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Locally grown food or company manufactured food

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Started: 4/30/2018 Category: Health
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in this debate, I am for and again .let me hear your views
AS technology advanced, everything has become more facilitated, including the production of nourishment. Heated debated have surfaced about whether the food manufactured in factories has an upper hand over locally made food.
The main reason people advocate locally produced food is the fact that it doesn't contain preservatives which said to be carcinogenic (can cause cancer) nor artificial food colouring which can cause allergies leading to asthma.
on the other hand, people argue that the locally produced food is expensive compared to supermarkets.For example, a product such as an egg bought at the farm is more expensive compared to ones bought at the market.This would put a load on families with budgets thus causing an inconvenience.


i dont care i like food
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