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Long hair instead of short hair?

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Started: 3/16/2014 Category: People
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Would you prefer smooth and shiny hair running down your back or a short haircut that's so simple? Well, I personally prefer long hair because what's not to love about it? Sure it's sometimes hard to manage, but you feel great when you're walking down the street, showing off your amazing hair. On the other hand, short hair is so short that you can hardly create any hairstyle with it. That's why I would prefer to have long hair over short hair.


Long hair vs. short hair as purely a matter of opinion. There are advantages to each length, and there are also disadvantages.

Let's start by defining short hair and long hair. Short hair I would consider to be any length up to about shoulder length. Anything that goes past your shoulders can be considered long hair.

My opponent mentioned that when you have long hair, you feel great walking down the street because you can show off your amazing hair.

I personally have about shoulder length hair, and when I am walking down the street, I enjoy showing off my short hair. It is fun to have it bounce and swing--something that long hair usually can't do. This a matter of pure preference.

Pro also mentioned that there are hardly any hairstyles that you can do with short hair.

With my short hair, I am still able to put it in a ponytail, braid it, put it in a bun, curl it, leave it down, pin it up, and lots of in between styles. Yes, there are some people with extremely short hair that are not able to do all of these things, but most likely they have a valid reason for their short hair. There are many people who simply do not have the time or money to deal with long hair. I have a friend who keeps her hair very short because her family can't afford to pay for the larger amounts of shampoo that long hair uses. Some people have jobs that require short hair to avoid getting it caught in machinery or dropped in food. These are all very good reasons to have short hair.

In general, I believe that short hair is much more practical than long hair. Everyone has set their alarm for the wrong time and had about 10 minutes to get ready. Long hair is going to take so much longer to put up than short hair. Overall, the short hair will be faster, and you can do almost as many different hairstyles with short hair as with long.
Debate Round No. 1


Well, I understand that short hair has it's pros but don't think that long hair doesn't.

One other reason why having length in your hair is because it makes you look more youthful. If you are used to having long hair, wouldn't you like to cut off a few years?

Also, believe it or not you save way more money having long hair. With short hair, you would frequently have to visit the hair salon. More people would notice if you need a haircut with short hair than with long hair.

Do you want to harm your skin by getting sunburn? Well, if people like to go out a lot and they have short hair, they are going to get serious sunburn. Long hair protects your neck from getting sunburn. Whereas short hair exposes the skin on your neck to get easily burnt.

Therefore, I believe that long hair is way better than short.


In order to determine whether short hair or long hair is better, we will have to define better. In this case, better, can be defined as more practical.

Pro mentioned that having long hair makes you look more youthful. I have found that the length of your hair can either make you look older or younger than you are. It depends on your face shape and the way in which you style it. You will have to experiment with different things before you are able to decide whether short or long hair looks better on you.

Pro also mentioned that you will have to visit the salon more often with short hair as it is more noticeable when you need a haircut. While this is true for certain styles of short hair, not everyone in the category of short hair has to visit the hair salon frequently. In order to save money you can have a friend cut your hair. I am good friends with a hair dresser, and she gives me a haircut for free when we see each other. It is an easy way for me to save money and still have practical short hair.

Yes, if you go out a lot when you have extremely short hair, you will probably get sunburned. People only sunburn in the summer, so this is only an issue during a few months out of the year. Putting on a little sunscreen will prevent burning and enable you to have short hair. If you would rather not wear sunscreen, sun hats are an easy way to keep the sun off your neck. Since I have had long hair before, I can tell you that if it is hot out, your hair will most likely be put up in order to keep it off your neck. I find that long hair actually keeps you from cooling off easily in the summer. Therefore, short hair would be more practical in this sense as well.

In terms of style, short hair is equal to long hair. Each has plenty of ways to put it up or leave it down. But, in terms of practicality, short hair outweighs long hair. It is cheaper, easier to manage, faster to put up, and keeps you cool in the summer. Therefore, I believe that short hair is more practical (better) than long hair.
Debate Round No. 2


Jennell forfeited this round.


5music forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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