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Lyrical Games #1

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Started: 7/9/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
Viewed: 1,721 times Debate No: 58601
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This is a rap competition series hosted by me. I ask that everyone respect the name and do not reuse it under your own profiles. Anyone who wants to participate, just message me and I’ll initiate a personal 1-on-1 debate.


1. Battle Lyrics
a. insults, put downs, censored profanity*
*(limit 5 per verse as to not offend most readers)
b. braggadocio, superiority vs. inferiority
c. original compositions

2. 16 bars EACH ROUND ONLY (not including a lead in or out phrase or a 8 bar maximum hook)

3. Con will pass last round by ONLY writing his name in the 4th Round, to avoid judgments against FF.

4. Con begins R1 with his First Verse

Judges select the Opponent of your choice.



Hold up, there's something I should fix first
Before I close up and put down this verse
I'll take a deep breath and let my anger disperse
I never meant to up and call you out,
And over react for something I don't know all about.
I'm left embarrassed from the anger I fed on
And for leaving so long, for something I read wrong.
That being said, I'm all out of apologies.
You want a real challenge? Here, follow me...

How can you call yourself "shadowking studios"?
When you can't rap and sit at home playing yugioh!
And how can you think you could take me in a battle?
You just jumped into the rapids, no boat or no paddle!
I spit with liquid pain, cause the abuse I've felt.
Wait you don't know me? I'll introduce myself.
My name is Ray P. I may be crazy, but the ladies praise me
You can't phase me or change me with 80 attempts to play me!
You rap retardedly failure pumps through your hear and arteries,
It's no wonder your "talent" is so hard to see, cause unlike you, rap is a part of me.
It's quite likely you might be mentally challenged slightly.
You grip the Mic tightly, like "sh*t he might fight me!"
Don't get high and mighty in real life you'd just smile politely
And back away when you sight me. You try to take it lightly that you cry nightly.
It might be because you look at your lyrics like "geez! I can't write these!"

(I realize my into exceeded 8 bars by 1, so my verse is only 15 bars to compensate)
Debate Round No. 1


I tried to do for you what ya daddy would do too
Patted you on ya back, kid and gave you props
But fool ya copped an attitude and got rude
So now I'm going to do to you what I gotta do
Ya rap credibility, dude on DDO is now through
So now I'm going to do to you what I gotta do
So now I'm going to do to you what I gotta do (what I gotta do)

Vs. 1
I don't wanna hear yo Roman mythology, so nigga, fhuck yo Greekish1 apology!
You suck with lyrical phonology with imbecilic worded phraseology2
Hoe, my name is Brando, not Studio, I flow faster than a Nolan Ryan throw
Cut slow thru yo throat like a surgical, medical Pro and sew in a rotten sloe
To watch you choke and slowly croak cause you spoke against the Holy Regime
So go slowly stroke yo daddy for protein until I invoke my Banshee to scream3
The only liquid you spit out is seminal fluid; Little boy! How could you do it?
Knob job the Duke4 just to win a rap debate, you fluke, you knew it & you blew it
Rule 3 specifically states 16 B's, 8 for Hook, but yo cowardly fear against me clearly led thee
To circumvent the "with or w/o Hook" Decree, obviously RayP, you're not a master emcee
Perhaps I need to institute a DDO Rap Academy, because all of you abnormal anomalies
Write with faulty grammar catastrophes, from the Jew, T_Seeker, to you I see a commonality
Ya'lls rhymes have no center of gravity, no universality, they're rotten decayed cavities
Unlike mine with unique personality, ya'll in need of the Shadow's poetic chemistry
It's a reality now! A formality how? Simply that my vitality packs POW
Yo irrationality ain't wow; you finalized the actuality of it from your own avow5

1- Greek, #6
2- "You rap retardedly failure pumps through your hear and arteries" Retardedly?
5- Read his 4th, 5th, 6th, & 7th bar=irrationality


F*ck my apology? Is your sign an as$hole in astrology?
go ahead "do what you gotta do" I'll be who I gotta be!
You think you can write with lyrical expertise, Brando?
It's a miracle you're next to me and my complexity. Your lines? I can't stand those!
I spit quotes while I script notes, til sh*t provokes
Those I oppose. F*ck your verse, I'll get the cliffnotes!
I read every bar like is this guy done yet?
Just take your trash can of lyrics, off in the sunset.

First off, could your next one make sense?
Your studio's fake, hence, you as a rapper couldn't make cents!
Your best line couldn't shake my fence. You'd end up with face dents.
And don't offer me your bullsh*t academy, just cause you're mad at me.
You think I'm scared of you? "Ah! Don't hurt me with spoken harm!"
B*tch you throw rhymes like Nolan Ryan with broken arms!
Backup before I snatch a hatchet and stash it in my backpack,
Light up your house with matches, pass your ratchet wife, find your face and smash it!
You couldn't learn my rhyme scheme even if I screamed
It at you. You couldn't see what I mean, but go ahead. Try me.
Any by the way this is the consequence. For being a little b*tch who self compliments.
You could fill continents with your misplaced self-confidence.
It's too easy to defeat ya, better pray I never meet ya!
I have capability to defeat ya, and eat ya like a piece a pizza!
Like all I've faced, I tricked em'. You're no opponent. You're a victim!
I hope they see why I do to you. Otherwise the other guys try as another dies.
Debate Round No. 2


Vs. 2
What the fhuck? I see ya scribbled down mo' honky-tonk-influenced junk,

Was you blind drunk on crunk1 while smokin' piss-dipped shunk?
You just a flunky punk with lyrics without marinated & spicy funk
It was like reading a monk's bunk2 thoughts dictated by Alvin & the Chipmunks

It's okay to caress Hip Hop’s success, unless you confess to be an Emcee best
Then I will invest a process to arrest and repress, your lyrical mastery protest
You flew the way that Jew did too, to spew lies of being a vocal rappin' guru
But you two can't brew a lyrical stew, that I can chew & spit in Greek or Hebrew

Nigga, it's still fhuck yo apology, you committed atrocity with that comedy of verbosity
Erase the oddity of your hypocrisy with this policy of quality, they will call prophecy
Eat me like a pizza?3 Yo name Lisa, Mia, or Felicia? Nigga, you ain't puttin' yo mouth on my Pisa
Our bodies ain't comin' together like a zebra, Call you Rita cause now we know you a freaky diva

Emailimg me every other day about being "FWB with Ray," with some gay NSA,
Offering to pay my way into Comic Con on birthday next May! Nigga, I say nay!
And give you a raw southpaw hook to yo jaw, double you over til you fall into a small ball
Stomp you with my boot til you bawl. Call the law! Too late--I slaughtered this hooker like Jigsaw

I tried to do for you what ya daddy would do too
Patted you on ya back, kid and gave you props4
But fool ya copped an attitude and got rude5
So now I'm going to do to you what I gotta do
Ya rap credibility, dude on DDO is now through
So now I'm going to do to you what I gotta do
I'm going to do to you what I gotta do (what I gotta do) x2

3-His words not mine!




Don't act like a friend of me, you're not. You're my enemy.
You won't be the end of me, in fact you'll remember me.
As predictable as you tend to be, you're not who you pretend to be.
You're a fool to go against me, you can't see that god sent me, so don't tempt me. (x2)

Final verse:

You speak of things like "spice-funk" and success,
You're weak. Leave you in diced chunks, and give a f*ck less.
I already dissed everything about ya'.
I'll stop your southpaw and pull a blade like an outlaw!

Sick of your games, time to play mine. And by the way it was YOU took that with a "gay mind"
Yeah, great rhyme, you can state a hate crime!
I'll kick you in the teeth like a donkey... hold up, did you call me a honkey!?
F*ck that. I won't play this. You brought us back to the days of the slave ships!
This time I've wasted. Time to face it, I'm battling a homophobe and a racist!

Need to rap, try callin' me. This is only a piece, you couldn't handle all of me!
I tried to be the man with an apology, but you filled your mouth with bullsh*t and shot at me.
You rap like "my perfection lies in my correction of the connections into directions of infection"
You're not as good as you gotta be, to beat me. You can rhyme but lack lyrical quality.

Know this, before I close this, I hope the voters notice, my opponent's hopeless.
He challenged me, but presented to verse, because he was scared to go first.
It's like tryin to kick my as$, but cry like "ow! My toe hurts!" Actually, no. Worse..

Lead Out:

In these closing statements, I'll admit I'm not perfect,
But I don't cite everything to make up for my rhymes that aren't worth it.
Push me, you pu$$y, let's hear one last sound, from you when you know you're dead.
I thinks stupid to have to pass the last round for you, but the floor's yours. Go ahead...
Debate Round No. 3


Dude, 2 is a division of 6, nigga ya defeats are so sick with a despicable tie of 6[1]
My 5 wins will be an easy 6 when my conquest captures this debate so quick
You shot the First Bullet, claimin’ lyrical stud; fool, you drew First Blood
You shot the accusation that’s causing me to expose your crud rhymes are duds

See the ignoramus profile of a 16 year-old child. Boy, everything you spit is mild!
Let me file you in the Cold Case aisle, with the other juveniles[2]
I came off vacation to crank up my icy defamation with fiery vilification
Even tho my competition doesn’t have the inclination for lethal killin’ mentation

He’s absence of fluent flare, you bucked me with a dare, his skill is creatively not there
So I corner you off like a square, cause real niggas verbally crucify you witches like Blair
Rita, at least I lost by less than half, the Jew was unable to dizzily thrash my black @ss[3]
But he Thor-like whipped & lashed yo white @ss[4], revealin’ you held a forged ghetto pass!

I gave you props, but you spat in my face so I will interlace this race case
With a strychnine-based lyrical pace that will leave your soul virtually efface
Eat the blame, drink the shame, ya memory will no longer be proclaimed!
For I am inflamed, untamed & will have voters callin’ you: He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named!

Lead Out:
Your “Lead Out” contains 4 additional rap bars, not a phrase, expression, statement, etc. Again you irrationality vindicates me, bazinga!

1- (
2-([a.]; [b.]; [c.]
3- (
4- (


You know what Brando. I came here to put down lyrics and I did. So go ahead, trip me on a technicality. But I hope the voters at least notice that they're voting for some 27 year old dude battling teenagers, not understanding that rhymes should make sense before you cram them in somewhere. Even though I substituted 4 bars from my hook to not exceed the limit, I did read that wrong and will prbly lose since I'm breaking another rule right here.

So f*ck it. You don't like my last bars? Here's 4 more!

Wanted some battle closure, instead I'll toss up my middle finga'
But go on, tattle to the voters, I'll still flip off you and your "bazinga!"
Take it. Have this victory. Fake it, keen trickin' me. That can't defend you.
Your last verse was catch-up from the accusations I filed against you!

Here's 4 more, tired of my lies? feel the fire in my eyes? I'm tired so why try? Take a loss with my pride.
I've rewired my mind, blow you apart with 5 rhymes! My weapon is my mind. Done with this guy's lines.
And your rules, so I'm out. Go ahead, vote for brando. You make me throw up, but that's the price, eh?
To say what you need to, hate me, please do. But I'll end this with a throat cut, then have nice day!

Debate Round No. 4
7 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 7 records.
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 7 years ago
We should re-instate this debate under "Lyrical Games #1 (Re-Submitted).
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 7 years ago
Before you do that we need to lay some ground rules, so neither of us can later claim the other violated the agreement or played unfair. Yes, PM me with you set of guidelines & I'll give you mine then we decide which to keep, which to toss.
Posted by RayPtheRapp 7 years ago
Comment after comment? I posted two, but okay..
But anyways that's actually a really cool idea. I gotta give you props for that.
I'll set up a YouTube account and PM you for further details.
And don't use Jew as an insult.. lets not throw religious discrimination into the mix to. You've got a high enough list as is lol
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 7 years ago
I see you like to subtly use rhetoric to re-write the truth to your version of truth. You can write comment after comment, rant after rant, but the true essence of this whole dispute boils down to what you allege: "knowing you can't match my rhymes, flo, or fire.".

Like I told that Jew, if you really want to test--indisputably--which one of use is the dominant lyricist/rapper, then let's take it to a payable wager. 1 rap, 3 sixteen bar verses, with or without original background music, in a Youtube video--visuals or just audio. Let the "views" & "likes/dislike" of global viewers decide the winner. With Mikal I proffered $300 on the wager. With you, $30 bucks to the winner, along with official bragging rights.

But like the Jew, you will probably either not respond back or respond back with every human excuse possible except let's do it.
Posted by RayPtheRapp 7 years ago
I missed a comma and put "grown man" together, I'm sure you'll find other flaws. After all, your whole victory plan consists of me breaking any of your rules.
Anyways, I only write this second comment because I didn't have from for the link


Hope that helps!
(Let me know if you need a list explaining that)
Posted by RayPtheRapp 7 years ago
K, chill out there Brandy. I never stated you as my mortal enemy. It's clear you can't take the intensity of my battle lyrics when I'm offended. And I'm very aware of what happend. You don't need a little list for me, I even tried to be the bigger man and apologize for reacting so heavily. I'm a bit of a loose cannon sometimes. I'm aware of that to. But YOU were the one who lashed out like a child. So let's dismiss it. I'm sure everyone understands by now. After all that's what all of your verses were about. And the fact that I left that topic and continued to diss you (almost as if we were having a rap battle or something... hmm.. weird) yet you call the whining? You often remark my age opposed to my lyrical craftsmanship. Are you an ageist to?
I think one thing you should notice is that you're a grownman battling me. So maybe think twice before bringing that up again.
And thank you so much for explaining that I flunked rules two and three right after I openly said it to everyone and gave you a last verse to baisicly declare that I really Don't care for you or your rules and I'll happily take a loss due to a technicality, knowing you can't match my rhymes, flo, or fire. Here I have one for you:

1. You logged onto your computer at some point.
2. You clicked on
3. You commented on this battle
4. You pointed out the exact same things for the fifth time.
5. You created a list explaining really obvious (previously discussed) facts
6. You pressed Post Comments

Did that help? Because that's how useful yours was. Want a link to this page?[1]
Last thing I have to say, is get off your high horse. I quote, "I used previous content to venomously highlight eat h step in our dispute". Venomously? You posted links then swelled on the same topic the whole battle. I talked about it in round one, and briefly mentioned it throughout. But I didn't draw from the same barrel every time I went to hit you with something.
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 7 years ago

You're too emotional. People Debating here is akin to people playing word games. It's just an intellectual game. Age is trivial when one confesses to be able to clean the floor with someone else in a debate topic on a debating forum. As far as "tattling" to the voters, kid, I don't want to wear the jacket of being a "troll" so I take my debates serious and respect others. Learn to perceive things through a proper perspective:

1. You battled Mikal with creative lyrics but not really any hardcore battle rap flips.
2. I credited you the Conduct points because your lyrics, though they failed to defeat Mikal, can easily be vocally rapped which his cannot.
3. Through irrational impulse, you misread my voting comments, lashed out at me, and dared me to a rap challenge.
4. Responding, I highlighted your error and took you up on the challenge.
5. I created a debate specifically for us to demonstrate who is lyrically ruthless since that was your core backlash at me.
6. I battle rapped, taking the circumstances that led us to this challenge to spit fire.
7. In a somewhat like manner you did the same. But where I used previous content to venomously highlight each step in our dispute--your content was mostly "whining", "complaining", and "apologetic."
8. I adhere to the rules; you broke Rules 2 & 3.
9. As opponents it's our responsibility to inform the voters of pertinent information. Indirect & complete disregarding the rules is very pertinent.

That's what happened. I provided back-linked sources to verify and place in a clear perspective of why most of my bars denounced you. This debate was intended to be the podium by which we aired out our dispute and get an official judgment by our peers--not some platform by which we declare each other our real life mortal enemy.
No votes have been placed for this debate.

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