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Linux vs Windows

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Started: 12/4/2016 Category: Technology
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I have to study for tests in the next few weeks, so let's get started straight away.

The pro is Linux, the con is Windows.

I'm aiming for comparison with Windows is Ubuntu, the most-used Linux operating system.

First reason, security. Linux actually have fewer security risks, making it more security, which is the top reason for Linux in servers. And if it actually has, most Linux distributions are open-source which means that it can be fixed fast and clean in a few days, rather than Windows' a few WEEKS.

Second, YOLO customization. You can go anywhere in this with a big variety in Desktop Environment, icon and theme packs, window manager, whatever. You can even use Hot Corners (available for macOS, Ubuntu, Debian,etc...) to do something quick like hiding your gaming window when your parent come into the room. Thumbs up.

Revive your old PC and make it a home theatre machine. Install some lightweight Ubuntu branches like Lubuntu and Xubuntu, and you're done. Look at Windows 10 requirement. If you have a Windows XP machine and wanted to revive it, you're out of luck if you want to install Windows 10 on it.

Oh, and what more? Say goodbye to installation wizard (mostly). Almost all Linux distributions have a package manager and an app store, so you can install over command-line or just go up the store. Know what? The apps are mostly free.

That's all. Hope I can see some answer from the cons.


If you are a gamer Linux is not what you want most developers don't even make their games for windows and most common applications are not Linux supported. you can't even play indie games because they aren't supported and even some multimedia players aren't on the platform either and Alot of common windows applications aren't supported either such as: Microsoft Office,Microsoft Security Essentials,Paint.Net, are just some of the examples of applications that are not on the Linux platform
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Posted by jc_justin 1 year ago
Yes but the alternate programs are either a buggy version of the original or just plain crap
Posted by ptosis 1 year ago
Yes, a big bloated program called Photoshop is not available on Ubuntu. I use Gimp & RawTherapee.
Posted by SiliconeValley 1 year ago
Actually jc_justin, there are some alternatives to the programs you have said. And Valve made the effort to port all of their games and Steam to Linux, and also Minecraft is playable in Linux.
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