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Limerick Rap Battle

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Started: 2/7/2018 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Yo lets do this, 5 nonsensical interlinking limerick rap stanzas in each round.
R1- only acceptance


lets have a go!
Debate Round No. 1


Well this here be Limericks
Heard my man dagger likes little mix
Cos he be stupid
Next week, i be chillin with cupid
Making her breakfast weetabix

Its good for boo
Il look after you
when the doctor calls
our baby crawls
going coo coo coo

Like an owl
ya face is fowl
smell like a raccoon
n look like a babboon
wash yoself, i gotcha towel

Laundry, i got so much money
don't be jealous , honey
ya hands sticky
please stopping wanking over mickey
you a sket, tryna act like a playboy bunny

Yo momma so fluffy
but she aint no buffy
'member when i said she can't cook
well now she a drugged up crook
tryna sell coke like biggie n puffy.

Over to you


Prepare for a loss, you triggered furry!
Come ant me and see my triggered fury!
I just came here for the chuckles
this man will be more dead than Ugandan knuckles
When I'm done, no one will want to give you suckles

You say I like mix? you aren't much better
go keep choking man, its a real go-getter
If you want to fight, than lose the streak
Because with that, when I'm at my peak
I'm far from being beat

HAHA! my bars are so hot they'd burn your fur off
Your bad rhyming makes me want to turn and scoff
I have rhymes that make you wish that you've never been born
Because yu look like you watch Kaiju porn!
So go ahead and cry and scorn

Go kiss a skunk
your already drunk
I think I can beat you? you know it punk!
I have better everything, so ya gotta stop the flex
if it wasn't for shrek, you'd never have sex

My momma's just fine
But yours is mine
I understand why you want to lose
because that's why you have a fetish for blues clues
So here dude have a booze

Over to you.
Debate Round No. 2


Urrgh, your bars - SHEG
I'll twist ya arm thrice n break ya leg
wounded muppet...
ya walking around like my bitchin puppet
relax, mans on Spotify, vibing to 3 peg

Google that ish
my gal looks better than trish
stratus fear
ya end is so blatantly near
so what's ya last wish?!

This feels like charity
man like Scar, raise hell with disparity
your downfall is coming
what's that?! 2+2 equals summin
bet you don't know, do ya want clarity?

I will enlighten you, strike ya faster than lightening
but first my teeth need whitening
because I'm a perfectionist
homey, hold the phone, there's a twist...
ya so insecure like chandler bing

you are sarcastic
very much spastic
daggers and swiss army knives
spread over sage onion and chives
il serve ya beans on toast, with plastic.

Now come at me bro!!?! WHO ARE YA


Why don't you go and hibernate
because you know its to late
I'm the best MC on this plate
And your the worst one, in the make
So go and get me a cake

You think you can do what I can?
Watch me use silver against this wolf-man!
Your talking about Stratus fear?
when My bars can throw you into the atmosphere?
Sounds like I got a here-here

Ill throw ya in the zoo
The girls go "woo"
The cows go "moo"
Your very though
Il punch you and make you go "ooh"

I'm launching PURE BARS
you have PURE SCARS
you rap like jake paul, so have a mars bar!
Ill knock you down like jow weller
And have you rot in a celler

I wanted a rap partner.
Not some purple wolf monster
Go and cry as a slaughter
go ahead and Act like a bragger
ill give you a headache, WITH A DAGGER

Debate Round No. 3


Fam you're just a joke, tryna take the piss
Watch, this here be the most violating diss
YA backwards like Eden
Syndrome like sweden
Stockholm, Paris, Milan or Swiss

I'm an international saint
show no constraint
like 'spex, you dense
come at me, we'll fence
I'll call the ambulance, while ya faint

Back where we started
"1955 done farted
Cos He's Gassed
U n him- Outcast
You've hit rockbottom, il save ya, half hearted

Cos I'm a cold-blooded two face
magic aint real, sh1t what a disgrace
You just a RapeAdvocate, u sick and twisted
Stop watchin porn, 3 gals fisted
Here, here's my shoe, tie my lace

B1tch you love me, like peach and bowser
Pull up my trouser
Stop suckin
Ya mom, she fvckin
You, cos u an inbred with an outta date browser._



your just some wolf out of the park
I cause fire spitting flows
What type of crying will you embark?
I have hit my mark

Never once have i seen a flow so wack
So its time for my attack
your never coming back
so i think its time for you to cut the slack
ill eat ya like a big mac

You got NO FLOW
im a GO PRO

So i guess that is go for show
So i want this furry to know
That he better hide, its wolf season
i don't think your family could handle your wack flow treason
I light you up faster than a beacon

id rather listen to TJ miller
Other than that rap filler
its almost the final showdown
So prepare for a throwdown
Much like when your mother THREW YA DOWN

Debate Round No. 4


'TIS evident, you cannot hang, LYNCHED
IT'S over, bang bang bang. ya butt PINCHED
S'IT how can my man try compete
ya just so incomplete
my championship thang, already CLINCHED

I'm a victorious, very much glorious

Swiss Cheddar Provolone
man will end you like Al Capone
don't wanna fvck with me boy
I see you inserting that toy
you can not fathom the designs of my throne

i'm amazing, go in all guns blazing

But you think I'm crazy purple like barney, Gumble
you ain't so Humble
now what rhymes with purple?
no seriously, what rhymes with purple..
anyways, you trippin, I trip ya, ya take ten tumble

Simples, no Pimples

how can my enemy try flirt?
like follower', nullins n 'spex, you just dirt
y'all sadistic monsters in trance
n here's me thinking Kane had a chance
ya gal go squirt squirt squirt

Over me, ya most admirable G

what's next in the life of WOLFY J?
guess you'll never KNOW bae
i'm destined for new heights
its lonely at the top, jus me and dust mites
Fort knight kings wouldn't have it any other way

Now you in eternal turmoil, i'll wrap ya corpse with plastic...


Head just boil

COS WOLFY just ended you, no time for your recoil!



It is the final battle
other wolf's have packs, you have cattle
Other alpha's have a mate
While girls find you as a lightweight
Its a debate site, but theirs no room for debate.

Your ended, your life is suspended

I'm not about the negativity
but you lack in the rap creativity
You would lose a fight gravity
Your incarnation of a cavity
To beat me is insanity

I always score, while you can't even say "fore!"

dude, ill make you like chinchillia
Because you don't ship barney with Godzilla
Rapping so fast
We gotta clash
Go ahead and go to the comments and bash

This will be gory, and quite the story

I'm a Legend your a sheep
with my rhymes ill sweep
So read it and weep
This victory ill keep
The high mountains ill leap

How can you not see? I am the better MC!

Never say bae cause you ain't got girls!
Go ahead and rage your in for a whirl!
So go ahead to cry and curl
Because your not a wolf, your a squirrel
Now watch my finisher unfurl!

When it comes to raps, we both know, that you want to ask for....


But that ain't no score

Cause we both know that you only belong in RULE 34

Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by WOLF.J 3 years ago
nooooo, wolfy should win. muppets
Posted by WOLF.J 3 years ago
Posted by WOLF.J 3 years ago
Posted by Minddagger 3 years ago
you don't want to know...
Posted by WOLF.J 3 years ago
Da fuq is rule 34 g?
Posted by WOLF.J 3 years ago
u didn't even go nullins
Posted by BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 3 years ago
I'm back!
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