consumer that appreciates Lil Barnacle.
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