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Logan Paul Should Be Forgiven

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Started: 2/4/2018 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Should Logan Paul be forgiven? I think not. Logan Paul was outrageous, he didn't think the situation through - he just posted it online for everyone to see. Some people can't deal with their lives, they physically don't have the opportunity that we have, they may not be able to make a decision and they are already dying on the inside. They could have been SEVERELY bullied or are being chased down. The do eventually take the decision to kill themselves they don't want to be alive - they don't want to be known. They want to be removed from existence but then some 22-year-old mindless person exposes their identity to the pure horror of millions of viewers. Were that person to be looking down on the video, they would be horrified. Logan Paul is exploiting their trouble to the whole world and letting his existence been known forever.
So what does Logan Paul do in return? He apologizes, teaches himself a lesson to better himself though? Or does he do it to get positive attention towards him again?
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Posted by GenericPilot 2 years ago
just realized i am on the pro side. whoops. Logan Paul is the worst. I accidentally joined not knowing I was joining the pro side. Sorry
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